Sunday, November 6, 2011

mailbox love

 It's almost that time of year-- the time when people GET THINGS OTHER THAN BILLS AND JUNK IN THE MAIL!!! WOOHOO!!!

I know I'm excited. I LOVE Christmas cards. I love getting them. I love making my own. I love editing my little Excel spreadsheet with addresses. I love writing addresses on cards and writing notes on each little card (completely defeating the purpose of having my 'custom message' printed on the back? Yes, but a much-needed personal touch, I think). I like sticking the return address labels on just so and driving out to the Bethlehem, Ga post office where they will get a special postmark declaring them to be from BETHLEHEM...which is very Christmas-y, if you ask me. 

I love Christmas cards!! (Did I mention I also love getting them? It's true. And if you've had the pleasure of visiting my house anytime in the past year, you will notice that all of my last year's cards are STILL OUT (not like, on the wall or anything, but in a decorative bowl) and I still like to look at them and see pictures of friends. So if you send me a card, know that I enjoy them year-round, not just for a few weeks!)

I usually try to have mine made and ordered by November 1. This year I was about 2 days late, but they are well on their way to being printed and shipped now. That means I need to tackle updating the mailing list. And then check the status of my beautiful Sharpie thin-lines to make sure they're ready for another session of addressing.

I've used Vistaprint for my cards (and address labels) for the past three years. I have always been extremely happy with the selection, degree of personalization, and PRICE. This year I designed four cards (because I really just think it's fun) and then let Matt decide which one was the winner. Now I feel sad because I miss the other 3 finalists. I wish I could order all of them. :) Oh well.

Last year, Mollyanne and I unknowingly ordered the SAME CARD. 

Horrors!!! What are the odds, right? I mean, we knew we were using the same company...but they have THOUSANDS of options. What're the odds we picked the SAME ONE?!?! It was so funny when we found out. I'm pretty sure we found out because I (in typical Erika-fashion) had my cards mailed out December 1 and Mollyanne received it and realized it was the same one that she had ordered (and either not yet received or not yet gotten around to mailing). So she was the one that made the realization. I'm sure our mutual friends that received both were happy, since it truly was an excellent card. Better to have two, I think.

Actually, two years ago...I bet these people don't even KNOW this...but the Boothes and the Goldens had the same card as well!! It was a great card, so I definitely appreciated having two. It's nice having friends with such great taste in cards, I think.

Also, in case you are about to be in the market to make your own cards, let me send you a referral:

Save up to 80% on custom printed products at Vistaprint. Order today!

I hope that works...I signed up for a referral program on Vistaprint (don't worry, they didn't ask me to advertise for them or anything...anyone can sign up for the referral program)...if you use that link above and order something, I'll get $5! So that would be pretty sweet if you don't have your cards done yet and you love me.

OK sorry for this long and rambling blog. I actually had an extremely long and traumatic day, dubbed by myself as Erika and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. It's a miracle I actually survived, but now as I approach the sweet end of it all (the day, that is) and my wonderful husband has spent the evening proving his wonderfulness, and also I had an hour-long bubble bath (in a tub freshly cleaned by the aforementioned husband)...I decided to focus on something positive instead of making myself cry again, and Christmas cards were about the only happy thing I could come up with. :) So you're welcome. Now go use that referral link and make me rich, okay?? Thanks!


  1. Can't wait to exchange cards this year :) and I'm sorry to hear about your terrible day :( what happened??

  2. Ah, the memories. If I don't get on the ball soon with family pictures, there will be no cards this year to worry about duplicates.
    I too want to hear about your day. Is it better just by being over?
    Did you ever tell us which baby sitter you were from the BSC?

  3. I am usually well on my way to being finished with Christmas cards. This year Patrick has been busy like usual but I have been at home mostly. Today we were going to take the picture for the card, but Charles, my photographer friend, and I are sick. I will get them done I just don't know when!!!I also keep all photo cards and place them on my board. I love sending and receiving Christmas cards.

  4. Nice! I used VistaPrint for Kris' baby shower invites. Loved them!


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