Tuesday, July 2, 2013

a thing for yellow

Yesterday was kind of a crappy day.

I blame it primarily on the fact that I had to wear my glasses all day (instead of contacts). That just doesn't set you up for a good day, in my opinion. My eye was all wacky (a bug flew in it on Saturday night and decided to wreak havoc), so in addition to not being able to wear my contacts, I also couldn't wear eye makeup...because hello, how can I put on eye makeup without being able to see via my contacts? It's a vicious cycle. So no eye makeup + glasses = UGLY DAY. And also my office was inexplicably freezing all day. So I spent the day being ugly, wrapped up in my fleece Christmas blanket. No one could reasonably expect me to salvage a win out of the day with the odds so obviously stacked against me from the start.

But anyway. Today I decided to make it a better day, starting with contacts (eye infection? who cares!) and full makeup. And then I threw on my current favorite shirt for good measure. No one can ruin my day now!!!! I am invincible!!!

There are probably 40 bathrooms in my workplace. I choose the ugliest one with the worst lighting and no full-length mirror to take this amazing picture in. Clearly I am a great decision-maker.

So although the picture isn't really doing anything for me/the shirt, trust me...it's a great shirt. I got it a few weeks ago at Loft and now I wish I'd bought it in every color. But since I didn't, I'm glad I got it in yellow. Yellow is my favorite. Stripes are my favorite. This sorta slouchy-but-not-too-baggy cut is my favorite. And I just love it. It makes me happy.

And then I got into my office and noticed the wallpaper on my computer: my sweet niece Carley. AND THEN I REALIZED THAT WE ARE TWINS!!!

So maybe her dress is more of a chevron or ikat or something, but still--- basically we are twins. So maybe I subliminally chose this shirt (both in the store and out of my closet today) because it reminds me of my niece and that makes me happy? I think maybe yes. The similarities between us in these two pictures are obvious. And adorable.

And then I noticed this picture, which I shared a few weeks ago. And the similarities here are also obvious. And not exactly adorable. Yikes!

Sooo...yeah. There's no real point to this story except that apparently I have had a thing for yellow for a number of years. And also, thank God permed bangs are no longer in style. Although it's probably safe to bet they weren't in style in '96, either, only no one bothered to tell me. Thanks, world.


  1. I have a serious love with yellow as well. Well grey too because if you look at my color coordinated closet (the only part of my house that is organized) a vast majority is yellow and grey. Your niece is such a cutie!

  2. I don't know about you, but when I wear my glasses all day, then I end up being sleepy all day. I think it's a mental thing because I mostly only wear my glasses when it's time for bed.

    And I love yellow too, but don't have very much in my wardrobe. However, my toenails are currently yellow.

  3. I don't wear much yellow (thanks, Mom, for telling me it didn't look good on me once upon a time), but when I do, it always makes me happy... therefore, you will definitely have a better day today.

  4. Loft is the best! I don't have much yellow in my closet but always love it so not sure why I always lean towards boring black and brown. Hope your day keeps getting better and better!!

  5. Ha ha! I'm sorry you had such a crummy day yesterday. Days with no eye makeup are horrendous for me, too! I love your yellow shirt- yellow is my favorite, too. I always feel better in yellow :)

  6. I am weaing yellow today also, it must be that kind of day. I would die if I had to wear my glasses instead contacts because they are so thick! It's terrible, I'm so blind. Your shirt looks nice and comfy :)

  7. You look gorgeous in yellow! I hate contacts, but I hate not being able to wear them even more!

  8. You should totally follow the example of your throwback pic and top today's outfit off with a yellow scrunchie!

  9. Agh! I love yellow...DH says I'm weird bc I always go for bright colors. I say the brightness runs off on me. Your niece is a cutie and looks lovely in yellow, such as you.

  10. I too love yellow and my mom also told me it didn't look good on me so Boo :( no yellow wearing for me. But once in awhile I rebel and wear it because it's so sunny and cheerful. And you and Carley look pretty much identical!

  11. Haha! Man you crack me up! Love yellow too. And i TOTALLY get the contacts/glasses/cant see to put on eye makeup thing. :)

  12. Hahaha! Loved this: "thanks world."

    You're welcome.

    Also, no one bothered to tell me in 7th grade that it wasn't cool to paint your nails a different color every day AND to paint your hair clips to match (and to not let them dry completely so that they stuck to my hair and left gobs of nail polish behind). So, I share in your bitterness. (-:


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