Thursday, July 10, 2014

finish this

I've been staring at the blank screen for 20 minutes. I want to write, but I can only think about two things, neither of them interesting enough to warrant a full post:

1. I want some more NYX Butter Lipstick. I have one and it is awesome and therefore I should get more.

2. I wish YouTube had a way for you to just put a song on repeat. The last few days I've been stuck on listening to the same song over and over for hours on end, and it annoys me that I have to keep clicking over and hitting play. Why can't there be a repeat button? Or if there is, why am I dumb and can't find it? (This morning, the repeat-worthy song is All Will Be Well by Gabe Dixon Band. Loooooove.)

Then I remembered that my friend Elise participated in a fun blog prompt linkup thing called "Finish This" a few weeks ago. So I'm going to join in, even though it's several weeks too late and I'm not even going to actually link up with anything...I'll just use the prompts and call it a day.

It looks like the theme was the number 25. Oh, probably because it was posted on the 25th. Duh. So here we go.

1. I have a quarter to use for a pay phone, I call...well, my options are limited here. I hardly know any phone numbers by memory anymore. I'd have to choose between my parents' home phone, Matt's cell phone, and a few of my childhood friends' parents' houses (if they even still have their home phones). So I'd probably call Matt, but I'd probably be wasting my time. He pretty much never hears his phone ringing, and even if he'd be a number he wouldn't recognize, so he probably wouldn't answer. Lame.

2. I found $25 in my pocket, I THIS is a question I can really get behind. Assuming the $25 wasn't already intended for something and I am just planning to blow it...I'm probably going to go to Ulta to buy the aforementioned lipstick. And some kind of deep conditioning treatment. My hair feels like straw from all the sun and chlorine this summer. And if there was any money left over, I'd go across the street to Jittery Joe's and get a cinnamon honeysuckle iced latte. I had one last night and it blew my mind with awesomeness. I need another.

3. I have 25 minutes to watch anything on TV, I watch...whatever is on HGTV at the moment. Or a rerun of Friends or Seinfeld.

4. A meal I can prepare from start to finish in 25 minutes or less is... driving to the Mexican restaurant down the street and getting started on chips and guac. Who needs to cook when you live 2 miles from the best Mexican food on earth? (Yes, including the Mexican food in Mexico...)

5. At the age of 25, I wish I had known... that life wasn't remotely about to go the way I thought it would, but that it would be great anyway. And I also wish I'd gone ahead and bought a custom URL for my blog back when it was still available so I wouldn't be stuck with a janky blogspot address for eternity...sigh.

6. If I drove 25 miles due east of my house, I'd be in... You aren't going to believe how scientific I got for this one. First I found my home address on Google Maps. Then I made it so that the distance measuring thingy was 1 inch=10 miles. Then I got a ruler and held it up to the computer screen and measured 2.5 inches to the right of my house. Then I clicked on the street view, and...are you ready???

I'd be somewhere on state highway 22 in Oglethorpe County, GA. Looking at some trees. Boom. Party time.

Here's to hoping that reading this pointless and boring blog was the low point of your day and that everything gets more exciting from here!!


  1. Well, despite your lack of news, I still found this thoroughly entertaining. I'm a sucker for those little survey things. And I'm now incredibly curious where I'd find myself if I drove 25 miles due east. But most importantly, can we please discuss this cinnamon honeysuckle iced latte and the most efficient way I can go about getting one?!?! I NEED to try this! Also, do pay phones even exist anymore?? If so, I hope they take debit one carries cash these days!

  2. i love NYX everything! I need to make an ulta run soon!

  3. Considering that Sam woke up and had a twenty minute screaming (at the top of his lungs) fit about the fact that Dave had to go to work (and Sam wanted him to stay home), this blog post has been the highlight of my day thus far!

    I like the "Finish this..." idea and will likely use it at some point. Also, honeysuckle in a latte -- where must we go to get this goodness???

    1. Also, I just found a hair (thankfully my own) at the bottom of my coffee-hot chocolate so your post is still winning the "highlight of my day" award!

  4. I appreciate the efforts you went to to measure that distance, because I likely would have done the same thing.

  5. I am with you on not knowing hardly any phone numbers, thanks smartphones! Too funny how you came up with that area, love it! I probably would have done something similar :)

  6. ha #5 makes me laugh!!! is there already a

  7. For what it's worth, occasionally you can find videos on YouTube where someone's gone through the effort of doing what you described above. I'm pretty sure there's a 10 hour video that only plays "What Does the Fox Say," for example. Also, Jittery Joe's is an awesome name for a coffee shop.

  8. That coffee flavor sounds amazing!! Athens GA seems to have the best food/drink places! I should visit!

  9. Now I want yummy Mexican food...thank you! Oh and some if that coffee. Not sure I'll find that super delicious sounding flavor in a coffee shoppe near me!

  10. You're hilarious. I like the dedication to your mission... breaking out the ruler!

    Also, I'm trying to wrap my mind around the Jittery Joe's drink... does it come hot? I can't do iced coffee.

  11. Type the word repeat before the word youtube in the web address.

    And you can pay me later for this fun fact. It's saved my mommy soul about a bazillion times FIVE kids times. ;)

  12. Now that I read the rest.... I'm SUPER jealous of those that can still eat Mexican. I apparently am VERY allergic to nightshades (Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, white potatoes) so mexican is a NO GO! And OF COURSE, we just found a wonderful mexican restaurant in the great white frozen tundra.

  13. 1- Wow, you did get super technical! I just looked at Google Maps for a quick second.
    2- You are SMART for listing going to eat Mexican for your 25 minute meal. So much smarter than actually making a meal.

  14. And so at 5 pm today, I will make my way to Ulta to get my NYX Lip Butter on. I hope I fall in love :o)

  15. Amen to #4... thinking I might "prepare" that for dinner tonight!


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