Monday, September 22, 2014


In a drastic departure from how things went last week, today I can pretty much guarantee that you won't need any Kleenex to get you through my post! Feel free to read away at work!

"Right, so, I was saying..."
 I just think it looks like Camilla is mid-conversation in that picture. It kills me.

We took a trip to Augusta for the weekend. Not only had my parents gone an ungodly THREE WHOLE DAYS without seeing Mills, but we also had a shower in our honor on Saturday to attend! I'd been looking forward to this weekend for awhile, and it didn't disappoint!

For starters, my in-laws lent us their minivan for the weekend. Praise the Lord, this meant we didn't have to have Erika, Lola, and Millie Together In The Back Seat of the Matrix: The Reunion Tour. It also meant we actually had space to bring home the gifts we received at the shower. Very important.

The shower was hosted by my lifelong friend Laura and her mom, Debbie. When I say 'lifelong,' I mean it. I don't mean 'since high school' or 'for 20 years.' I mean life. Well, since I was three. So...basically my entire life that I can remember. That's pretty cool. It meant so much to me that they would put together a beautiful shower for me and Millie!

With the fabulous hostess
Although we took plenty of posed pictures, when I was looking through the pics on my mom's iPad, some of the candid shots made me laugh a lot. So I will share them instead. You can just use your imagination to envision all the pretty, posed pictures of various people holding Millie, me and guests, me and decorations, and so on. 

I always think it's funny to see pictures of myself when I'm not looking and I'm (apparently) listening to someone else talk. I guess this is what it looks like. Laura and I are apparently very interested in whatever someone is saying!

During gift-opening time, my mom and I became Facial Expression Twins over this freaking adorable Christmas outfit!!

Okay, that's all the candids I'll bore you with. How about a semi-posed (as much as you can 'pose' a one-year-old and an infant) picture of Carley giving her cousin some love?

I had such a wonderful time at the shower- the food was delicious, the gifts were incredibly generous, and I loved catching up with friends, many whom I hadn't seen in a long time. Oh, and showing off my daughter wasn't so bad either. Millie was a perfect angel and slept through the whole thing (with a few brief periods of waking up and looking around) and didn't mind a bit that she was being handed from person to person the entire time. 

Other than 'showering' (the party kind, not the bathroom kind...clearly), we spent the rest of our time eating, watching football, and enjoying the more fall-ish weather. Oh, and eating. My mom taught me how to boil shrimp!!! I realize this doesn't seem like something that needs teaching, especially when you're a literate adult moderately capable of cooking stuff and following recipes, but...shrimp have always really intimidated me. But these turned out great (we didn't do anything special except use copious amounts of Old Bay) and then I ate basically all of them by myself, which was awesome. I didn't even like 'naked' shrimp (like...I'd eat them fried or cooked into something, but not just plain boiled/steamed) until a few months ago, and now they're all I can think about. So this was a big deal for me.

Oh, dangit. I lied. I am about to show you something that might make you cry. Grab a hanky.

Look what happened to my Kindle!!! A tragedy!!!

No, not the advertised romance novel, although it's probably a tragedy in its own right. 
 Something happened to the top quarter or third of my screen!!! It's all line-y!!!

I can't read it now!!!!

(pretend this is a string of really sad, crying emoji)

I have no idea what happened. I was using it as usual on our drive up on Friday. I put it in the diaper bag. I took it out at some point on Saturday and left it on the dresser in our room until Sunday afternoon when we packed up and left. I turned it on in the car on Sunday and NOW IT IS BROKEN!!! It wasn't dropped or stepped on...I have no idea what happened. :( :( :( :( :( (Sorry, I know that's obnoxious, but like...MY KINDLE IS BROKEN.) Do Kindles just spontaneously break? I think mine did.

Although this Kindle was a gift several years ago, now it is more in my 'necessity' category. Like, I don't think I can wait until my birthday (a million years away in December) to replace it. But I also don't really have a 'Kindle replacement fund' line in the budget. Do you think Kindle Replacement counts as a big enough emergency to tap the Emergency Fund? Someone call Dave Ramsey and let me know. It's an emergency to me. Also, I'm stressing about whether if/when I get a new Kindle, will it transfer all the books from this one onto the new one? That's a big deal. I have books (PAID FOR books...not just free ones!!) that I bought but haven't read yet!! Also, I'm only about halfway through my free 30-day trial of Kindle Unlimited!! Can I pause it since my Kindle is unreadable? Ahhhhhhh!! TRAGEDY OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!!!!

Oh wait. I just looked and discovered that I could get a new (basic) Kindle for $79. Maybe this isn't as big a tragedy as I had thought. For some reason I thought a new Kindle would be like $$$$. I think I can justify $79. I mean, what with the cost of practically costs that much to drive to the library, right? Right. Thanks for helping me justify.

