Wednesday, September 3, 2014

no labor here, that's for sure

 We had an excellent rest of the holiday weekend. It was relaxing and mostly uneventful, with lots of time with family and snuggling with the babe. Oh- and football! YAY for the return of football season. And extra yay that UGA did so well for our first game! I'm pretty sure it's mostly due to Camilla's festive outfit.

Yeah, that's the whole outfit. Bloomers. I am such a disgrace to SEC moms.

(Don't worry, I didn't actually just let her hang out all nakey and cold like that for the whole game. Just for a picture. She wore regular non-festive clothes (like me, evidently) most of the time.)

Add 'appropriate UGA game day wardrobe' to the long list of things I still need to acquire. But then again, maybe it was this very outfit that gave the Dawgs the good luck they needed to win? Now maybe I'm obligated to have her wear this 'outfit' for the rest of the games to make sure that we keep winning? Football superstition problems are real here, folks.

OH, and just to keep things really real- shortly after this picture was taken she had a really impressive Diaper Situation and her Super Amateur Parents managed to smear it onto the white, freshly ironed (by my mom, not me, obviously) bloomers while trying to change the diaper and clean things up...FAIL. Oh well. One day we'll get better, surely.

On Sunday afternoon we traveled to deeeeep South Georgia to visit my sister and brother-in-law. They wanted to meet Millie before their own baby joins us later this month, but Sarah is forbidden to travel anymore, so...a road trip with my parents it was. We had lots of fun, ate tons of ridiculously good food, and took exactly ONE picture in the 30 hours we were there:

Aww...Millie's hanging out with (or on, as the case may be) her cousin Laney! And Sarah's 36 weeks, in case you are curious.

Sarah and Mark had a list of Parenting Tutorials they wanted us to demonstrate while we were there. Millie was mostly a good sport, so we managed to teach and demonstrate the basics on swaddling (using both velcro swaddles AND muslin blankets...I know, advanced stuff!), diapering (and how NOT to change a dirty diaper, which is my specialty), proper car seat/stroller usage, bathing (this actually IS my specialty), bottle cleaning, and several lively discussions on things like scheduling/routines and how to tell why babies are crying. We also broke in all of Sarah's baby and nursery things- Camilla approved of everything. And she was also a little jealous of how complete and put-together Laney's nursery is. Or maybe that's just me. I guess I forgot that most people get to have all of their showers and get everything done/prepared/set up before their babies actually arrive. That's not how we're rolling at our house just yet. Oh well. It'll happen. 

Luckily we made it back home to my parents' house Monday in time for Bachelor in Paradise. AND THEN IT STARTED STORMING AND DIRECTV LOST ITS SIGNAL AND I MISSED THE FIRST 20 MINUTES ANYWAY. Not bitter at all. But then the signal came back and Twitter kept me up to date on what I missed, so all is well. Also, I have some really deep thoughts regarding BiP- 'deep thoughts' being a super subjective thing at the moment. But that seems like another topic for another day.

We had another super-squished drive back to Athens yesterday, but now we're home and staying put for a few days, so that'll be nice. I have some little projects around the house I want to work on, books to read, and a sweet baby to laying low at home sounds 100% great right now.

Millie turned four weeks old yesterday!! On the one hand, I can barely believe we've known her for a whole month...but on the other hand, I can't even remember what my life was like before her. It's weird. Monday night she started imitating me when I would stick my tongue out. I thought it was the best thing ever and clear evidence that she is the smartest human on the entire planet. And then yesterday I get the 'your baby is four weeks old!' email from BabyCenter and they're like "your baby might start imitating you when you stick your tongue out!"...and they stole all the glory out of my little prodigy's achievement. Oh well. It was still the most adorable thing I've ever seen. She also makes tons of noises that sound like dolphin communication sounds, especially when she's mad (reasons she gets mad: the bottle is empty, I'm putting a shirt on her, or we're fastening a clean diaper. Truly we are villains...). We think she's tattling on us about how mean we are to her dolphin friends. She clearly has lots of dolphin friends. And a lot to say to them. It's adorable.

