Monday, July 4, 2011

independence and all that

We just got back from a wonderful weekend hanging out with the Gurleys and the Moores. On Friday morning, we loaded up the minivan (complete with turtle-top luggage carrier! Van and carrier were courtesy of Matt's parents) and trekked down south to Statesboro, home of oppressive heat and a ridiculous number of constantly-swarming gnats. Oh, and also home of the Moores. Ever since the Moores moved away a little over two years ago, we've taken turns making visits. It's fun because regardless of whether we're doing the weekend in Athens or Statesboro, it always turns into a weekend-long house party/all-you-can-eat-buffet. This was the first trip that we've gone WITH the Gurley's down south though, and that definitely added some pizazz to the weekend (and the drive). If you can, please imagine 4 adults, one 20-month-old, and one 50-pound dog, along with all their various belongings, sharing one vehicle for a 4 hour drive. Yes, it was magnificent.

Anyway. On Saturday morning we decided to beat the heat by visiting local landmark Splash in the Boro, a fun little water park not far away. It was my first trip to a water park in a lonnnnnng time (I could tell that story later, if you'd like) and it was a very good one. Despite the long line we had to wait in to enter, the rest of the day was a lot of fun. We enjoyed getting to witness Hudson experience his first water park, even though his favorite thing to do (and since then, to say, think about, ask about, and repeat) was watch a giant bucket fill with water and then tip over and splash everyone.

I also discovered my calling in life: competitive waterslide racer. I beat all of the boys, as well as Mollyanne and other various water-park-attendees. And I beat them bad. Obviously I was made for this, so I am going to be trying to figure out how one can make a living being a waterslide racer. Let me know if you have any "ins" in the business.

So we had a great time at the 'Splash,' as the native Statesboro-ians call it.

Speaking of finding life callings: Hudson found his. Apparently he was born to be a dog. Or a cage fighter. Or something like that.

Despite staying in a house filled with toys, Hudson's favorite pastime this weekend was playing in Lola's cage. Over and over again. Pretty cute.

On Sunday we managed to squeeze in a photo shoot or two before and after church. Please note that I think there was something wrong with the sunlight or Amanda's camera or something-- because I am for real not this pale. Don't judge me. I promise I'm tanner than this!

 (Amanda, Mollyanne, me)
 (L-R: Jonathon, Mollyanne, Hudson, Matt, me, Amanda, Marshall, Hartley)
We spent the rest of our time cooking and eating WAY too much delicious food. This included homemade ice cream TWICE (once strawberry, once chocolate), a variety of unbelievable dips, grilled pizza, two different cakes, and plenty of bacon. We also stayed up late playing games (including our traditional Mexican Train Dominoes) and laughing at Amanda's inappropriate jokes.

We got back home earlier this afternoon, right as a humongous thunderstorm started dumping rain and lightning all over us. It was lovely trying to unload the car in that. Then when Matt and I got home and checked the mail, we received a water bill for $368.82. Considering we've never before (in two years of living here) had a bill for more than $29, I was slightly shocked at that amount. Naturally, it's the fourth of July and people are off celebrating their independence or something, so I can't call the water office to raise cain, but I've penciled that in for first thing in the morning.

So! I hope your holiday weekend was long and relaxing and a fraction as fun as mine was. It seems weird that today is the actual holiday...since today for us has been more of the 'wind down and recover from the weekend' kinda day, and we'll probably be heading to bed early and praying that no neighbors think about setting off fireworks.

Happy Fourth!!


  1. Just for the record, you do look tan- approximately 17 times tanner than I am, so if you are even tanner than that in real life, then I'm wondering you are, in fact, Hispanic.

  2. Ditto to what Amanda said. Also, I am EXTREMELY jealous of your fun weekend plans AND the thunderstorm.

  3. Your haircut is awesome, btw. I can't really pull off bangs, but I love yours!

  4. Great group shot if everyone! And I hope that water bill thingy gets cleared up...

  5. Sounds like a fabulous weekend. And you are far more tan than I am, especially if the lighting was indeed off. LOL


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