Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Here's my typical after-work routine in the 'summer' (March through October, or however long my plants keep growing):

-Yardwork til it gets dark
-TV/blogging/reading/QT with Matt

Riveting, I know. And to let you in on even a few more boring details, I'll have you know that I don't change clothes in between the gym and yardwork.

Which brings me to last night.

After dinner, I headed outside to wage war against weeds and caterpillars  tend to some flower beds. As soon as I stepped foot outside, my next-door-neighbor, A, called out to me. This is not unusual, since she seems to spend her evenings doing much the same thing as I do. We talk in our yards almost every evening, because we are ladies raised in the South and it's the right thing to do. And also because it's awesome. But that's beside the point. Tonight, A came over to my yard and she was still wearing cute work clothes. "Hey!" she called out. "Do you like your shorts?"

I looked down at my black running shorts and sweaty tank top (bonus: today we squeezed in a trip to the dog park between the gym and dinner. So I was EXTRA dirty already!). Do I like my shorts? Is she making fun of me? Why is she doing yard work in a dress? Is there a hole in my shorts?

"Ummm...yes?" I replied. This isn't usually how our conversations start. It's usually more like "what the heck is eating my Cleveland pear tree and how do I obliterate it?"

"Sorry, I know that's a weird question. I just asked because I was cleaning out my closet today and I have some running shorts like that that I need to get rid of. They're a medium and they're never going to fit me again. Do you want them?"

Oh!! Well, yes, of course I do! You may have noticed, but I rather LIVE in these shorts all summer long...

She ran back into her house and came out 2 seconds later with FOUR PAIR of Nike Tempo running shorts (in various colors)!  

PS Those legs are totally mine. Okay, so maybe they're not. But only because I'm tanner than that chick.

Okay but anyways, back to the point. I just got 4 pairs of awesome shorts in like-new condition for FREE FREE FREE! At current market value, they are worth ~$128! I call that a major score! A, the ladies of my Zumba class would like to thank you because they are tired of seeing me wear the same things over and over. And I would like to thank you-- not that you read this blog-- for being an awesome neighbor who not ONLY keeps a fantastic yard up, hangs out with me in the evenings, and makes me cookies, but also plays with my cat and gives me sweet hand-me-downs. You make living in the sticks a lot more fun!


  1. I do love those shorts- I'd say that is a definite score! Props to you (and your generous neighbor)!

  2. Jealous!!! I live in those shorts!

  3. That's awesome!!!! Wish I had a neighbor like that!!! :)

    God bless!!!

    Sarah @ forevergodsprincess.blogspot.com

  4. Holy cow, that is AMAZING! I love free stuff. This weekend at my swap party I got a Coach purse for free. I almost cried. I'm so glad you got some free shorts, and yeah, those are totally your legs, I believe it.


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