Tuesday, July 29, 2014

ready or not

I feel like we're pretty ready for baby girl to make her appearance. Well...not ready-ready. But ready enough for the first few weeks. If and when we know she's ours forever, then we can move into Readiness Phase 2: The Long Term. And I have a plan for that. But right now I feel like we're ready to bring her home. Although not as ready as my mom is-- she already has her bags packed to go to the hospital. Somebody's a leeeettle excited about meeting her new grandbaby, I think!

Things That Are Ready:

-Baby's hospital bag is packed. And unpacked. And repacked. Mollyanne came over last night (for The Bachelorette finale, of course...but we started nearly an hour late due to important Baby Things!) and helped review everything in the bag and make sure we have what we need (and take out the 17 0-3 month outfits we probably won't need...). 

-Car seat is installed!

-House sitter has our key and is on call!

-Kitchen cabinets have been reorganized to accommodate the bottles, formula, sterilizer, warmer, drying racks, and 281048439 other baby things that apparently all need to be within arm's reach in the kitchen.

-Tiny clothes have been washed and are ready to wear!

-My nails and toes are properly painted. This may not seem critical, but...it is to me, so we're adding it to the list.

-My temp at work is completely trained and ready to come in and take over at any time.

Things That Are NOT Ready Yet:

-Hospital bags for Matt and me. I guess we'll be naked and stinky. Whatever.

-No freezer meals made. It's a goal...but then again, there're always Mexican restaurants, so this one doesn't weigh too heavily on my heart.

-Haven't read any further in my stack of parenting/baby books. Oops.

-Need to majorly clean out the photo roll on my phone so that there is plenty of room for new pictures and videos.

-Re-wash and sterilize bottles. I mean, I did it back in November...but they've been collecting dust since then, so that needs to happen.

-Speaking of bottles, I think I only have about 5 (borrowed). I probably need to get more, lest I spend all of my waking moments washing them.

-Back seat mirror and window sunshades for the car. I was going to procrastinate this one and wait until a shower or something, but once I sat in the car and realized how little I can actually see back there (and how brightly and hotly the sun pours in through the window)...I think I'm going to want those straight off the bat.

-Make more laundry detergent. This isn't strictly for the baby, but needs to be done in general and will be much more obnoxious once we have better things to distract us. We make our detergent homemade and once we make it, it makes enough to last...um, over two years, last time. So naturally it's running out right now. Of course! But also, we will have lots of cute baby laundry to do, so...yeah. This task needs to move way up high on the list.

Dangit. Now that I've written it all out...it looks like I have way more to do than I'd thought. Grr. Oh well.

Let's close with a picture my mom texted me this morning. She was taking Carley on a walk this morning and they met a new friend...

Ummm...yes. I can't stop laughing at the thought of how adorable Carley must have been at this walk intrusion. And I can't figure out what the circumstances were!! Naturally, Mom just dropped this picture on me and then won't respond to follow up texts like "where ARE yall!?!??!" and "what happened??!"...moms. Since my parents live in a normal suburban neighborhood with basically no farm animals...I just can't imagine. But it's cute. Also, please note Carley's fabulous accessorizing. She insists on wearing that bracelet everywhere. She slays me with cuteness.

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. You make your own laundry detergent?!?!? I realize that this shouldn't be my take away from this, but I'm so mesmerized by your green, healthy, domestic self.

    1. This is what I focused on too! I need the directions! :)

    2. You and me both. It's been so long since I made it, I'm going to have a heck of a time finding the recipe I used!!!

    3. Ah! Thank God I blog about boring things, or I'd never keep track of my own life. I actually linked to the detergent recipe way back in 2012 when I made it for the first time. I'm shocked and offended that you don't all remember that exciting detail. ;) Here's the recipe I used! http://beingcreativetokeepmysanity.blogspot.com/2010/11/homemade-laundry-soap.html#comments

  2. So much done! Praying for Phase II to kick off soon. :)

    And, Yes - make sure your nails are done! That was on my list for Monday, and the baby came on Sunday. I have seen pics (lots of close ups of hands holding baby) and thought "ugh, my nails".

  3. I would definitely recommend getting the mirror for the back seat right away. It just gives you so much peace of mind to see their faces when you're driving!

    Re: bottles - I wouldn't recommend buying more until you know what she likes. We tried 5 bottles before we found one that Stella would take (Dr. Brown's - more parts to wash, but they're amazing).

    Eek! I'm so excited that this is getting so close for you!

    1. Agreed! Dr. Brown's wide neck! My mama friends also love Tommee Tippee. I have a baby who would drink from a sneaker so what do I know.

    2. Yes agree with both of these suggestions! Thankfully, my girls were never picky with bottles but a lot of my friends kids were super picky and thus they went through 500 kinds before finding one their child would take. :)

      Is it August yet?? I am so excited for you!!

