Saturday, April 28, 2012

the forgotten one

It was brought to my attention the other day that when I said “my babies (Lola and Aidan and all plants/gardens)” that no one knows who Aidan is. Well, specifically, Amanda and Allison didn’t know who Aidan was, but considering they’re some of my most loyal blog readers-and-commenters, I can assume that if they don’t know who Aidan is, most people don’t. This same scenario has also occurred recently in real life-- I mention something about Aidan and real-life friends say "what?? You have another pet besides Lola?" Oops.

I have done my first-born child a great disservice on this blog. Total and utter neglect.

Well, not entirely. I would like to point out that if you type “Aidan” into the little “search this blog” box over there on my right-hand column, his name is mentioned in many previous posts. So it’s not like I never mention him. But it would be true that he doesn’t get nearly the blog face-time as his younger sibling, the famous Lola.

Such is the life of an outdoor cat.

So I figured I’d devote a wee little post to my favorite orange little front-porch-dwelling friend.

To catch up on the beginning of Aidan's life (and see his SUPER ADORABLE KITTY PICTURES), you should go re-read this old post from 2009, part of a Kelly's Korner blog carnival all about pets. MAN he (and his sister, God rest her soul) was a cute little thing!! But now he's old-- almost nine years old,!...and although he's still a handsome thing, it's a well-known fact that adult cats hold nowhere near the appeal of their baby counterparts. Not in our hearts, not in our blogs. So...sorry, Aidan.

Theseadays, Aidan spends his time roaming the great outdoors of our yard and woods, but really prefers sleeping on our front porch glider. He keeps the front flower beds and porch bug and rodent-free and smelling of cat urine...a little yin and yang, if you will. 

Keeping watch over the side yard.
He is deathly afraid of Lola and runs and hides anytime we come outside with her (even though she's on a leash). But if she's not with us, he's as friendly and loving and obnoxiously desperate for attention as a cat can possibly be. He is frequently stepped on due to his incessant ankle-rubbing and lack of respect for the personal boundaries humans require when walking.

Just in case you didn't notice him frantically weaving through your feet, he accompanies this with a constant meowing and purring that are bound to get your attention.
The unknown is why he wants your attention so badly. He doesn't like to be picked up. He doesn't want to sit in your lap. He already has food in his bowl. He will tolerate being petted for about 2 seconds.

I guess it's just a great mystery of cats. Who knows why they do anything that they do?

Particularly, why does he like hosting cat parties on our porch in the middle of the night? All the neighborhood cats, having a little soiree that frequently ends in really loud yowling...seriously? Is this necessary? And yes, he is fixed...and it would appear that so are the rest of the outdoor cats in the 'hood, since we've never seen kittens. They're just doing some good old-fashioned partying.

Here he is keeping watch over my flowers. If only I could train him to dig up weeds...

So that's the story about our Aidan. I bet it's the most fascinating blog you read all weekend! Ha. Or not. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!


  1. When you say "his sister, God rest her soul," do you mean "God bless her in her amazing home with our former neighbors?" Or did something happen to her that I don't know about?

  2. I thought she had just disappeared when you moved to the other house off of jolly lane?

  3. I feel better now that the cat's out of the bag...har har har :)

  4. Glad you've finally provided that glimpse into the 4th member of the family! Loved the kitten pics from the old post and I also love how he looks like an actual wild cat in the 2nd to last one!


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