Wednesday, July 20, 2011

country boys & girls

Growing up, we spent our summers in Texas. And I don’t mean a week or two. I mean all summer. Weeks turning into a month- or more. It was awesome.

My parents are both from Texas, and all of our extended family lives(ed) there. So we’d spend a few weeks with each side of the family, giving relatives the coveted opportunity to get to know their “Georgia peaches.” Yes, that’s what they called us. And they still do.

Anyway, even though our “Georgia peach” lives were fairly suburban, those long summers in Texas gave us plenty of time to get in touch with our inner country-girl (and boy) selves. Endless days on the lake and the bayou (pronounced, by us, as “bye-oh.” I’m not sure if that’s correct or not, but it really irks me when people say “bye-ew”) and weekends at my great-grandmother’s cotton farm were the stuff life was made of.

I love Georgia, and could very well spend the rest of my life living here. But despite technically living in Georgia my whole life…my childhood is defined and illustrated by those summers in Texas.

Here’s Jake and I at our great-grandmother’s cotton farm. I do think I look pretty cute, but Jake?? Oh man. He’s friggin ADORABLE!!! That little hat just kills me!!

And here’s all three of us at the ‘fishin camp’ on the bayou. I like how, even though we were staying in an AIR-CONDITIONLESS open-air camp for a week (or however long), and fishing, I am still dressed up and wearing a hairbow and somewhat decent outfit (by the standards of the day). You can take the girl out of the suburbs…

That’s all I’ve got for today, friends! Happy Way Back When-sday! Now…go fishing or pick some cotton or something. It’s summertime!


  1. Everything's bigger here, you know...

  2. I totally say "bye-ew"... I think you're in the minority on that one, but maybe I'm wrong :)Regardless, I don't care, because you + Texas = awesome!

  3. Yup, very wrong. Just like "crick"--that's what you get in your neck and not what you go wading in...That would be creek. And let's not mention onions :) We still love you.

  4. I say Bye-you... LOL! Never thought about it.


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