Friday, May 23, 2014

i guess i'm easily excited?

I feel like this week has been crazy, but in really hasn't. Ha. It's been a fairly ordinary, regular week! Just goes to show you can't really trust my brain for an accurate report on the state of things. At any rate, I have a handful of random pictures/stories that I haven't gotten around to sharing yet, time like the present.

After last Friday's trip to Asheville, I turned right back around and went to Greenville (SC) on Saturday. If you were to look at a map (or are familiar with the geography in this part of the country), you may note that I got extremely familiar with that stretch of I-85...and you would be correct. But both trips were for a purpose, so it wasn't as annoying to spend that much time on the road as it normally would be for me. Especially since I got to see this:

(for the record, I wasn't driving while taking this picture. Oh the advantages to riding shotgun!)

Yep. Just cruisin' down I-85 like it's totally normal...

So our trip to Greenville was to celebrate my friend Elizabeth's recent marriage. They had a very small family-only wedding, but had a big celebratory low country boil last weekend for all of their friends. It was wonderful!!

Elizabeth and I have been friends since high school, although we SHOULD have been friends since elementary school...we (unbeknownst to us at the time) took piano lessons from the same teacher (JUDY!!!!) all throughout elementary and middle school! I know that no one else cares about my childhood piano teacher, but I'm just going to say...every time I paint my nails (which is often), I think of Judy and how much she would roll her eyes and hate it. Poor woman. She was fighting a losing battle against fiesty kids who really needed neon fingernails. And didn't want to practice their music or do their theory homework. I bet being a piano teacher is a thankless job that drives people to drink.

I would be remiss to not share a picture of the unbelievably great food spread Elizabeth had. Unfortunately, I was too busy stuffing my face to get a 'before' picture. All we have is this:

So long, shrimp. Thank you for your noble sacrifice. You were delicious.
If there's anything that I love, it's a good low country boil. They used the Old Bay recipe and it was freaking delicious. But they included onions and sausage, which is definitely the norm around here...kind of weird that it isn't actually part of the Old Bay recipe? Does anyone NOT want those things in their LCB? I think not. Anyway, there were also amazing appetizers (mini chicken and waffles! pimento cheese! cheese ball!!) and Paula Deen's banana pudding, which is the best thing on earth. In all...thank you for making me gain 10 pounds, Elizabeth. I hope that somehow contributes to your long and happy marriage. :)

Yesterday brought some excitement, too. Just wait til you see how excited I look...then you'll know it's true.

I apologize in advance for the nightmares you're going to have about my face. Yikes.

Last week I won a giveaway at It's a Dog Lick Baby World! And yesterday my prize came!! Four packs of fancy, organic, soy-and-grain-and-chemical-and-gross-stuff-free dog treats! In conclusion, these treats are probably healthier than the meat Matt and I eat,'re welcome, Lola.

She's really excited about the treats (although her face doesn't show it quite like mine does). But probably my favorite part of the whole experience was this:

The way that the company chose to address the shipping label?? AMAZING. Erika B. (CONTEST WINNER)...and then the name of Kara's blog like that's my company name or something? Amazing. I probably laughed for like an hour over this label. Clearly I need to get out more.

That's all I've got. We're looking forward to a nice (HOT) long weekend and spending time with my family. We're really hoping that my dad is still on his ice cream kick so that we won't starve. In addition to eating a lot of ice cream, I have a few other similarly lofty goals for the weekend. I want to finish listen to the audiobook of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close that we started last weekend. And I'm also thinking about going to Sephora to do the Color IQ thing. Anyone done that yet? It sounds really cool, and I really never need an excuse to take myself to a makeup store. Anyway. Have a happy weekend!


  1. What a fun way to start my Friday! I'm extra pumped today because the sun is shining, the weather is warm, and we have a long weekend ahead! Woohoo! That car on I-85 is awesome, but is it street legal? My first thought goes not to how cute it is, but how dangerous it is to be driving that thing on the interstate...I'm so lame. And such a rule-follower. Ugh. Secondly, your friend Elizabeth is adorable and I couldn't even read their reception menu without gaining 10 pounds myself! YUM! Lastly, my piano teacher never showed a preference about nail polish color...but oh the lectures I got about not practicing and that theory homework! It was a never-ending battle both at home and at piano lessons! Good thing she still loves me, but boy do I regret having quit the piano when I hit high school. Hope y'all have a lovely weekend!!

  2. Low country boils are one of the best things in this world. I feel extremely sorry for people who have never experienced one. I also feel the same way about oyster roasts. I can TEAR UP an oyster roast.

  3. Wow, imagine how excited you would be with winning lottery or makeup or anything better than dog treats!

  4. I'm so sad that our long weekend was last weekend and so I have nothing exciting to look forward to this weekend. I haven't won any contests recently, our weather is freezing (okay not literally, but close), and I've never experienced a low country boil. Obviously my life is boring.

    It's a good thing you blog about all the exciting things which happen to you so there is some excitement in my life :) Ha ha ha!

  5. Never been to a low country boil and I'm not sure what it is. Us Nothernerns!!!

    Bauer would love some good for him organic treats. What did Lola think?

  6. Wait... you're into shopping for makeup? Since when? Is that new?

    Never heard of the term "low country boil" and it kind of sounds like a setting on the stove or oven, actually- ha! Glad it was fun!

  7. Today at school was our piano recital. I love music. I heart pianos (BUT, can only play chopsticks.) However, after 45... that is right...FORTY FIVE middle school pianists I wanted to stab myself with sharp objects and vowed to never get our girls piano lessons.

  8. Mini chicken and waffles AND PD's Banana Pudding?? Can I be friends with Elizabeth too?? Glad you had a great time. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  9. A low country boil sounds fun but I've never heard of it. I do love shrimp, so please explain further how I can host one of these shindigs and introduce all my friends to this fun new way to eat/hang out. I'll be such a trendsetter! Two thumbs up for the Cruella Deville mobile.


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