Sunday, November 27, 2011

the highlight reel

Is Thanksgiving Break really almost over?? Sheesh, that went fast. Let's skip the play-by-play and go for a highlight reel, shall we? (Boy readers, I hope you are appreciating all the sports metaphors I'm using here. Just wanted you to know I do talk about something other than makeup and tampons occasionally.)

1. Black Friday Shopping

Yes, I did partake. Luckily, I wasn't forced to be an ultra-crazy going out at midnight or anything. Since we got the camera deal online early, there was nothing else I was desperate for. We did some leisurely 6am mall hopping and got lots of good deals and very few crowds, so it was a win-win.

2. Food

There was lots of it and it was good.

3. Crafting

I got a lot of crafting in this week/end. Comprehensive list of co-crafters: ALL OF MY SISTER IN LAWS, including but not limited to- Amy, Jessica, and Emily. OK, so I only have 3 SILs. That's still some pretty good stats. In addition to all my SILs, I crafted with Matt's cousin Alaina and my own mom. Good times (and awesome crafts) were had by all.

4. Goodwill

Mom and I hit up Goodwill yesterday morning to get some tshirts for our crafts. We also did some general shopping while there, and I am happy to report I got a pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans for $5.50!!!! (Well, free, since Mom paid) I also got several other great things, including work pants and skirts. And the aforementioned tshirts that later evolved into scarves. Love ya, Goodwill Where Rich People Take Their Stuff!!

5. Smartphone

I got one!! So if you're keeping track, I have successfully crossed off almost half of my own Holiday(s) Wish List. Between ordering our camera and getting the phone, I'm looking forward to a very anticlimactic birthday and Christmas morning, ha. In case you care, I got a Samsung Stratosphere
 I was won over by the 4G-ness of it and also the fact that it is awesome. So far I have gotten it almost organized exactly the way I want and I am having lots of fun. 

6. "I Believe" Contest

I did it. I entered. About 15 minutes ago. I did not show anyone, including Matt, my essay-- just pounded it out and hit 'send' before I could change my mind. Now we're back to waiting and hoping and praying...not unlike the past three years. 

And now I have to go. Goodbye!



  1. (I'm still not speaking to you after the purchase of the smartphone.)

  2. I won't talk to you either. And now I will ruin your 4Gness by saying 4G sounds like ORGY. There. Ruined.

  3. you are brave to weather the black friday shoppers, erika! awesome goodwill finds, too.

  4. Sounds like a successful holiday week/end to me! Gobble gobble!

  5. I'm proud of you for submitting your story. And I hope you win!
    Also, I'm impressed with how quickly you organized your phone and upped your gaming regularity.

  6. Very Important: How do we vote and how many times can we vote?

    So cool that you got some cool deals this weekend! We finished all of our shopping this weekend- can't beat great sells.


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