Saturday, April 21, 2012

date night

When you have no kids and subsequently spend every night eating with only your spouse, whether that's at home or in a restaurant, it can be hard to determine what qualifies as a "date." Is it a date if we pick up food on the way home from the gym? Is it a date if we don't feel like cooking and decide to go to one of our favorite restaurants instead? If "date" means just the two of you, doing something...then EVERYTHING we do is a date. Therefore, having a "date night" is a fairly subjective distinction on our part.

Regardless, last night we had a Date Night. I decided it qualified because we a) went to a much nicer restaurant than normal, b) decided early in the week that's what we would do on Friday night, c) I wore something cute and touched up my makeup, and d) Matt opened the car doors for me. If that's not a date, I don't know what is!

And maybe I should throw in e) for good measure: Before departing the homestead to drive back to Athens for the date, we had a tripod photo shoot. Now you know it was a special night!

 Matt had been begging all week for me to wear the "new" boots I got last weekend. I got these puppies at our church yardsale for $4-- and did I mention they are J.Crew and leather??! Score!! Luckily it was relatively cloudy and cool yesterday so I didn't look or feel completely ridiculous (and overheated) wearing leather boots.

 So dinner was great, but the funniest part of the evening came during dessert. We were enjoying some creme brulee (MY FAVORITE THING EVER), and Matt was marveling over it-- he hadn't ever had it before. After a few bites, he sighs contentedly and says "Yuummm...they should have this stuff more places. Like Dairy Queen."

And then I almost spewed out my $3 mouthful of creme brulee at the thought of what DQ would do to this tasty concoction. And the thought that Matt thought that would be a good idea. It sounds like the beginning of a Jeff Foxworthy joke...

Afterwards we stopped by a VIDEO RENTAL STORE (I know, did you know they existed anymore?) to peruse the documentaries. Back in the day, we used to rent/watch LOTS of docs. We selected Trouble the Water, and it was really good and really tough. 

It brought back lots of memories-- I made four or five trips to the Gulf Coast in the weeks/months following Katrina to do relief work, so I'd seen a lot of those things first hand. Not to mention the constant bombardment of media coverage of the region during the time. But the perspective of the documentary was unique and very interesting. I highly recommend it (and if you live in Athens, you can borrow ours-- we have it til next Friday).

Today we slept in really late, made waffles, did yardwork, and then hit up the dog park.

 There was also a Sheep Shearing Festival going on in the park (not specifically in the DOG part of the park, but in the rest of the park), so we stopped by some booths and then took Lola to meet some new friends:
 She wasn't really sure what to think about them. And I think the feeling was mutual.

Off to play in the yard some more! Happy Saturday!


  1. Creme brulee for $3.00, what restaurant was this? Can't believe you got J crew boots for $4.00, what a deal!

  2. Holy COW Creme Brûlée is my favorite thing too! Jealous drooling commence!!

  3. Haha-- @Anonymous-- to clarify, the creme brulee was definitely not $3...I was estimating that's how much my BITE of it was worth! :)

  4. Those boots are super cute and you look great in them! I wear boots all year long (but it doesn't usually get as hot here!).

    I totally know what you mean about "What constitutes a date?" I generally say:
    1. it was planned ahead of time and
    2. we dress a little nicer
    It sounds like I need to get a tripod so we can add the photo shoot:)

  5. I have these same thoughts about date night... glad yours was a success! We should probably plan one soon that doesn't involve take out and watching "Wonder Years" on Netflix! Maybe you should come to Texas and we can make it a double?

  6. I just have one thing to say: thank you for blogging on a Saturday! I get bored mid-afternoon and NO ONE blogs!!!! I don't get it. I mean, I blog on Saturday's but it's like everyone else is on this Monday-Friday schedule. So, thank you for saving me from my boredom. I appreciate it. Also, love your boots.

  7. Wow great job with the boots. I like your qualifications for a date night... anything where you put on some extra makeup surely makes the cut!

  8. Ooh I wish I could borrow that documentary...have your read the book that Dave eggers wrote about Katrina? It's very good, just can't remeber the starts with a z. Remember when we would take turns reading aloud his book, How We Are Hunger, on those trips? Good times :)

  9. I LOVE your definition of a date. And when did these boys decide that opening doors for us was a special-occasion-only thing? We may need to sit them down for a talk.

    We'll borrow the movie if no one's claimed it yet.

    Also, we went to Brett's tonight and H wanted to know where y'all were.

  10. LOVE the boots. and creme brulee is my favorite too! mhmm...

  11. I want those boots. Like, now. I totally understand about every night being date night when you don't have kids. I've never been able to put it into words like you have here. When people say "Oh, we don't want to intrude - are you having a date night?" I always struggle with the feeling of being like, "No! We totally want to hang out with company! It's ALWAYS the two of us." It's not that I don't love my husband or enjoy quiet time with him, but it's ALWAYS quiet time with him.

  12. Unbelievably jealous of the boots! Creme brulee is also my favorite dessert! One more thing to add to the "I-know-we're-cousins-but-might-actually-be-the-same-person" list!


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