Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Sorry if this ruins your preconceived notions about me being a totally original human being. I'm basically just a big copier (just like the rest of you), which is why I've decided to jump on the early bandwagon of bloggers posting holiday wish lists. (Note: I am NOT one of those people who refrain from offending people by avoiding using the word 'Christmas' and substituting some 'holiday' crap. I only call this my 'holiday' wish list because since my birthday is 2 weeks before Christmas...then this list is encompassing multiple holidays. So it's appropriate. "Holiday" is more concise than saying "birthday and Christmas"...although this paragraph-long explanation is much longer, so really...it's not like I saved myself any typing or anything. MOVING ON!)

Right, so, wish list. Just wanted to go ahead and throw it out there into cyberspace in case Santa (or relatives, or generous blog stalkers) were wanting to get a jump start on things. As per usual, I will provide plenty of commentary to go with each item...so let's get to it!

1. A "Big Girl" Camera:
 OK, if there's anyone who should be wanting me to get a decent camera, it's probably you people. You're the ones that have to suffer through all of my half-assed pictures taken with all manner of point-and-shoots (that seldom find it in their hearts to be working), webcams, and uhh...like, drawings on Paint when all of my other cameras are failing. My camera issues have been ROUGH this year, and I'd like to apologize to all of your eyeballs. This does mean, however, that for roughly the past year, Matt and I have been toying with the idea of getting a decent digital SLR camera. This is not because we are photographers or have any delusions that we are going to be. I will be the first one to admit that I have no idea what SLR even stands for. But I do know that even with my lack of knowledge...when I use a friend's 'real' camera and just snap a shot...it looks WAAAAY better than the same picture taken with my point-and-shoots. Also...we just want one. We have these plans that we will LEARN about photography (and what all the initials stand for, and what f- something means, and shutter speed, and all the other things that blow my mind when I'm trying to 'research' cameras) and it will be a hobby that both of us can enjoy. And, naturally, we will be awesome picture-takers by the time we give birth/bring home our fantastically photogenic offspring, and then we will high-five ourselves for thinking to do this in advance. That's the plan, anyway.

So really, we're getting a camera (note: not sure which one. The picture above is only an illustration of one of the many possibilities). We're planning on getting it as our gift to each other. Unless someone else is dying to get it for us, in which case, be my guest! We have been zealously scoping out the leaked Black Friday ads already, and have a game plan that begins at midnight...because if there's anything that will get me even more excited about owning a Big Girl camera, it is the thought of getting a great deal on it.

2. A 21st century phone!!

 I know...who is this girl and what has she done with Erika? Like, if I own both a working camera AND a non-ghetto phone, what will I have left to complain about? (Answer: Infertility, obviously!!!) I guess I have decided that smartphones are probably NOT just a passing trend and therefore I should get on board. Like the camera, I have been decidedly lusting after a phone for a solid year now, so to me, that means I should get one. Unlike OTHER THINGS I have been lusting after for a long time (like, ya know...babies...)...this year I decided that the things I CAN get? I just think I should. So, a smartphone it is. I'm tired of texting with one finger (YES, I have the kind of phone that DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A QUERTY KEYBOARD. How I've made it this far, I don't know). Like with the camera thing, I'm not so picky about what KIND of phone? As long as it's smart. So if you have lots of experience and advice about things like phones, you can feel free to let me know your opinion. My main question is: does it matter how many GBs there are?? I'm having a hard time imagining why I'd need more memory on my phone than I have on my computer.

Note: in addition to the phone, I would also like $360 to cover the cost of one year of the data plan. Thanks, Santa!

Phew! This is a technology-filled wish list, so far. That doesn't feel very "me," so let's change directions.

3. All the things on my Pinterest.

I know, not very specific...but just go peruse around. It's safe to assume I want everything I've pinned, so you can craft it or just buy it, whatever! I just need it. Thanks so much!!

4. Toms!


Hahaha, that is the smallest picture ever. Not exactly representative of the actual size I will be needing (9.5, thanks for asking. Don't judge! I'm tall! My feet are proportionate to my height!!). Much like cameras and smartphones, Toms are the kind of thing everyone else has had for 5 years and I have been busy squinting my eyes and trying to 'get it.' Now that probably everyone else has decided to stop wearing them, I have adjusted to seeing them around and have decided I might like to have some myself. Perferably in a neutral-ish color and pattern (like plain gray), because I like my shoes to be versatile. 

5. Plane tickets.

 Do they make airline gift cards? That would be perfect. Basically, I have lots of friends/family that live far away and I would like to see them all. So...plane tickets it is! (A private jet/pilot would also work, rich stalkers.)

6. Bath stuff.

I know, not very specific. But here's the thing. I haven't really ever been a 'bath girl.' We've lived in this house for 2.5 years, we have a HUGE garden tub thing, and I've taken maybe like...2 baths. Until last week. Since last week I've taken about...30. And I have come to the realization that I have an embarrassingly tiny amount of products to give me the ideal spa-like experience. I'm actually a little ashamed about the whole thing. SO, pick your favorite bath product (what...salts, scrubs, soaks, bubbles...aren't there like a million things?) and help start the Erika Bath Collection. Promoting relaxation since 2011. 


That should be enough to get you started on your shopping. Consider this Part 1. Still to come: specific clothing items, makeup products, and crafting supplies! Could you BE any more excited??!

(Note: I mentioned this earlier, but seriously: if you have relevant (or not relevant, I don't really care) advice/opinions/recommendations about anything I mentioned, feel free to share! Share slash buy me whatever it is you are recommending, of course.)


  1. I have a Canon Rebel xti (I think now its an xsi model or something along those lines). I love it and its great! I got it when I just wanted better pictures and it does really great on the "auto" mode...in the past year, I've started working with the manual settings (all that f-stop and shutter speed and jazz) and its pretty easy to pick up on the camera. I have a friend that swears by her Nikon but the one she has is definitely one "grade" higher in price/function than mine, but I can get some of the same shots she does. The great thing about Canon is that the lens are versatile and compatable with all models (even if someone has a Canon lens for a film camera!) so once you have the camera, you can share lenses if you have a friend with a Canon or slowly build your lens collection up based on what you want to do. You can do most of your general shooting with the "standard" lens which comes with the camera body. And I could just keep talking about this all day, so um, if you'd like to hear/read me continue to discuss it, just email me!

  2. You sound like me on the subject of smart phones! I would love one... just don't want to pay for the stupid data plan. I have gotten by just fine (for the most part) over the past few years without one, so I'm hoping I can wait to cave until EVERYONE has them and data plans are FREE, or at least a lot cheaper.

  3. Yes, they DO have airline gift cards- at least I know Southwest does! I will see what I can do about getting a baby for you for Christmas... I just may have to lay low for a while after "obtaining" said gift.

  4. YES they have airline giftcards and you can buy them at Kroger for gas points. LOL!

    I was actually considering going back to a "dumb" phone since the only reason I got one to start with is because of Brandon's fabulous work perk. Which relates to my super cryptic blog post. ;)

  5. I LOOOOVVEE my camera.

    I have the Canon Rebel xti (which is the like, the cheapest model of an slr out there.) and I love it.

    I think if you are willing to learn the basics, then it's totally worth it. and next time I see you I can show you the ropes.(the basics aren't that hard.)


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