Sunday, September 18, 2011

true stories

Matt and I just impulse-purchased one of those online deal-of-the-day things. It isn't the first time. This time we got a one hour couple's massage. And we paid for it with money in the medical (read: baby/infertility treatment) fund. Guess we'll see if all the people recommending we just relax!!!! are right after all!

This is probably going to be the best medical money I've ever spent.

OH. Speaking of money being spent on medical things. Remember last month when I had my little MRSA episode? Remember how when I went to the doctor, they poked my face with a NEEDLE?? (to drain aforementioned wound) OK, so last week my health insurance company posted the bill/explanation of benefits for that little visit to my account online. Wanna know what they call "poking my face with a needle" (which took approximately 1 second) in health insurance language?


Wanna know how much they charged my health insurance company for this serious, serious, life-saving surgery?


Uhhh....seriously?? You STUCK MY FACE WITH A NEEDLE. And yeah, of COURSE I whined and complained about it for a week afterwards. But only because it HURT and it was emotionally TRAUMATIZING. Not because it was actually like...difficult on behalf of the doctors. Not because I was so wow-ed with the medical training it must have taken in order to POKE A NEEDLE INTO AN ANTBITE FOR ONE SECOND, which is what that 'surgery' amounted to. Not because it required any medical tools other than ONE NEEDLE which I'm pretty sure you can purchase at Jo-Ann's in a pack of about 20 for about $3. 

$150?? For that??!?!!?! I have got to get into the surgery business.

I'm not even complaining because I owe any extra money, cause I don't. Other than my co-pay, I don't owe a thing. But it's the principle. No WONDER we pay so much for healthcare. Because they're charging people (or insurance companies) A HUNDRED AND FIFTY BUCKS for what amounted to 2 seconds of a doctor's time. I wish MY time were so valuable...

This reminds me of the time they charged me $375 for saline. I am still mad about that one, too. 

OK. Anyway. Sorry. I didn't even plan to come over here and rant about just sorta happened.

Guess what??!?!?! Great news. I got a CAMERA THAT WORKS!!!!!! Big shout-out and thanks to my wonderful (and generous) sister- and brother-in-law Amy and Tom for passing on one of theirs that they didn't need so that I can have one that works!! If you'll recall, they are also the ones who gave us the laptop-with-webcam last basically, they are responsible for everything non-text that you see on this blog. I am very thankful!! My life can be properly documented in photograph now! Such a good feeling.

That Dolphin Tale movie?? Ugh. I really want to see it. I'm sorry if that is the lamest thing ever, but when I see the trailers...I just feel so happy inside. I must see it. Please don't think any less of me. I love inspirational animal movies.

This is possibly my most diverse blog ever. Massages. Healthcare rants. Cameras. Dolphins. I think we're done here. Farewell!


  1. I hope the massages work!! We are potentially starting IVF next month... eek! I hear ya on the cost and the fear!!!

  2. Ok, now I'm really scared about how much my real, hospital, knock-you-out surgery is going to cost (me and my insurance). Maybe I should have bought the message deal too because I'm clearly going to need to relax once I see the bill.

  3. I think the stress brought on by healthcare is what's causing your infertility... sounds like that massage is happening at just the right time! :) JUST RELAX, ALREADY!

  4. I can one-up you on that one. When I was pregnant I got a shot at the hospital and they charged my insurance company a whopping $1000. For a SHOT! I still say it must have been liquid gold in that syringe. For realz.

  5. Healthcare prices drive me nuts. The synagis shots (for RSV for preemies/immunocompromised children) are in the THOUSANDS. That blows my mind.

    Hope you enjoy your massage. We did one right before our anniversary trip and it made me wish I was famous and could have them daily. LOL! I'm always very sore after my massages, just a head's up. And drink LOTS of water after to move the toxins.

  6. i wonder if insurance charges $150 for the needle-poke because they are having to make up costs for the dozens of people requiring emergency surgery that have no insurance. so if you think about it, maybe you did a good deed by helping someone else (even if it was not voluntary, ha!). hope you ENJOY those massages! not sure i could convince christopher to join me in that activity.


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