Wednesday, July 13, 2011

there's no place like home

 In 2001, as I prepared to leave home for the first time and move away to UGA- two hours away from life as I knew it- I was totally ready. I'm a planner by nature, and no detail about moving away to college had escaped me. My roommate was going to be one of my good friends since third grade. No dorm-room detail had been neglected, from the color-coordinated sheets down to the holiday decorations we knew we'd be needing to be properly festive when the time came. I was so excited about moving to Athens.

There was only one little problem.

Pets, people. You can't have PETS in dorms. And I'm a pet-kinda-girl. My family was crawling in 'furry people' growing up. They were part of the family! And although I could talk to the parents and the siblings on the phone, and IM my friends away at other schools...there are no adequate replacements for pets.

I remember being distraught in the months leading up to moving day. How would I ever survive with no one furry to love on? You may as well ask me to live without oxygen.

Obviously I did survive. But I remembered all of this when I came across these photos today. A little pre-college photo shoot of me with all my best buds: our three generations of toy schnauzers (eldest Bonnie, her daughter Lacie, and Lacie's son, Goliath) and my beloved cat, Kitty. I took these pictures hoping that looking at them would help tide me over between visits home. And I'm sure it helped some, but really. Is there anything in life quite like cuddling up with a furry pup or cat that loves you? Yes? It's called having children? Well great, I'm sure I'll enjoy that when I have it. :) Until then, enjoy pictures of 18-year-old me and my old posse.
 (L-R: Bonnie, Kitty, Goliath, Lacie)

Evidently keeping four animals still and facing the camera wasn't easy. But I thought the "outtakes" were cute.

Speaking of CURRENT pet (Lola, in case you live under a rock) has developed a new habit of hanging out in our (master bedroom) closet. Strange? Although it is a's not sized. And she has an entire ROOM of her own, complete with her kennel (that she loves) and a bed and carpet (only room in the house with carpet, which she definitely approves of)...and in the rest of the house, she's allowed on the furniture...I mean, why is she picking our CLOSET, of all places, to hang out in?? I'm mystified.

Anyway, happy Way Back When-sday! As always: if you have any requests for WBW topics, just let me know...otherwise I just browse through old pictures and you get stuck with stuff like...this. :)


  1. Awww, look at all those sweet pups and that sweet kitty :) I think it's really amusing that you did a photo shoot with them! I tried to get a shot of me bonding with Rocky and Tucker before I went off to the hospital to have Davis - I was really sad about leaving them!

  2. Ha I remember in college making the comment that it was weird how seldom we were around children and animals!

  3. Too funny! We are pet free for the first time in years. Kinda strange... kinda sad. (It's a long story.. Paulie is alive and well, just rehomed.)

  4. my dog sleeps in our closet at night, go figure!


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