  4. You are totally ready and you are going to ROCK this mom thing. 5 bottles is all I had. Yes, you should get more because washing was so much work, but some babies like different bottles (you probably know this!!!) so you may need to buy different ones. Parenting books and freezer meals are way overated! Unless by frozen meals you mean frozen pizza. Then stock up :) YAY YAY YAY.

  5. For some reason, we didn't have a hospital bag packed for ourselves when we were expecting Sam. I think I thought we'd do that while I was in early labour. It turned out we didn't need one but I would recommend that you have one ready :)

    Also, painting my toenails was totally on my list of Things To Do Before The Baby Came both times.

    And this post gave me excited butterflies in my stomach and I raced upstairs, yelling to Dave, "Matt and Erika are getting ready!!!!" And then we had a little celebration. So you have crazy blog friends in Canada excitedly waiting with you.

    Also, what is the story about that pig?!?!? Get your mom to guest blog the story for you while you're hanging out with the baby in the hospital :)

  6. Wahoo!!! Love that you are getting ready!!!! I think the car seat is the #1 thing you need - other stuff you can get away with not doing!! Excited!!!!

  7. Favorite line: Hospital bags for Matt and me. I guess we'll be naked and stinky. Whatever.

    Hahaha a pig in the neighborhood?! My mom would do the same thing, send something so unusual and then not respond for hours...

  8. So exciting! And i agree on the freezer meals, hopefully the mexican place delivers? Or everytime a friend comes to visit the baby just tell them to pick up some tacos on the way over! Win-win!

  9. I packed my hospital bag when I went into labor. Oops. You can too.
    My nails were painted because I wanted the baby to be encouraged that he had an elegant mama when he came out (starting a relationship with a lie).
    I had no freezer meals.
    4 months later, still no back seat mirror.
    We all survived. You're going to ace this. I can't wait for the big news!!! But keep writing between then and now.

  10. Sounds like you've got things under control!! I'm getting antsy for you just like your mama! And I love the pig picture! How funny!

  11. Other Things That Are Ready: all of your blog readers to hear the news and see pictures.

  12. I wanted my nails to be perfectly painted so I'd look good in the photos... except I didn't because I broke a gazillion blood vessels in my face from pushing... luckily you won't have that problem so I'm sure you will look fabulous! I am so excited for you!!

  13. I'm a procrastinator when it comes to packing too...not with the kids, just for myself. So excited for you! That pig is serious about it's guard job!

  14. The meeting of the pig is killing me! Have you found out where they were yet??

    Also- as far as having everything ready... A type A'er myself, I also had a list... That never got done because my babies came so early, and honestly, to my surprise- the stuff I didn't do and hadn't gotten done really didn't matter in the end. So, I know you'll stress over it, but if you don't get it all done, all will be well! XO

  15. You definitely need to unload your photos somewhere. I bought a hard drive and every couple of months do an iPad dump of everything. It gets clogged pretty easily when there is a beautiful baby to document daily! So excited for you!

  16. Excited doesn't begin to explain how I'm feeling for you. Praying, hoping and sharing in your joy leading up to the big moment. This is so much fun to experience with you via the big internet. Ahhhh! Can't wait until she's here, she's in your arms and she has a name!

  17. "Things That Are NOT Ready Yet: Hospital bags for Matt and me. I guess we'll be naked and stinky. Whatever."

    Hahahaha! Skin-to-skin will be easy and that baby will just have to get used to your "natural musk."

    I am also interested in your detergent making...that sounds so neat!

  18. You sound prepared to me! Now you just need the baby. :) I am so excited for your guys, this is so wonderful!

    What did you think about the bachelorette finale? I was crying like a little baby at the proposal && when she said she loved him, water works.

  19. Even with a long-ish to do list, how exciting! And I'm going to totally try making my own detergent now!

  20. Haha! This is awesome! I am so excited for y'all! When is baby due, again? Can't wait to hear. Praying all goes well. Naked & stinky line was hilarious! Also, i play to make my own laundry detergent! Waiting on our non-homemade laundry detergent to run out!

  21. Eek! So exciting! So you might find this amusing… I thought I was going to have a lot of downtime during maternity leave, so before the twins came, Brian made sure to DVR about a million movies for me to watch. I think I made it through one of them during those 12 weeks, and that was not in one sitting! Ha! Point being, it's ok if some things on your to do list don't get done, because you might not need them to be done after all :)

  22. Oooo!!! You're getting close...

    Also, I want to run into a pig on my walks! Please inform me how this could happen because it's all sorts of fun and random.

  23. First-time commenter (hope that's a word) here. :). Have been reading your blog for a few months, and I love your humor and transparency. Thought about this when you mentioned making laundry soap--the sun will be your BFF. For those hard-to-remove baby stains, wash clothes in cold water and let the sun dry/bleach them. I cloth diaper and the sun gets out all those fun stains. :). You may already be on this tip, but just wanted to pass it along. Praying for y'all and this sweet baby, and the whole situation in general!


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