Wednesday, March 14, 2012

last day

 It's my last day vacationing in sunny, warm, perfect south Florida. Sadsies. Only I will be happy to get back to my home in north Georgia (which has reportedly warmed up nicely in the last few days, so that should make the transition easier) because I miss my Mattie very much. 

Anyway, here's a mini-photo dump from the last few days. Some of these are from my phone, some from the Big Girl Camera (which has only really had one big day out, yesterday, when we went to a park in another town and spent some time taking lots of pictures).

 I painted my nails mint green. The polish was one of the presents Matt sent along with me. Every time I see my nails, they surprise me.

 Before going to dinner Sunday night. The girls.

 Sweet Adoration in the park.

 Definitely my favorite picture that I took of Kristina and Adoration. Am I a photographing genius or what??!

Catherine and I. You can barely tell in this picture, but everything metal/iron in this park was painted the most beautiful shade of turquoise/teal. Lampposts, fences (like we're leaning against), etc. It was so awesome and photo-worthy!

Catherine and Kristina and a really pretty orchid (over Stine's head).

And then I ate a lobster quesadilla.

Not photographed: me with my nose stuck in the Kindle for 2 solid days, polishing off the Hunger Games trilogy. The pace with which I read those books can only be described as frantic. I'm afraid I missed like half of the details because I was SO ANXIOUS to see if things ended well. I don't know if anything has ever stressed me out as much as those books did. To be honest, I STILL feel stressed! I do think they ended well, but I seriously cannot stop thinking about them, replaying scenes in my mind, deciding if I'm really okay with the end...ugh. It is emotional. But I want to re-read them immediately, because now I can read with more peace and attention to detail, since I'm not going to have to be worried the whole time about them killing off my favorite people. I cried so much at the end.

And yes, I am dying to see the movie. ASAP.

So we have one more day of fun in the sun and sand. Today is Catherine's 28th birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, SPEARSLEY! and we are going to downtown West Palm Beach tonight to eat some seafood at an apparently incredible restaurant on the water. I can tell you this: I have not starved this trip. There is no shortage of awesome food here. There is also no shortage of holistic animal centers, as I have noted from driving by them. Really? So if you were looking for a place to get Fido a little acupuncture or some herbal remedies, you should try south Florida.

You're welcome.


  1. I'm sitting in the dark alone in my room eating Frosted Mini Wheats while Davis naps... so you can see why this post might leave me feeling even more jealous than I already was about your beach trip.

  2. Lobster quesadilla...I want to go to there.

    Let's go see the movie together. Agreed? Agreed.

  3. I have yet to read those books but after seeing how much you loved them I think they'll be at the top of my summer reading list! Like all of my 8th graders (well, all of the GIRLS and a few of the boys) have read them and try to talk to me about them all of the time. Today they were talking about Peeta and were like, "Peeta is so HOT, Mrs. Bird, you HAVE to read the books!" lol

    Glad that your trip was a success and I hope you are refreshed for the remainder of the school year (I am counting the days until my spring break! Woo hoo!)!!

  4. Glad you had a great time, but even more glad that you'll be home to stop making us all so jealous :) And thanks for the tip- I have totally been thinking about getting Noah and Buster acupuncture!!


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