Wednesday, September 21, 2011

dang serving sizes

If there's anything food-and-diet related that trips me up, it's serving size. See, I do a pretty good job of making healthy choices with my food. I buy healthy food. I cook healthy food. I like healthy food. I just like too much of it.

My philosophy is: if something is good and good for you, then more must be better!!

That is also my philosophy if something isn't good for you. More is still always better.

My problems with estimating serving size are extremely evident when eating cereal. COME ON. Who is it that picks the serving sizes for that stuff?? A few weeks ago I decided to actually know, with a measuring cup...out a "portion" of cereal. When I saw those 3 measly crumbs bangin up on each other in the bottom of my vast bowl, I immediately realized my problem. I must eat 14 servings of (healthy!!! good for you!!!!) cereal for breakfast.

Since then, I've taken to choosing my cereal in the store by just picking the one with the biggest serving size. Hahaha. It's a pretty solid plan. (Yes, I still look at calories and other nutrients and other factors, such as taste. But if it comes down to a tie or a 3-way tie, I go with the biggest serving.)

The other day I was thinking about this unfortunate situation and how I've probably struggled with it my whole life. I love cereal too much. And the serving size is TOO SMALL. It has always been this way, for as long as I can remember.

And was a problem even before I can remember.

Dear Baby Erika: Don't look so sad!! That is a very reasonable serving of Rice Krispies. Your parents are probably mean, giving you such a small bowl and all. And then they stand by and laugh and take pictures instead of giving you your friggin milk so you can eat. Don't worry. One day you will grow up and be able to eat all the cereal your cute little heart desires!!! Being a grown up ROCKS!

Grown Up Erika

PS. Happy Way Back When-sday!! Other friends reminiscing with me this week include Allison (Founder and President of WBW), Brooke, and Meg...join in the fun with us!


  1. Founder AND President - what an honor!

    Also, TOTALLY agree with you about the sadness of cereal serving sizes. If for no reason other than this, I REALLY hope you are able to get knocked up one day so that you can eat as much cereal as you want with zero guilt. It was honestly one of the greatest joys of my pregnancy... and I'm not kidding.

  2. That picture is great! I have been known to eat 3 bowls of cereal for breakfast on average. It's good stuff. Do you ever think about how gross cereal probably sounds to foreigners? Soggy rice and corn based pellets floating in a sea of milk? Gross! :)

  3. Ditto to what Allison said- when can we get pregnant and eat all the cereal we want?!

  4. that is a hilarious picture. i love it!

  5. Love the picture and the letter to Baby Erika!

  6. so looking at your baby picture, I have to say that right now, Adoration looks a lot like your baby picture.

    Like that one time at Vineyard that guy thought you were her mom when I was sitting right next to you.

    So apparently when you put a James and a Kristina together you get an Erika.

    Just thought you should know.

  7. And I apologize for not using any commas in my comment. I know how you feel about that stuff.

  8. Love this post and I love that precious picture of Baby Erika! Totally agree with the portion size thing! Do you live near me - can we start a portion size support group?? ;)


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