Wednesday, July 6, 2011

decades fondue

Subtitle: Elizabeth L., please still be my friend after you read/watch this.

As I perused photos, looking for inspiration for today's Way Back When-sday, I happened upon a folder of photos from approximately 2003. Labeled "Decades Fondue," the pictures are all from a 'decades'-themed fondue party my roommate Elizabeth and I hosted back in the day.

Please understand: Elizabeth and I are awesome party hostesses. Along with our house-mates Kristina and Catherine, "The 115" (as we were known) played host to many a fabulous theme party. So apparently Elizabeth and I were looking for excuses to wear funny costumes and eat fondue one weekend. Somehow, we convinced other people to join us in so doing. And we took pictures.

And then-- lo and behold-- at the end of the night, apparently after I'd already changed out of my costume and into scrubs (but Elizabeth hadn't)...we'd moved into slap-happy mode. And were acting out/singing (as we were often wont to do) duets from Moulin Rouge. And someone had the foresight to capture it on video. Which I am going to share with you. Because when I watched it myself, a a few minutes ago, for the first time in what- 8 years? I fell out of my chair laughing. And I want you to have that same opportunity.

Here we are, in all our decade-y glory. Please note that I am wearing a wig. Elizabeth is not.

 I think my 'decade' was the 70s. Elizabeth's was maybe the 80s? But my clear plastic stripper shoes? Timeless.

 Here we are outside our back door (see why they called us the 115?) with friends Robert and Dustin (in the background).

Me and Dusty, my main squeeze and obvious co-70s-appreciator.

And finally, the video. This will be well worth the next 53 seconds of your life. Although the first 25 seconds or so may seem a little dull, if you hang in there you can look forward to seeing me trip over my stripper heels and catching a glimpse of Elizabeth's thigh-high stockings as she curtsies. Also, please note our questionable home decorating ideas...every wall a different color! You will also get a sense of our general zest for life as you watch us crack up at ourselves (and hear our 'audience' do the same). This is why we were great roommates.

That is all. If you'd like an invitation to our next theme party, just let me know in the comments.


  1. Rumor has it you are coming to Texas soon! So perhaps you can show me your skills in person?

  2. hilarious, erika! i think i heard dustin's laugh in the background.

  3. AMAZING!!!! Thank you for making my night! I could NEVER be mad about that! :)

  4. Yes, I remember being very afraid of those parties hehe...I don't think I ever attended one, or any of those pregnant picture sessions hahaha...maybe I'll make an exception and come to your next theme party?! :D

  5. I think I need to find a video of some dancing in the rain in rainboots of course...imagine how well chronicled our college lives could have been had we iPhones and smart phones with video cameras built in. We were born a generation too early...

  6. Very impressive- both the stripper shoes AND the singing!

  7. I love that you still have the stripper shoes on with your scrubs!

  8. Love it! I'm totally in for the next party!!


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