Wednesday, May 21, 2014

thanks! and another teensy question.

Whoa. You guys are insane. Thank you SO much for all of the incredibly helpful feedback on yesterday's conundrum!! On the one hand, I kind of feel like an idiot because there are obviously SO MANY options for taking food that aren't as complicated as the one scenario I described...but for however many years, that's been the only method I could possibly imagine. So I feel a little bit dumb, but also way encouraged and empowered to move forward and TAKE FOOD!!! (and gift cards and order pizzas) with much less stress and fear in the future. This should be helpful, since at any given time, approximately 95% of the people I know are pregnant and/or just gave birth and need food. 

So I seriously spent most of the afternoon printing out recipes that yall suggested and thinking through possible scenarios for the three meal 'situations' currently facing me. I feel way more excited at the prospect now! This also took up most of my mental energy for the afternoon and evening, so...I don't really have anything exciting to talk about. Well, maybe two things.

1. Laura informed me that Scandal Season 3 is on Netflix now!!! Obviously this is amazing news. We managed to only watch two episodes last night, which I feel displays an award-winning level of self-restraint. Who is this girl that can watch only two episodes of Scandal in one sitting??!

2. I'm having my blog redesigned! By someone other than me!! Considering I've been blogging here for six's amazing I've been satisfied with my own janky 'design' for that long! Anyway, enjoy it while you can...pretty soon everything will look different! I'm working with Erika (YES, WE ARE NAME TWINZ!!!!) at The Fairy Blogmother and so far the process has been quite painless. She seems to tolerate my extreme pickiness and rampant opinions about everything pretty well, so she gets a gold star for that. I do have a quick question/poll for yall, though. I was trying to decide on what pages to have on my 'navbar' (at the top, under the header...currently I have About Me, Infertility, Contact Me). I'm going to keep those three, but I was contemplating having a FAQ page. What do you think? That's just the other most common tab I see other bloggers have. Do you look at FAQ pages? I know that when I go to a new bar, I do typically head straight to the About Me tab (and if there isn't one, I get annoyed). If I end up liking the blog/blogger and sticking around, I usually make my way to a FAQ tab pretty quickly, but it doesn't really annoy me if there isn't one. 

Maybe it matters what type of blog it is? Like...a makeup bloggers NEED a FAQ page so that I can quickly figure out what their go-to foundation is (or they should FEEL like they need that, cause I do need to know) without having to sift through 200 posts. But I don't know if a non-themed blogger such as myself really needs one or if it makes sense? Anyways. Opinions welcomed, since I pretty much need to know which all sections to put on my navbar 

That's it. Have a happy Wednesday!


  1. I love the ideas that came out of yesterday's post. So thanks for bringing up that topic. As far as your page, I only use the "About Me" tab and a good search area. Like when I was in Ulta the other day I needed to find out what eye shadow primer you use. I could do it by using your search. Thanks!

  2. That is some restraint! I think I'm on episode 8. I want my kids to be very well-rested for this last week of school so early bedtimes it is :)

    I don't know if I'm missing it but I like a Home tab. A FAQ tab would be good too.

  3. I feel like FAQs are just another way to provide more information about you. Do you get lots of the same types of questions? ie. How many people ask, "Erika, how can I be as cool as you?" If you do, then I would consider a FAQ page. Otherwise I don't think it's that big a deal.

    I also really enjoyed all the responses to yesterday's post and I will definitely be implementing some of the ideas.

    1. I totally agree with Natasha on this one! FAQs are nice, but not necessary for a "non-themed" blog. I'm far more likely to look for the "About Me" section on any given blog because I'm just nosy like that.

    2. Agree also. No need for FAQ page unless you get the same questions. I WOULD add a "Popular Posts" section with a list of your (duh!) most popular posts and also the posts that you like the best.

  4. Yes to the FAQ on your navi bar. I always check it out on blogs.

    Sorry I didn't comment on yesterday's post, but I could hardly keep my eyes open to eat breakfast when I got home from work.
    Like your readers said there are many easy, and generous ways to gift to others. Many of my families (their kids are newly diagnosed with cancer/leukemia) say they enjoy the gifts/food/treats that arrive later. Generally people want to help immediately, but some time later when everything settles down a nice delivery of cookies, a gift card, fresh cut flowers or an offer to baby sit is greatly appreciated.
    They are often overwhelmed at first with the diagnosis, birth, or death then all these generous gifts come pouring in and they don't know how to handle it. The other thought I've had is to gift them thank you cards and stamps. One less item for them to purchase.

    I hope your anxiety and worry have decreased and you can relax about giving these gifts!

  5. Eeek! New blog design, you go girl! You'd think mine would be beautiful and amazing, but as I know .001% code, I'm pretty stoked when I can change the width of a column! : ) I'm excited for you!

    I think an FAQ site on your blog would be so fun! Even if it's semi serious, I'm sure yours will be a riot! You kind of remind of this girl: A riot, right?

    Also, Scandal?!?! Like 3 episodes into season 2... eekkkk! It's replaced Revenge for me (which totally sucked this season).

  6. Wait, wait, wait...before I could add my two cents your page was already changed!! haha Just kidding, it looks great Erika :)

  7. New design looks great!

    P.S. Finished all of Season 3 last night... HOW AM I GOING TO WAIT UNTIL SEASON 4 STARTS?!

  8. I like the new design! It looks really sleek and clean. (Does this even make any sense?!?!)

  9. I LOVE your new look!!!! :)

  10. Oh my gosh, your blog design... LOVE IT! That Fairy Blogmother is pretty darn amazing, right? It looks so grown up and fancy around here now! ;)

  11. Fun new look! I don't think a FAQ page is totally necessary for a non-themed blog, but it can still be totally fun regardless. I do look at FAQ pages regardless of the blog content. :)


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