Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Well hello, good buddies. I have all kinds of non-important things to tell you today. Let's just get to it, shall we?

1. Reflections on the Dialect Vlog.

I think I sound more Southern on video/tape/voice mails/anything that's not real life than I do in my real-time ears. I'm sure that sentence made lots of sense. But isn't that true for most people? Don't you think yourself sounds weird on any kind of recording? I thought that was normal. But I did like 3 takes of that list of words (because I couldn't figure out where to look...or because Matt walked through the room and made me laugh...or because our fire alarm battery was dying and kept beeping...) and I sounded pretty much the same on all of them. So I also think it's because those words were especially chosen to showcase any accent. Like I sounded like a total hick saying "spittin' image," but first of all: how often do you say that in real life? And second of all, if it was mixed in with a whole bunch of other words/speech that DIDN'T sound hickish...you probably wouldn't even notice. Or you "probly" wouldn't notice, which is definitely how I say that word. All the time. Except for when I just say 'probs.' Evidently I have the laziest mouth ever.

Then again, when Amanda met me in real life for the first time, that was like the first thing that came out of her mouth: "OHMYGOSH YOU HAVE A SOUTHERN ACCENT!!!! I didn't imagine you having a Southern accent!!!!!" and so maybe I do. A mystery for the ages, for sure. Still waiting on the rest of you to join in on this one by making your own videos...

2. I joined Pinterest. It is every bit as time-consuming and life-sucking-upping as I had suspected it would be, which is why I procrastinated joining for so long. It's done now, though. I have never been so inspired to craft/cook/decorate/shop as I am now! Unlike MOST of the lazy bums out there pinning things left and right, though...

3. Yesterday my sis-in-law Jessica and I spent the day DOING THINGS INSPIRED BY PINTEREST. That's right. We actually ACCOMPLISHED PROJECTS on our Pinterest to-do lists. Namely, we baked these Starbucks-inspired pumpkin muffins:

 and then we ate them. Not quite all of them, but we put a dent in them (with the help of Matt). We also made chili in the crockpot. It was a very Martha Stewart day.

We ALSO...and I am very excited about this...redecorated my house!!! For free!!! For quite some time I've been wanting to 'remix' my art/mantle/decorations...although I like the way I have things decorated, they've been basically the same since we moved in 2 years ago. I've heard that the best thing to do is just pull everything down and start new. I knew I'd need fresh eyes, since my eyes just want to put everything back right where it came from.

So Jess and I spent a long time moving things around and it looks FAB! We spent the most time on the mantle and the piano and some bookshelves. And wall art. And THEN, when we took a large metal star from above the TV and moved it elsewhere, we needed something to hang in its place. Lacking the perfect thing, we consulted with Pinterest and...made something!!

We painted a canvas that I had on hand with a B monogram (or mammogram, if you're Jessica). We were pretty proud of ourselves. Sorry for the crappy picture...I am still having major camera issues (want to know details of my ongoing camera problems? okay. the thing is, the friggin CORD doesn't work right. the USB end is somehow messed up so that it won't connect to the computer or its charger...but then SOMETIMES it just works...but usually it doesn't...which is why the camera is then either not charged or I can't get the pictures off. VERY FRUSTRATING. and I have no idea how to get a new cord, either. i just want a new camera, dangit.)

Anyway, so since the camera is currently not charging, I can't take any more pictures of our fabulous redecorating results, but I promise I will when I have a chance. I'm just loving it because I feel like I have all this new stuff...even though I don't, it's just the same stuff in different places. Total cost of my living room makeover? ZERO DOLLARS.

So basically it was the best Labor Day ever. Pumpkin muffins. Redecorating. Chili. Girl time. Painting. Winning!

This morning at 7am, as I prepared to go to work, I opened the dishwasher to put my coffee mug in.

THE DISHWASHER WAS CRAWLING IN ANTS. Like...for real. Millions of them. I shrieked. And cried. And said "WHY ME, ANTS, WHY ME???!!!"

So, welcome back to real life. I'd love to stay and chat, but I gotta get back to my regularly scheduled exterminating. Gah.


  1. I would LOVE to follow you on Pinterest!

    My name on Pinterest (and in real life) is ERICA INCE.

    Follow me, I'm awesome

  2. It's true- I DISCOVERED your accent... I think I should be its talent manager or something so I can make money off of my discovery.


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