Monday, April 9, 2012

new life

I know-- that's probably the corniest, most cliche day-after-Easter blog title ever. Unless you happen to be announcing a pregnancy, of course. Which I am not. But anyway-- it's appropriate, trust me.
Easter-- despite insisting that we pose in the flower bed next to a rose bush, my mother managed to capture NO flowers...but it's the best shot we got, so whatev. :) Enjoy my fantastic siding (sarcasm) as a backdrop instead!

So I'm finally feeling a lot better. Not 100%, but not like death, either, which is a vast improvement over last week. My week of bedrest was rather boring, although I tried to think of useful things to do with my time that did not involve moving (much). Like rereading the Hunger Games trilogy...and learning new technology! I got a Kindle! Unfortunately, I have no desire to read anything other than HG, so the Kindle isn't much use to me (since my HG books are in paper-book-form) yet...but I downloaded a bunch of stuff anyway, just in case my mood ever changes.

Also, they released Instagram for Android!! Woohoo! This was very exciting because I feel like I've been missing out on something big, but now I don't have to. So that is why you should follow me and let me follow you or whatever we do there...I'm ErikaB543. Look me up, yo. I promise to try to take pictures of things other than my dog and my flowers...someday.

SPEAKING of my flowers...

So I suck at bedrest. God help me if I'm ever on it FOR REAL, like the life of my unborn child(ren) depend on it...I will try to suck at it less than I did last week. I got SO TIRED of just laying there! But I really had nothing to do and nowhere to go, so there wasn't even much point in getting up-- not to mention the excruciating pain that came whenever I attempted walking. That was a downer. But anyway, every few hours I wanted to "check" and see if I was getting better, so I would make a lap around the outside of the house, monitoring all my precious babies (aka plants/flowers). And I swear-- it was the best week EVER for doing this every-few-hours-monitoring, because honest to God, something changed like every time I went out. The crazy things are growing/blooming so fast you can notice progress throughout the course of the day!! So that was very exciting for me and gave me good excuses to man up the pain and walk around outside. Also, on more than one occasion I simply sat on the porch glider and stared at flowers, wondering if I could actually SEE them growing if I stared long enough. Apparently pain medication makes you think weird things. And you can't, by the way. See flowers growing. 

Anyway, wanna admire some of the beauty I'm obsessing over? If not, then I would like to suggest that you look at these in the spirit of "she's a barren, miserable, childless woman who pours her heart and soul into her flowers and anthropomorphizes them and actually believes they are her children" and pretend this is my "here's all the cute things we did/wore for Easter" post and respond accordingly (ie: "your azaleas are sooooo cute in pink!!!"). And also remember that I'm trying to figure out my Big Girl Camera still, and am pretty proud of the fact that these were all shot in semi-manual (aperture setting)!!

 You can go ahead and color me OBSESSED with my phlox (above and below)-- they are SO PRETTY!!! Each one is different and perfect and they look fabulous in a vase! LOVE THEM!!!

Look, a baby lima bean is sprouting! What a cutie!
Variegated weigela:

Knock-out roses:

 Azaleas WITH the morning dew still on them, thankyouverymuch...

 OK, that's all I'll torture you with for now. But don't worry!! Even though I've gone back to work this week, I'm making my morning, afternoon, and evening rounds to make sure I know the minute anything changes on the flower front, so I'll be sure to keep you posted!


  1. Love the flowers!!! Like you ever doubted...

  2. Super cute picture of you and your husband (do you guys ever take a bad picture?!) And, Wow! Your flowers are gorgeous! I am a huge fan of phlox (partially because I love saying "phlox" but also because they are so pretty!). Glad you are feeling better!

  3. Glad you're feeling better! Also, I think you should move to Texas and be my gardener.

  4. Look at those PRESH flowers! I think they really resemble you and Matt.

    But for realz, glad you are feeling better and I am super impressed by your gardening skillz!

  5. that is by far the cutest baby lima bean ever.

    and I mean that.

    and you're shooting good with your semi-manual!

  6. My favorite thing about that picture of you and Matt is that you don't look like you are in pain.

    The flowers are beautiful! one day when I have some space to garden (hopefully soon) you will have to come visit and help me get things started.

  7. I'll post a plant version of my least favorite adoption question ever: You do know that once all your phlox blooms that you'll get roses, right?


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