Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the cure for the funk

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I've been much happier and less in a funk today. And then about an hour ago, I got even more happy. Because I decided to download the app Draw Something.

I saw like 3 people on facebook today posting about it (PS- really annoying when people post to FB every play of every game they play. STOP DOING THAT!). Then my brother-in-law asked about it at dinner tonight. And then I decided I'd better download it to see what all the fuss was about.

 But you know how it is-- even though I logged in with my Facebook account and it tells me that 40 of my "friends" are playing...I don't really know any/many of them, and I'd feel weird just starting up a random game with someone I had a class with 7 years ago. So even though I hadn't yet figured out what the game even WAS, I texted Mollyanne and told her to download it so we could play together.

Like a good friend, she immediately complied and we were on our way to hours of making ourselves cry from laughing. She quickly got her husband in on the game as well, so then I was able to play twice as much.

GO DOWNLOAD IT NOW (conveniently available on both iPhones and Androids!). I promise, your life will be much more laughter-filled as soon as you do. Especially if you suck at drawing as much as I do. It's basically Pictionary-- you pick between 3 words (worth varying points) to try to draw. Then you use your big fat fingers on your tiny little screen and do the best you can, and then your friend tries to guess (the game will give your friend the letters of your word plus a few extra letters, all scrambled up, to help them guess). Then you get points or coins or some BS like that that I don't understand yet, but it doesn't matter because the hilarious part is seeing how AWFUL your drawings are.

So what I'm saying is: go download it and then start a game with me. Please. You will make me so happy.

And just in case any of the people in charge of creating/updating the app are reading my blog (as I suspect they are), here are some tips for your next update:
1) The Android app needs a notification thing! I don't know if it's my turn unless I open the game! Fix that.
2) There needs to be a way to replay/browse through your previous pictures/guesses. Trust me. I did the funniest thing ever tonight (which resulted in at least 3 people (me, Matt, Mollyanne) laughing until we cried) and now it is lost forever.
3) Green. Just give me a green color choice. Please.

Thank you and goodnight.


  1. Downloaded and ready to play! My name is RN15...find me...if you want to draw!!

  2. Apparently other colors are available for purchase. But you obviously don't really need green. If I can guess fern without it, I believe you can accomplish all your Draw Something dreams, green-free. Also, I wish there had been a video of my reaction as I watched the balcony drawing unfold. You would have laughed until you cried all over again.

  3. I am going to check that app out. Would it be good for kids and homeschooling?

  4. Hey Erika! I play and I love it! If you need a new "friend," I am ashleywelling. And you will be able to buy colors very quickly!!

  5. That sounds so fun! I have a (very annoying) Blackberry so I can't join in the fun :( Maybe post some pis to inculde all of us non-Android folks?

  6. Clearly Im catching up on your blog, but UM, I LOVE THIS GAME. I am making multiple people play with me, including the boy I have a crush on. Yes, I'm 30. BUT its great for laughs, and flirting. So multi-purpose!


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