Tuesday, September 13, 2011

craftiness lately

Yall. I have been SO FRIGGIN CRAFTY lately. I blame it all on Pinterest. Actually, I don't know whether to blame Pinterest or to thank Pinterest. I have had virtually NO time to think about how miserable I am, what with all the crafts I've needed to do and food I've needed to bake/cook! Pinterest equals instant cure for infertility-related depression. Score!

Anyway. So I mentioned last week that my sis-in-law and I revamped my mantle decor. I didn't have any pictures because my camera was being finicky broken. That hasn't changed. However, I knew you were absolutely DYING to see the new mantle look, so I took it upon myself to take pictures using the WEBCAM, which is obviously my new favorite thing ever (besides Pinterest. And my glue gun.) 

Warning: Taking pictures with a webcam is totally trippy. And the results are fairly awful. But at least you can see sort of what my mantle looks like. And see some of my latest CRAFTS!!

Trust me, the colors here are really whacked out because of the webcam. My house is not dimly lit and pea-green. I think. Anyway, here's an unintentionally fishbowl-ish view of the whole mantle.

Up close of the middle to right side! The circle art is a craft from a few months back, as I'm sure you recall.

Left-to-middle. I really wish the picture were sharper so that you could be wowed by my West Elm clearance finds (the paper flowers and fox plate).

The "B" is a craft I just finished tonight! More details on that later.

I made this B with materials left from OTHER craft projects. I traced a B onto a piece of scrap plywood, which Matt dutifully jigsawed for me so that I had a B-shaped piece of wood. Then I used yarn (left from my yarn wreath) to wrap it and finished it off with felt flowers (also from the wreath). I love it! I want to hang it on our soon-to-come "B" gallery wall...but set it there against the circles and sorta fell in love with it there. So we'll see.

Speaking of yarn wreaths...

 Not gonna lie. I'm pretty stinkin proud of these awesome felt flowers. I am hooked on making them. I can't stop!! (See also: "B" with random felt flowers adorning it...)

I really like the texture of the yarn and the felt. Adds some dimension and warmth...and color...to my house! I had planned to hang this wreath on the front door, but the door is black and this yarn a dark taupe...so it's a little hard to see from the outside. So today I bought supplies to make ANOTHER wreath that will be easier to see on the outside. I will probably actually make about 100 of these now that I know how, so let me know if you want one.

Well, that's all the crappy webcam photos I have for you today...I'm sure you are really sorry I don't have more.

I would like to thank Pinterest, my sis-in-law Jessica, and Michael's and Jo-Ann's for providing hours of inspiration, supplies, and support for my newly-found crafty hobbies. Here's to many more hours and projects to come!


  1. Sounds like you're all set to make Christmas presents this year! Wish I could find the motivation to be crafty so I could do things like that. Davis has stolen my motivation.

  2. I love them all, I wish I could be more creative.

  3. I wonder if there's a 12-step program for this kind of addiction? :)

  4. I like the wreath. What a great gift that would make!

  5. I always love to accept handmade awesome wreaths from my friends. Or I would. If that ever happened to me.

  6. your wreath & "B" look great, erika. i love the colors you used- perfect for fall!

  7. Love them all! AND I love your West Elm flowers--mine are displayed out of a wine bottle on our mantle. :)
    Pinterest: my new facebook...


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