Sunday, April 29, 2012

i hope you die. seriously.

Dear Allergies:
  I hope you die. Seriously. I am totally sick of being sick and itchy and miserable all day every day. I am irritated that I take like $3 worth of medicine every day (ok, it doesn't sound like that much when I put it like that, but it feels like a lot when I have to pay for it at the store/pharmacy all at once) and I STILL FEEL LIKE CRAP all day long. It isn't fair that BOTH days this weekend I wake up early (okay, 8:00) and can't go back to sleep because my eyeballs ITCH SO DANG MUCH that I am basically clawing them out. Also I think I look like I'm about 100 years old because I have given myself new wrinkles from rubbing my eyes so much. And that people are constantly asking me if I'm okay, thinking that I've been crying...THANKS A LOT. Like I didn't already have enough problems.

I HATE YOU, allergies. It is so unfair that someone who loves being outdoors as much as I do is doomed to this fate. Why can't you afflict the people that spend all day inside anyway? It wouldn't cramp their style as much. But ME? Do you just WANT my yard to look like crap? Do you WANT my limbs to be pasty white? You are a jerk.

I want to move to the desert, or anywhere else where there is nothing growing that will make me itch. And I want to punch allergies in the face. DIE DIE DIE.


PS. And now, since Matt is at the dogpark ALONE with Lola (because I cannot bear to be outside a single more minute of this day), I am going to go attempt a new recipe. It involves broccolini, which is a really fun word to say! Hopefully my eyes will quit watering long enough for me to read the directions correctly.


  1. Oh I feel ya! We live on a farm and I'm allergic to the wheat grass that fills all 43 acres. IT IS MISERABLE this time of year! I was actually just contemplating skipping dinner plans tonight to lay in bed because I'm feeling so rough right now. What do you take for them?

    1. Also, please share the recipe! We love broccoli!

  2. Hope you feel better! And sadly, I think this means that a move to Austin isn't in the cards for you... allergies go crazy there!

  3. I am so sorry. I hope your allergies get better so you can enjoy your sun and yard. I have had a few problems with allergies this year because we had a very mild winter this year. It has been awhile since I had allergy problems---I went to the doctor thinking I had strep. Haha! What also stinks is the medicine that helps makes you sleepy even if it is non-drowsy.

  4. Ugh! Allergies are HORRIBLE! I can usually manage mine with Claritin but my poor little brother has prescription allergy meds and is STILL having troubles this year because of our really mild winter! I feel for you Erika...hope they improve and you can enjoy the great outdoors again asap!

  5. Poor you!! I can relate, though my eyes don't itch very often (they used to). It's more of a breathing issue for in I usually can't. However, since going to the allergist a couple weeks ago, I'm doing SO much better! And now I'm getting shots for them. Perhaps it's time you sought this as well?


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