Friday, March 30, 2012

guess i'm from The Jetsons

The other day Matt and I received a Homeowner's Insurance packet in the mail. Like a responsible citizen, I promptly ignored it and placed it on the desk to be filed away with all other Boring Important Correspondence. Matt, however, being who he is, decided to take it out of the envelope and peruse it before filing it away. Silly, I know. But as it turns out, it was a good thing he did. Because you know what those *@&$*@s have decided to stop covering? In the event something happened to our home??

I'll let you see for yourself.

WHAT? Are you freaking KIDDING ME?! You're not covering my HOVERCRAFT? And you call this customer service...

Because apparently I live in the future, or the Capitol, or perhaps even on the Jetsons.

Let's take a vote: would you shop around and take your homeowning insurance business elsewhere if your company stopped covering something as crucial as hovercraft?


In unrelated news, it is a very important weekend: so important it merits an OUTFIT OF THE DAY picture (or 2)!!!!!


 This is my official Summer Yardwork Uniform, as referenced the other day. If you drive by my house during the next 6 months, there is a really good chance you'll see me outside sporting something looking like this. In true OOTD form, let me enthrall you with the details:

Shorts- Nike Tempo, hand-me-downs from my neighbor 
Tank- Old Navy, hand-me-down from Kristina 
Shoes- Asics (I actually bought something on my own, what what!)
Hat- my sacred yellow Masters hat, Dirty Edition (I have 2 identical hats: one is "dirty" and suitable for getting sweaty and...dirty...and the other is in pristine condition and only acceptable for fashion use and/or attending golf tournaments)
Gloves- no clue. They've lived in my garage for as long as I can remember.

And this is my Gardening Game Face, which is the last thing weeds, ants, and stubborn rocks stuck in the clay see before they die.

Game ON! Happy Weekend!


  1. ha ha... perfect timing with the Hunger Games. They must have planned that.

  2. I am admittedly intimidated by your gardening face!

  3. Haha... yes, not many people would be turned off by that. But we know someone who would be! Dave Verdery has built a couple hovercrafts, but I think he sold the last one a couple years ago.

  4. ha...guess you will have to hold off on getting that hovercraft.

    and I'm really glad my hand-me-down made your gardening outfit. I don't even remember that tank!


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