Sunday, March 25, 2012

the Games

Unless you live under a rock, you are probably aware that the Hunger Games movie came out this weekend.

 You are probably not going to be terribly surprised to hear that I was there with figurative bells on at 10:20 Friday night, if you've been anywhere near me or my blog or my Facebook news feed for the last 2 weeks. My level of obsession with those books has not waned. It might have even increased. If that's even possible.

Our friends the Moores came up to visit for the weekend. Even though Amanda hasn't read the books (yet), it didn't take much effort for Mollyanne and I to convince her that she should come with us to the movie. I think we had her at "hot underage boys" and "the husbands will stay home with the kids" and the rest was just gravy. So after we went to a (super Pinterest-y, super awesome) bridal shower, we headed over to the movie theater for a movie that started at well past my normal bedtime. I know. The things I'm willing to sacrifice for hot underage boys books/movies I'm passionate about. My sleep, and like a freakin week's pay-- DANG movies have gotten expensive since the last time I went (circa 2000, when I was in high school and had nothing better to spend money on)! 

I was going to do a little movie review, but as luck would have it, my friend Colleen over at The Ranunculus Adventures just beat me to it...and let's face it, hers is much better thought out and coherent than mine would be, and I agree with her on 99% of it, so you should just go read hers

The only point of hers that I wholeheartedly disagree with is the issue of Peeta's height in the movie. She liked that he is short. I do not. In fact, it stressed me out for nearly a whole week to know that our valiant hero is MY HEIGHT (5'7). I will admit that his height (or lack thereof) was hardly ever apparent in the movie (unlike all the red carpet shots, where he looks MINISCULE next to Katniss and Gale) and did not detract from his character at all. But it was always there, nagging me in the back of my mind-- he's itty bitty. He probably weighs less than you. I don't know, call me insecure or judgmental if you will...but it bothered me. However, the positive side is that since Josh Hutcherson (the actor) is only like 12 years old (ok, I kid-- he's actually 19 or so), I have high hopes that he will continue growing and be of an acceptable height by the time the next movie comes out. Alternately, maybe I will grow as a person and just stop being immature and stupid and judging fantastic actors for their heights by then. One of those things will surely come to pass, right?

Sigh. I can't wait to go see it again later this week or next weekend with Matt, who is barely concealing his bitterness over not being invited along to girls' movie night. 

The rest of the weekend was fantastic as well, and contained Games of a whole different variety. First of all, we had Backyard Games...

 ...which quickly turned into Camera Games:

 It was such a beautiful day on Saturday, I was very happy to have some time (and PEOPLE) to take pictures!

Later that night, as is our usual custom, we played Mexican Train dominoes. Over the years it's become our tradition to spend at least one night of a our-three-families-visiting-weekend playing dominoes and listening to 90s music and it is one of my favorite things we do. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy-- especially when, like last night, Matt and I were DOMINATING the game. This actually has never happened-- usually MATT is really good, and so is everyone else, and I am fairly terrible. But for some reason (probably because I am Katniss and I am awesome at life now) last night I was bringing my A-game and it was way more fun to be winning than losing. Just an observation.

Today was another beautiful day, and after church and lunch I enjoyed a nice long nap and then turned all of my energy and attention onto beating our yard and gardens into submission for the upcoming planting season. I am so happy it is flower season again! The hydrangeas, canna lilies, daylilies, sedum, azaleas...ok, and basically everything else that's a bush or perennial... have all started growing and looking life-like and it makes me SO happy! We bolstered up one of our raised beds today and have the materials to make a the Farm should be pretty fantastic this summer. I also had a come-to-Jesus with my neighbor, who seems bound and determined to have the Best Yard on our street. I set her straight, letting her know that the title is MINE, and plant as she may-- I refuse to let her beat me! Actually I just love having neighbors that love flowers and gardens as much as I do (Michelle-- I MISS YOU!) and it's even better that she lives next door where I can enjoy all of her hard work through my windows!

Well, I need to go get ready for another work week (BOO). Goodnight-- and may the odds be ever in your favor.



    I saw a picture of the actors the morning before seeing the movie and was SHOCKED at the height difference between Josh and Jennifer. It caught me SO off guard that I was worried I'd focus on it throughout the movie, but you're right. They did a good job of making it not obvious though, but I'm with you... I still thought about it and kept waiting for that one moment when you could really tell and I just knew I'd yell out something in disdain. Ha!

  2. I know it saddens you that I have never read the Hunger Games, but to distract you from the fact, I'll just point out how cute (and thin!) you look in your pics!!

  3. Thanks for the awesome nod - I can't imagine that anything would be better than a hilarious recap from you! As for Peeta...oh my gosh, he is the cutest thing in the world. I have the hots for cute, stocky, thick, short guys. I actually have a thing for Tyrion in Game of Thrones. Yes. The little person. He is super hot, just like Peeta. When he said to Katniss "Come here" I about jumped through the screen to take her place.

    I love my husband, just fyi. And the pictures of your "games"


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