Friday, November 4, 2011

write for my life

So this was brought to my attention the other day on another one of the IF blogs I frequent.

In case you're too lazy to click, I'll summarize:

The Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine is giving away a free IVF cycle.

Oh wait, I'm sorry, did you just pee your pants too?? Let me slow down and emphasize a few key words.

GIVING AWAY. As in, for free. For zero monies.

a FREE (right, zero monies)

IVF cycle (as in...that thing that is the only shot Matt and I have at getting pregnant, save a miracle, of course) (that thing we've been saving money for for forty thousand years or something) (that thing that we are dying to do but is SO FRIGGIN EXPENSIVE) (that thing that could get us a baby)

They are giving away a free IVF cycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To whom?? How?? Well, let me just tell you.

Anyone who wants to (like me, for instance) can enter. All you (I) have to do is "tell your story." It can be as long or short as you like. Submit your story by December 1. A panel of folks will review all of the entries and pick a handful of finalists. The finalists' stories will be posted on the Sher Institute's Facebook page. Fans of their page will be able to vote from December 5-11. Whoever gets the most votes wins. Winner will be announced December 12, 2011.

ALSO KNOWN AS: my 29th birthday.

Like, for realz. They're announcing the winner of the FREE IVF CYCLE on my BIRTHDAY. 

Obviously I need to be winning this.

Obviously I am about to write for my life.

But I need help/encouragement!! For one...I can only imagine how many people are going to enter this thing (PS. If you know any sadsies IF girls dying for free IVF, do me a favor and don't tell them about this. Especially if they're good writers or have lots of FB friends. Sorry to be a hater, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.). Although my "story" is really sad to the grand scheme of the world of infertility, I seriously doubt my story/situation is the saddest. So....HELP!! How should I tell my story? Should I TRY to make it sound as sad and tragic as possible? Should I try to make it somehow humorous? What is gonna help me stand out from the others for the judges? HELP!!!

And also, not to jump ahead or anything...but will you vote for me??! OMG if I made it to the finalists...I would have to become a friggin POLITICIAN...begging for votes. Bargaining for votes. Creating new Facebook accounts just to get more votes...can I count on you to VOTE FOR ME for the free IVF?? How many FB friends do YOU have? Will THEY vote for me??

I've never been big on popularity contests. I didn't run for class office. I don't want to know how many people like me.

But I'd really like to win this contest.

Which means I have about 26 days to write the story that will give me a legit shot at a baby. No pressure or anything. Just a little writing assignment THAT COULD CHANGE MY LIFE FOREVER. That's all!!



  1. Unfortunately I have no brilliant advice... but I will totally vote for you!

  2. I'm not any good on the writing front either but I would def vote for you!

  3. Your dad always said you're a good writer! And when you win (and have babieS), and they ask where they came from, you can say "Ohhh.. umm.. I won you in a contest!"

  4. I like Amanda's "I won you in a contest" idea. Ha!

    Obviously I would vote for you and tell everyone I know to do the same. I think you do a good job on your blog of mixing humor and true, serious feelings. So it seems to me that the story that would really be YOU would include both. Honesty and funny, intermingled. Plus I think fewer people are likely to try to be funny at all in this kind of thing, which might make you stand out more. I would write it as if you were just doing it for a blog post and then revise from there. Or post it and ask us for advice before submitting. :)

  5. You'll have my vote! Good luck writing your story!

  6. You got my vote! :) I agree, humor + honesty is a rare combination.

  7. i agree with everyone's comments erika. people enjoy reading what you write because you are genuine and funny. just do exactly what you do for blogging. :)

  8. I'll vote for you and then secretly covet your baby! Be honest, be funny, and be pitiful :)

  9. Girl... I will start a campaign on my blog.I will get everyone I know to vote for you!

    and as for the yourself...which is funny and genuine.

  10. I may have to reactivate my facebook account SOLELY to get you some free IVF!!

  11. Go for heartfelt and honest with a smidgeon of humor to show that you're not JUST another women sad because it's been a rougher road than she expected. Be courageous and let them see how amazing you are--and what an amazing mom you will be! You've got our votes!!

  12. I have 415 or so friends on facebook, but two of them are you and Matt. We will vote and if I can figure it out I will also put it on my blog.
    Just show them your heart girl and you will do great.
    Thanks for helping me out on my last blog post.

  13. 371 facebook friends with some overlapping you.. BUT I'd also do a write up on my blog if you made it to finals. :D

    Be YOU! :) You "do" you well!

  14. I am an Erica married to a Matt and we got pregnant with our son, I was reading about your struggles at it completely broke my heart. Not only would I vote got you, but I have 900+ Facebook friends who could vote too.

  15. I agree with Mollyanne, write a mock up and let us read it and give feedback. Pray, pray, pray!! I'll be praying that you have the words and that the judges will be moved, but most of all, for God's peace. And of course, I'll vote for you!


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