Monday, July 8, 2013

technology. so fickle.

Yesterday afternoon I pretty much had a heart attack.

I innocently decided to stop over at...ya own blog. So I clicked on my little shortcut thing. And then this happened:

And um...yeah...NO I DID NOT. This blog was not removed-- not by me, anyway! And who else would even care about it enough to bother trying? WHERE DID YOU GO, BLOG??!! My heart dropped through the floor. So I closed out the window, tried again.

No dice.

I clicked the link that says "I can't find my blog on the Web, where did it go?"

Here's a tip: Those tips suck. They're like "check the URL you're typing in!" "maybe you deleted it!" "SOL!" I went to my Blogger dashboard. It was like a creepy ghost town. All of the blogs I follow were still there. But on the top half of the screen, where normally it has a few stats about my own blog and the links to write a new post, view posts, see stats, etc...nothing. There was a button like "would you like to start a blog?" AAAHHHHHH!!!!

I was about to call up Google. LISTEN HERE, GOOGLE. You don't know me, but I NEED MY BLOG. Without it I am nothing! I have no friends! No place to vent my ridiculous thoughts! No way to crowdsource important decisions about nail polish! I NEED IT BACK!!

Panicked, I took the picture above and Instagrammed it. At least ONE form of social media is not failing me. Thank you to the People of Instagram for a) acting equally panicked at the thought of my blog disappearing and b) being smart. As per a suggestion, I uh....logged out of all Google-related-things, closed my browser, and started over. 

Thankfully, that did the trick. As you probably guessed (since I assume that in order for you to read THIS, my blog must NOT still be disappeared) (hahahaa that grammar is atrocious but I'm leaving it. 'still be disappeared?' really?) my blog was back and no worse for the wear, so it seems. So I don't know what happened, but I guess it was short-lived. But scary nonetheless. Trust me, I had a lot of panicked scenarios running through my mind in the 5 minutes that my blog ceased to exist. How will I let everyone know I'm okay?!??!...because I'm sure your lives all revolve around knowing I'm okay. (For the record, here was my plan: Tweet about my problems-- that way about 4 people would know. Instagram my problems-- takes care of another 20 folks. Faceboo-- no. There is like NO crossover between my blog friends and my FB friends. FB DON'T CARE IF THE BLOG DIES.)

What would you have thought if you came to my blog and saw that screen? Would you think it was scary (DID SHE DIE!??!?!...because everyone knows that dead people remove their blogs....???), or more like a big drama-move? (oh, I'll show THEM!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA) Okay. I'm sure I'm overestimating the importance of my blog in other people's lives. But it was scary for me. I just want you to know that. I love you guys.

NOW. Now that I've effectively proven myself too attached to my blog and technology, let's move in another technological direction.

You might remember the story I told about my Nana & Poppie's technology issues related to trying to access their email to see pictures of their first great-grandbaby. My dad exhibited endless patience as he helped them navigate the misery of Yahoo email from 1000 miles away. It was a very sweet story. (Spoiler: they finally got in and saw pictures of Carley and many tears were shed by all)

But the saga isn't over. Apparently my dad isn't done in his quest to help his parents feel connected to us Georgia-dwellers. He's taking it to the next level. This weekend he bought them an iPad. He figured there would be no better and simpler way for them to 'see' us than through the miracle of FaceTime. But don't worry, he's not just shipping it off to them and hoping for the best. My parents will be flying out there this weekend for real-life instruction on and practice with The Technology. And Nana & Poppie don't know what's coming (they have no idea about the iPad, or probably any idea of what one is) but I basically tear up just imagining what their faces will be like when they see sweet Carley 'live' and with simply the touch of a button. I'm gonna get my brother to take a screenshot of their expressions. It's going to be amazing, I just know it.

So I must say. I am really, really excited for the weekend. Even though I don't have a cute baby to show off, I can't wait to be able to see my grandparents and show them my life in real time.  My flowers-- some of them transplanted from their own yard. My cute doggie. My messy dining room. It's going to be awesome. Yay for technology!


  1. That is so sweet of your dad!! Also...very glad your blog is back up and running. Blogger is so tricky sometimes...half the time when I log in, all of my blogs that I follow are missing.

  2. I would have called google too if they really had deleted your blog! I'm pretty sure all of your followers would be giving them a piece of their minds if that had been the case! That's so sweet of your dad!! Have a great weekend with your grandparents :)

  3. Be still my heart! I would have been devastated if you just disappeared without a trace (and my imagination would have invented some pretty wild stories for the reason why). I often think to myself that Eric and I can never part, not just because I like him a lot, but more importantly because he hosts my blog on his server (whatever the hell that means) and if things were to end badly, he could take it all away. Talk about having the upper hand.