But still, will it transfer my books? I won't rest until I know. Just kidding, I'll rest whenever the baby rests. Mama didn't raise no fool.

Well, time to go reheat my coffee for the 20th time. There are thank you cards to write, baby announcements to address, and first world Kindle-related problems to freak out over! Have a great Monday!


  1. It was great catching up with everyone and meeting new friends!

    Your kindle library is managed through your Amazon account and you'll just download your books from the cloud onto the specific device. Fear not!

  2. First most of most importance, you have the cutest little baby girl!! Next of most importance, yes all of your books can go on any new kindle you get so no worries there :)

  3. Yes, all books will be transferred! it's a very simple transition :)

  4. "Do you think Kindle Replacement counts as a big enough emergency to tap the Emergency Fund?"--- Haha. Dave Ramsey would die laughing... and then (gently) lecture you on "Gazelle Intensity". I definitely think it'll carry your books over. I've always had access to mine every time I've switched phones... You'll just need to hook it up as a second kindle to your same account. It gets a wee bit confusing where you should send the books, but worst case scenario, you'll just have to sync more often.

    Also, that cover really made me laugh. It seems very un-you.

    Also again, yeah for back to back shower weekends!

  5. That is a tragedy! Especially since I was going to text you later on today to ask you if I could borrow it for an upcoming trip.

  6. Easy peasy to get those books on your new kindle! Go ahead and buy it. A new mom's best friend is anything you love in the most convenient form. Books = kindle. Pizza = deivery guy. Shopping = online. Never doubt what the emergency fund is for :)

  7. So everything makes me weepy lately (long story) and this post didn't disappoint. Celebrating your beautiful girl is reason enough for me to tear up.
    I think Millsie is saying "I'm cute and I know it!"
    Sorry about your Kindle. My son is having trouble with his Nook not holding it's charge. Kinda a pain!

  8. This post made me cry (with laughter) about your recounting of your Kindle tragedy :) I was not laughing at the actual demise of the Kindle itself however.

    And bring on all the showers possible, both the bathroom and non-bathroom kind. As a new mom both are exciting adventures!

  9. When I got a new iPad all of my books from each app transferred, including my kindle app so I don't hunk you should have anything to worry about :)

  10. Camilla looks adorable as always and I'm pretty sure the Kindle falls into the "mental stability" category so I say replace away!

  11. Call Amazon and explained what happened-they have pretty awesome customer service and since you didn't drop it may cut you a deal on a replacement.

  12. Could you please share with us Northerners how to boil shrimp?

  13. My father in law does this big shrimp and crab boils. I love it. I've never tried on my own, but this way its a fun treat :)

    I kind of love that Millie gets to be at her showers. Grace tried to come out for her showers as well, but luckily she stayed put for 3/4 of them. (My husband's work shower had to get cancelled because we were in the hospital.)

  14. So happy you had a great weekend!

  15. So I guess you could consider Allison and me to be extreme lifelong friends?

    Also, I, too, kind of love that Millie gets to go to her own showers- what a sweet gig! And how nice for people to spend time adoring her rather than trying to guess how big your stomach is or something like at a traditional shower, ha!

  16. I would so get a new Kindle. Did you know that Amazon dropped the price of the Fire to $99? I'm so tempted to get a new one!

  17. 1. If that first picture is accurate, I think Camilla might have longer fingers than I do?!
    2. Minus the Kindle incident, glad you had a good weekend being showered - I'm sure after going to all those baby showers for other people over the years, it was not too shabby getting to be the guest of honor (or the guest of honor's mama, rather) :)

  18. Did you know there's a Kindle App? You can read your books on your smart phone until you get your Kindle replaced. ;-)

  19. Call Amazon- my daughter broke my Kindle, I called them and told them what happened (the truth) and they offered a reduced price on a replacement. I did have to send them the broken one...but who wants to keep a broken Kindle anyway.

    Millie is adorable! My daughters have a friend named Millie and I have always thought it was such a cute name.

  20. Call Amazon. They have the BEST customer service and may help you out. And by the way, Millie is such a pretty baby!

  21. Hahaha I LOVE the first picture of Millie - she totally looks like she's telling you a story! Sarah's had two broken kindles so far :( But I think she got the second one free because the first one didn't last that long. I have the $79 one and it's lasted me years! Like 3 at least!

  22. So happy your and Camilla were showered by your sweet friend. Bummer about your Kindle. That's no fun.

  23. Just love these little updates and how awesome to still be friends with someone since you were a toddler. Oh and SQUISHY WRISTS!!! :)


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