Sunday, March 11, 2012

i win

 Not to brag or anything, but if you and I were having a competition about who has the better view today, I'm pretty sure I'd win.

 Yup, that's my in-need-of-a-pedi feet stuck in the sand right next to the ocean. Yup! Winning!

The two lovely ladies you can barely see in this pic are my beach-and-vacation-mates, Catherine and Kristina.

Catherine and I survived the forever-long drive yesterday and made it to lovely south Florida by 7pm (so, an 11 hour drive). This is my first trip to south Florida (I guess the furthest south I've been before this trip is Cocoa Beach or so), and so far I can say it is definitely different (BETTER) than north Florida or the Panhandle. For one, the water is crystal clear blue and there are actual HUGE WAVES. For another, this area (West Palm) is really nice and ritzy and not cheesy-touristy. Therefore I am planning on moving here immediately. Just FYI. 

Today's beach trip was wonderful and lazy and I read this book

and finished off about 25%, according to the Kindle. And it is absolutely as good as I'd been anticipating. I got a good start on a base tan and got no burn, so I don't know if you can have a more successful first beach day than that!

Besides tanning and reading and judging the various regions of Florida, there has been lots of good conversation, good food, and quality time with besties. The perfect start to my vacation (except for Matt not being here, of course). 

And now, if you'll excuse me, I believe there is a book that needs my attention...and a ritzy mall full of stores I can't afford to shop in...and friends...and a porch with a warm breeze.

Happy Spring Break to me!!


  1. Have fun and don't get skin cancer!

  2. Amanda so funny you say that....I believe her high school friends used to call her melanoma.
    Erika I hope you have a blast you deserve it! You win the best view today.
    The Hunger Games series is so good.You have enough time to read the whole series before the first movie comes out. Too bad we can't all go as a big group to the movie.

  3. You so win. Isn't the Hunger Games amazing? I loved reading it..and it sounds like you will be finished just in time for the movie! I wish I lived near the water. The most interesting thing I saw today was a chick dancing in a mattress. It was interesting, but not like the beach.

  4. That sounds so lucious! I'm there mentally :) Have fun!!

  5. It looks like your break is off to a great start! Can't wait to see more pics of your fun in the sun:)

  6. Now hang on Lucy! I live in the Panhandle and we have the World's Most Beautiful Beaches!

    We also have the World's Most Annoying spring breakers! :)


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