Wednesday, September 7, 2011

season 11

It's Way Back When-sday!!

You may or may not have noticed, but college football officially kicked off last weekend. This is my eleventh season as a college football fan. I started college at the University of Georgia in the fall of 2001, which marked the first official Season I Was Aware of/Cared About College Football. Incidentally, my "first" season also coincided with head coach Mark Richt's first season at UGA. Since he is still head coach, it's been convenient for me because at least once per game a TV announcer will remind people of how many seasons he's been at UGA...and this is how I can keep track of how many seasons I've been at (or graduated from, but still a fan of) UGA. We're on season 11. Go us! 

I tried really hard to find a picture from my freshman year. Unfortunately, this was still slightly before the era of Digital Cameras Everywhere, so pictures were somewhat rarer in those days. I know I took regular film pictures, but I can't find an album. So the oldest pictures I could find are from sophomore year, which was a better year anyway because we made it to the Sugar Bowl (and I got to go watch it in New Orleans!!).

These pictures redeemed themselves (they needed redeeming since they feature a lot of bad hair, bad clothes, and not-sucking-in-your-tummy-while-taking-a-picture) by featuring many of my long-time friends that also happen to be fellow football aficionados (hahaha) and bloggers (or blog-readers)!

 (back row: Laura, Devin, Lisa Marie, Guy (now married to Devin), James (now married to Kristina); front row: Elizabeth, me, my sis Sarah, Elizabeth's sis Sarah, Dustin)
 (back row: Laura, Lisa Marie, Devin, Elizabeth; front row: Kristina, me)
 (L-R: Devin, Lisa Marie, Sarah L., me)

 Devin and LM making a MAJOR FAUX PAS by wearing jeans at an SEC football game. Tsk, tsk. As everyone knows, ladies dress up to go to football games. But I will forgive them since they didn't actually attend UGA.

A final picture of Dustin, me, Laura, and Anna in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl. Yes, we are wearing red and black feather boas. That's the sort of thing you do in New Orleans for New Years.

Happy Football Season to you...and GO DAWGS!!

(And also, welcome to the SEC, Aggies!! You are very welcome here, since this would make my family complete/divided by having all of our D-1 schools in the same division!)


  1. Thanks for the welcome! And since we'll be in the SEC, will Aggies be required to dress up now? Aggie fans do not get dressed up AT ALL right now, so that would be interesting...

    P.S. My friend didn't show up to HH last night, so I didn't have a chance to ask about hair vomit :)

  2. I think we definitely look better as we get older.

  3. Oh Kristina, I could not agree with you more! Where did these pictures come from? I have never seen them. Didn't know about wearing jeans to a foot ball game...but I was in high school. Ha! This has made my morning.

  4. HA I was going to ask the exact same question as Allison- thanks for the warm welcome!!


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