Monday, July 11, 2011

i guess it's kind-of a big day

But probably not for the reasons you're thinking.

What were you thinking, anyway? I won the lottery? Finally fit into my high school jeans? I found out I actually do have an identical twin I was separated at birth from? (I know, the grammar in that last sentence is abysmal.) (And yes, I really did dream about that happening for oh...the first 25 13 or so years of my life.) Truly, the options are endless here.

But as it turns out, July 11th is actually a pretty important day in our house!

#1: It is the two-year anniversary of living in our house! Happy Anniversary, House!
#2: It is the three-year anniversary of Lola's birth! Happy Birthday, Lola!!
#3: It is the four-year anniversary of Matt working for the bank! Happy...Something, Matt!

Anniversaries #1 & #3 didn't merit any sort of special celebrations. #2 was celebrated by extra pets, cuddles, and playing. And an extra-long walk with Mommy, during which Lola personally celebrated by presenting me with two extra-nasty gifts. Thanks, I think.

But don't be fooled by our lack of celebrating here. We've had plenty of fun things going on. For example: last weekend. The whole thing was like one crazy whirlwind of a memory, but luckily I have lots of pictures to help me remember what-all happened.

So about two months ago, my cousin Rachael decided to off and elope. I know, right?? How dare she not provide me with another wedding to attend! It's okay though, I really like their story and their reasons, so I will extend forgiveness this time. At least they had the decency to plan a little reception, which happened to be this past Saturday. Since I never miss an opportunity to eat wedding food/cake, this meant that I needed to travel to Northern Tennessee on Saturday. Thoughts on Northern Tennessee: Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas (or Georgia) anymore. And I thought I lived in the sticks. I pity the person who has to drive an hour and a half to get to Target (oh wait-- my sister-and-brother-in-law in Vermont have this same horrible situation!!! Who are you people?!?!!)...I'm not sure that kind of life is worth living. But more power to those of you who do/can! Anyway, I've digressed. So on Saturday morning, Matt and I piled in with my mom and dad to journey up North. It was a fun adventure which culminated in reaching the reception and eating cheese balls. Oh yeah, and seeing Rach and her new husband!!

I would post a picture from the reception here, but the only pictures I've seen that have me in them show me stuffing my face. And while that would, actually, be a pretty accurate reflection of what happened...please, I want yall to think more of me than that. So I won't show pics. What I will show, though, is what happened AFTER the reception.

We went back to Rachael and Ryan's house to eat more cheeseball relax and chat for a little while afterwards. And it just so happens that R&R (hahaha) have a four-wheeler!! Now I'm going to make a confession here: I've never been four-wheeling ('quadding' if you're from...wherever they say that...I heard it on RHofNJ). I know, I feel like a failed Southerner for admitting that. I'm not sure how I fell through the cracks on that one: my brother and sister are both adept four-wheelers. I've just never done it. But no longer!!! Because Rachael made sure to help me cross that one off my bucket list.

And sorry, but the angle + my choice of clothing + being hunched over/holding on for dear life even though we were parked + the cheeseballs = an extremely unflattering picture of me, so I had to do a little editing. In case you hadn't noticed. I realize it's very subtle.

So Rachael took me on probably the slowest, easiest, toddler-friendly four-wheeler ride known to man, and I was terrified the entire time and had multiple graphic visions of how we were probably going to die. Suffice it to say, I am not really jonesing for a four-wheeler right now. But I'm glad I did it. And I'm glad I did it with Rachael. Anyone other than my BFF cousin would probably have just dropped me off on the side of the road and left me to die in the wilderness after hearing how wimpy I was.

After leaving R&R's house, we traveled about 3 more hours away to our family cabin in Gatlinburg, the more south-er, east-er region of Tennessee (not that geography is my strong suit...this is just a guess, really)...where there are a lot more stores and a lot less...I dunno...Deliverance music playing in the background? Hahhaaha. We got in late and crashed. The next morning we ate at our favorite pancake house (because where else is there to eat in Gatlinburg??) and hit the road for a leisurely drive back to civilization Athens. On the way, we stopped for some awesome mountain-creek-exploring.

 There were some precarious moments climbing on the rocks, but we managed to not get any wetter than we'd planned!

 Dad, Mom, and me. Please note that we are standing on different levels of rocks and that I am not that giant.
 Matt got pretty excited as he searched for rocks suitable for 'hot stone massages.' And yes, immediately upon arriving home he has been researching how to do proper hot stone massages. Guess who his guinea pig is gonna be? This is definitely his best hobby yet!

 The water was freezing!! As my mom pointed out several times, "It made your toes turn blue!" Hardee har har, Mom.

We also stopped at a flea market somewhere in North Carolina. I got an awesome set of plates. They're all in the dishwasher right now, but I will take a picture and show off soon.

Upon finally arriving home (all of the stops and excursions turned a 3 hour trip into like...all day), we had lots of unpacking and cleaning and readying-for-the-week to do. But we ALSO had to...drumroll, please...

Make some exciting arrangements for our upcoming VACATION!!!!

And here's where I'm going to be all secretive and stuff and not give any good details. Not because I don't want to, but because of the stalkers** and stuff. Sorry stalkers. You'll never find out when or where!! Mwah ha ha. But our preparations last night did involve buying plane tickets, something I haven't done in a long time, and now I am very excited/anxious about figuring out how I'm going to pack all of my belongings in TWO silly little carry-on bags. Any advice? Also, anyone have a Kindle and/or iPad and/or anything small and fun to keep me entertained on the journey that you want to loan me?

 Well, I think this blog has grown to epic lengths, so I'm going to release you now to go back to whatever you were doing before I started talking your ear off. But remember how it's Lola's birthday?? I feel like I'd be remiss if I didn't show off just one last picture: my baby on the day we brought her home.

So cute I could die. Happy Monday!!

**To clarify, I am talking about scary stalkers. The kind that want to rob your house when you're away on vacation, or steal your identity or something. I'm not referring to blog stalkers, who are always welcome here.


  1. I promise not to tell anyone about your trip this weekend to Pierre, South Dakota.

  2. It was so much fun having you guys up here. I can only hope that we can continue the visitations. I even promise to work on the Deliverance music. ;)

  3. I promise not to tell anyone about your secret trip in 2 months to Mexico City.

    Have Allison and I helped to throw everyone off your trail yet??

  4. I think you are coming to Carroll, Iowa! Wishful thinking.


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