Monday, March 26, 2012

feeling elderly

I realized a few things this weekend. Surprisingly, all of these realizations are related to Hunger Games-- not that I have a one-track mind or anything. These new realizations are not directly related to the book/movie, though, so that should put your mind at ease if you're tired of hearing me blab on about this thing already. Today's thoughts are actually regarding the new phenomenon I'm experiencing called Getting (or Feeling) Old.

One of the previews before the movie was for Titanic.

Apparently they're going to be re-releasing it to the big screen or something, which is a fantastic idea because admit it-- Titanic is one of the best movies ever. I know I saw it 6 or so times in the theaters back on its first run, and I wouldn't mind making it a nice baker's dozen or something this time around (haha kidding, not spending my entire future child's college education on movie-watching). Seeing the previews brought all the old memories rushing back over me, but right as the trailer ended, Mollyanne pointed out "isn't it strange, seeing previews for a movie you've already seen a million times, like it's something new or something?" And before "yes" could come out of my mouth, it hit me:

The 'target audience' for the film we were there to see was...ahem...not us. We were definitely the minority in the packed-out theater, surrounded by middle and high-school and college kids. Even though most of my adult friends have read the books, I do realize that they weren't written for us...they are geared towards this younger crowd. 

And this younger crowd? To them, Titanic may as well be a new release. Because back in 1998, while I was a rowdy high schooler (hahaha) spending every weekend watching Titanic, these folks were rockin out their Pampers and playing with their Tickle Me Elmos. Yikes. Scary. I suddenly felt extremely elderly. Extremely.

So I would almost be irritated by this whole thing (having to face the reality of growing old) if it weren't for the fact that Hunger Games has also let me feel young again, in a way. You know how excited your parents get whenever they figure out something 'young and cool,' like texting or 'the Facebook'? Like suddenly they know what's up, they're jiggy wit it, and they want to demonstrate their new skill/passion at every chance they get? I feel like that, too. Like suddenly I have something in common with teenagers-- those strange beings I have always been rather afraid of, since I stopped being one-- and if I happened to meet one, the first thing I'd want to do is be like it's cool, I know about Hunger Games. Me and you, we're equal. We could be BFF. And even knowing that that's what I'd do makes me feel even older and lamer.

So thanks, Hunger Games, for being totally awesome and making me feel totally lame and old. In order to not start feeling all sadsies about growing old, I will now make a list of reasons why being 29 is way cooler than being a teenager:

1. I can go to 10pm movies without anyone's permission, and I can get home whenever I want without sneaking in.
2. Nobody is the boss of me. Except my boss, but that's not what I'm talking about.
3. If I got pregnant, everyone would be really happy for me.

I guess that's about it. Time to go drink my Geritol! 


  1. haha - your number 3 made me laugh :)

  2. I am TOTALLY pumped for the re-relase of Titanic! Brian has already agreed to escort me :) Maybe we'll go to a late night showing just to do something that people with kids can't do... that'll really show 'em, right?!

  3. I feel you, Erika... every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you.

  4. I too laughed out loud at #3. And at Allison's comment.

  5. Guess who cried at the Titanic preview and not at the actual Hunger Games? Me. Little girl with a spear in the stomach? Meh. Leo kissing Kate's hand at the bottom of the staircase? Total meltdown.


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