Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the one with the false eyelashes

The Blogivers

Yep, it's Way Back When-sday again!! And look-- Allison got us a little button thingy!! Movin' on up, I tell you.

Tonight at dinner, Matt was thumbing through a drugstore ad that was laying on the dining room table. We probably get much more enjoyment out of the Sunday paper than most couples do-- we keep the ad inserts around for practically the whole next week so that we have things to talk about at dinner, because we're truly exciting like that. We usually play some variation on 'Would You Rather?'...would you rather wear this outfit or that outfit? Which shoes on this page would you pick? Would you rather have this washer-dryer or this new refrigerator? Ya know, exciting stuff like that.

Tonight, pointing to two items on the same page in the ad, Matt posed the following question: Would you rather have fake nails or fake eyelashes?

A tough question, to be sure. I've never had fake nails, so I can only imagine what it would be like. In my mind, I'm paralyzed by my inability to touch things/type/do anything that requires fine motor I'm not inclined to want to ever wear fake nails.

As for the false lashes? I've worn them once.

It was Halloween 2004, and Kristina and I had some awesomely coordinated/invented costumes, as you would expect us to. At the last minute, we decided our outfits would not be complete without false eyelashes. And in typical fashion, we decided to go big or go home.

Go Big Or Go Home, Lash Edition:

Upon deep reflection and examination of the above photo, I decided that if I have to choose between fake nails and fake lashes, the lashes are going to win every time. Because seriously, those things are awesome and I kind of wish I had some right now to make my dirty gym clothes look a little more spectacular.

I guess this means I'm adding "false eyelashes" to my wish list.

Happy WBW!! I'm off to craft! (PS. I wonder when 'to craft' became a verb?)


  1. "Craft" is most def a word... and for the record, those fake eyelashes frighten me a little!

  2. Ditto to both of the above from my wombmate.

  3. we look so amazing with false eyelashes.
    we should probably wear them every day.

  4. I have nightmares of those things from every dance performance I was in...


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