Have a great week!! it okay to say that on a Wednesday?? Ha. Better late than never, I guess.


  1. You might want to have her stop wearing that "outfit" by the time she hits high school- I'm sure the boys would still appreciate it, but it might be kind of awkward.

    Can't wait to hear the news about your sister's baby- so fun that Camilla and Laney will be so close in age!!

  2. Lola looks pretty content with the seating arrangement... though I can't tell if she's secretly wishing your leg would move or if she's enjoying her pillow.

    Camilla's bloomers are ADORABLE and I think she was probably thinking of all of her UGA friends who were profusely sweating to death and wishing we could be standing in our underwear. (Seriously the hottest game in YEARS)

    Glad you had a long and baby filled weekend! And since your week is just getting started, you're awfully close to another weekend!

  3. Love love love all the pictures of course! And Lilly didn't have anything SEC related on her body Saturday, so you aren't the only bad SEC mom. LOL. I did give her a pep talk though and preached to her about how we will always "love God, Sweet Tea and the SEC". So there's that! Yay for GA having a good game, stupid UF was rained out! Love the picture of your sister and Mille!!! Where in GA does your sister live?

  4. Aww the picture of Lola on your lap! She's like "remember mom I was your first baby :)". I'm glad you could make a trip to see your sister and she could meet your adorable daughter! Hopefully once Laney arrives, Camilla will do more hanging out with her and not necessarily on her :P

  5. LOVE the picture of all 3 of you, just adorable!!

  6. That picture of your sister snuggling Mille is priceless. It is so adorable!! So fun that Millie and her cousin will be so close in age!

  7. Sending you a hug, every post makes me smile!

  8. Dolphin noises and friends, im dying... and yes, a post on BIP thoughts! haha!

  9. AWW!!! The "how can she already be x old/how can she be only x old?" is the parenting paradox :-) Love it!!! So happy for you guys!

  10. First of all, I've really enjoyed seeing and hearing all about Millie's first month, and seeing you and Matt as wonderful "Super Amateur" parents (FYI there is no other kind of parent, as far as I can tell :).

    Now on to more important matters: given Millie's "impressive Diaper Situation", would it have been better to put her in a Clemson outfit? That way, she could have shown you how she really felt about the opposition! :) Of course, if you kept this up, you'd have to put her in all sorts of outfits with various team logos as the season goes along. Then again, it would give you an excuse to buy Millie new outfits on a weekly basis :)

  11. The picture with Sarah is priceless. You need to recreate when Laney arrives, although Laney might not approve!
    Boo on Baby Center...clearly Millie is a prodigy. They know nothing, nothing at all!
    I wish I lived within driving distance so I could snuggle with your sweet baby girl!

  12. The picture of your sister is so good!! I love it.

    And how lucky for those two little cousins to be the same age! How fun for them--and for you and your sis!

  13. Hi Erica! I love reading your blog! I am a real life friend of Allison and Amanda. I went to UGA and I have a three year old little girl. I have a few Georgia outfits that I would love to pass on to you and Camilla. I need to clean out my little's closet. All of my friends have little boys so I have nobody to pass on game day attire to. Email me at colleenspate@gmail if you are interested and I can mail the outfits.

  14. 4 weeks - holy smokes that is crazy!!! The picture of your sister and her is hilarious! I love her game day attire - nakedness is THE best :)

  15. 1- I would like to point out how amazing Mark Richt's skin is on the tv in that first picture. I can guarantee you that if I ever meet the man, I am asking about his skin care routine.

    2- Millie is so cute! I cannot believe it's been four weeks already!!

  16. If you only took one picture while hanging out with your sister, that was a good one to get!

    And Millie is obviously a super genius and Baby Centre knows nothing.

    Reading that Millie is four weeks old already made me teary, for some reason. Ha ha ha!

  17. The picture of your sis, Laney and Millie is the cutest! Love it!


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