  4. I would have been freaked out too. I'm glad you figured it out. I can't wait to see the picture of your grandparents when they see y'all live.

  5. If your blog disappeared, I would seriously have a meltdown.

    That happened to me once as well. For me, my counter went back to zero and it said I had zero followers. Um, excuse me? I rejoice each time I get a new follower, so I know that all 108 and of then didn't up and leave in one night on account of a really terrible post. (House Oakes of Westeros?)

    I had to talk to a Google engineer once, and it was probably the most frustrating conversation of my life. We were not from the same planet, so be glad that it didn't come to that.

  6. Once I was playing around on my blog and then it randomly said my Fertility Journey page had been deleted. UM WHAT? I basically had a mild heart attack until I figured it out. Why do you think I blog every detail of our fertility stuff.. . b/c I will NOT remember anything unless I write down all the details. SO glad you got it fixed and that your blog is up and running!!!

  7. Okay, not to freak you out or anything, but you aren't currently showing up in my blogroll... just on bloglovin'. But I'm sure nothing is wrong... there seems to be a delay on some blogs (it's usually wordpress though). But at least you're here. I found you. You're alive. Whew! I personally would FREAK OUT if your blog was deleted!

  8. You are not allowed to remove your blog. The end.

  9. When IVF #2 failed, we decided to adopt. I wanted to run away from everything infertility and ART related so I deleted EVERYTHING on my blog. Old posts, comments, everything. Then, when I found out we weren't eligible for adoption from Kenya, I had an emotional breakdown and deleted my blog entirely. It lasted a few days and then I missed you all so much I came back. I got an email from one of my blogging friends while I was gone, asking if I was okay. It made me so happy that she cared enough to take the time to write me. I assumed no one would even notice I was gone, they'd just stop seeing me in their news feed, but probably not even notice!

    We all need each other, and none of us can stop blogging for A LONG TIME!!! (I was going to say we can't EVER stop blogging, but that might bea sking too much...) hahaha

  10. Blogger won't even let me make a post today ggrrrr. Guess I'll try back later. I am also only able to read my blogs today on bloglovin. But yes I am glad to know you are safe and sound in bloggy world :)

  11. i would have freaked out too! there are so many great stories in our blogs that without being able to go back and read them i know i'd forget a lot of them. i'm glad you were able to get it back working, yay for tech savvy people!

    i'm sure your grandparents are going to LOVE the iPad. being taught in person makes it wayyy easier so lets hope it helps. your dad is the sweetest.

  12. I just read about blogger deleting blogs and it scared the bejeezus outta me and now I see this! my heart can't take much more. I'm tempted to switch over to Wordpress. Can you believe I've never use FaceTime?! I always forget about it and/or am in no condition to have my face front and centre. so glad google gave your blog back; I would have sent out the search parties for ya. xo

  13. I had a slight panic attack when I saw the picture that your blog had been deleted! Clearly, your blog is still alive and well, as I'm reading it now, but just the thought made me panic! I look forward to reading your daily posts way too much for you to just disappear like that! I would've been very sad for didn't even say goodbye to us! So glad you're back before we even realized you were missing! Whew!

  14. So glad your blog didn't disappear!

  15. I have an issue with blogger at least a few times a week where it tells me I'm not following any blogs and I have to refreshe or log back in to get them to show up- annoying. Hooray for the ipad and new grandparent connection! Wish you were joining your parents on the trip to TX!

  16. Thank GOODNESS your blog has not been deleted!! :)

  17. Blogger is so annoying sometimes. I too have the "you are not following any blogs" message pop up more often than I like and I shed a few tears the first time it happened. Now I just hit "refresh."

    I would cry buckets if your blog just disappeared. And then send you 14 million e-mails asking what happened :)

    That is so cool that your grandparents are going to get to Facetime with Carley. Amazing! And with you too, of course. I'm sure your grandparents will love seeing plants from their yard in yours.

  18. Eeek!
    You probably would have received a panicked text from me inquiring about your mental/physical state if I came to that screen.

  19. Oh poo. I thought I commented on this but I guess I didn't. Or, maybe Blogger randomly deleted my comment...

    Anyways, I have a friend who works for Google and I go to him with all my Google problems. Since obviously he is totally in charge of all things Google related. Ha!

    If you Google screws up again I'm totally sending you his e-mail address! (And he is not one of those useless Google engineers Colleen described above.)

  20. HEY! I feel minimized! I am a facebook/blog crossover person! LOL!

    I can't wait to see your grandparents' faces!

  21. This is one of my biggest fears and I don't have NEARLY the amount of content you have. How scary! Super glad you're back!


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