Monday, September 9, 2013

another extremely cohesive monday post

The weekend got off to a solid start shortly after I posted on Friday morning. This guy dropped by my office for a little 'you can make it til 5!' pep talk and was kind enough to pose for a picture before he disappeared into the supply room with a brown-bag-covered bottle...

Despite the fact that it looks like he's stabbing my left arm with his sword, I can assure you that our relationship is decidedly peaceful, as pirate-professional relationships go. As a side note: it's hard to say whose shirt has more ruffles. Ha. 

My weekend goal was to purchase fall nail polish, and I can happily say I accomplished that by about 6:30pm on Friday. What can I say? Sometimes I get really goal-oriented. 

Hand pictures are weird.
 I went with Essie's 'mochachino'-- according to Essie, it's 'a perky gray with shimmer,' which is pretty much true, but I'd say there are definite undertones of brown to it as well. All in all I love it and feel much more seasonally appropriate now with my garish hot pink gone. I used a dark navy-ish purple with shimmer on my's OPI from last season but I forgot to check the name of it. Anyway, since there's a good chance we'll still be in open-toed sandals for another 2 months, it's nice to have my toes join in the seasonally-appropriate party as well.

Since my weekend goals were basically accomplished by the time I'd arrived home Friday afternoon, the rest of the weekend was pretty much gravy. We got a lot of yard work done, I read 2.5 novels, and we watched a lot of football.

I also spent the better part of Sunday afternoon *ahem* organizing my Kindle.

I know. THIS is how exciting my life is.

But seriously! A few months ago I was really slack about deleting books off the Kindle once I'd read them, so things were getting really out of hand. Add to it the fact that I occasionally go on free-book-downloading sprees and will download 3-6 books at a time...and maybe do that several times before I ever get around to actually READING a book...and what I had was 8 pages of book titles that I had no idea what they were about/if I'd read them yet...and it was getting really overwhelming. When I want to read a book, I usually am in the mood for a particular genre. So then I'd be squinting at 8 pages of titles, trying to decide 'is this a historical romance?' or was annoying. SO! I discovered that you can create 'collections' on your Kindle..basically make groups, name them whatever you want, and then file your books into handy little collections!

So I spent an obscene amount of hours with my laptop and Kindle-- I'd look up every single book, figure out what category it belonged in, and file it. Or determine that I was temporarily insane when I'd downloaded it and delete. Or realize that I'd already read it and delete it. So basically, the Kindle equivalent of spring-cleaning my closet or something. I almost never re-read books, so I didn't save any previously-read books unless a) I paid for them (which is very few), or b) I might want to loan them to someone. Therefore, don't think that the numbers in each category really mean anything...that's just the number of unread books. For instance, Nonfiction and Memoirs will probably remain stuck at 5 for about 5 years because I'm pretty much never in the mood to read either of those genres. :) But Loooooove Stories, Mysteries, Historical Romance, and Dystopian categories see a lot of flux. Because obviously those genres are the best.

SO! Now you know more than you ever wanted to know about my Kindle and my OCD organization strategies. 

Finally, a non-recommendation:
I was so excited to find this at Aldi yesterday. You know how I love me a good mojito. And since I have pretty cheap taste in alcohol (beer proving the exception to that rule), I figured a wine-cooler-knockoff version would suit me just fine.



End of that story. The fact that I dumped out my glass after 2 sips should tell you something. ICK. Save yourself the $4.99, people. NO BUENO.

Matt was like 'IT TASTES LIKE MINT!! AHHHH!' (that's a negative/grossed out 'ahhhh' by the way). I was like 'it's a's SUPPOSED to taste like mint, genius. What do you think the plant they muddle in the bottom of the glass is?' And then I drank it. And by 'tastes like mint,' what Matt meant (mint? HAHAHAHA so punny) was 'tastes like disgustingly sweet mouthwash.' Anyway...there's an entire bottle minus 2 sips in my fridge if this sounds like something you're interested in. Maybe I should give it to my BFF Jack Sparrow? I hear pirates are pretty indiscriminate in their drinking...

Have a great week!!


  1. Great nail color...going to look for it. This morning it was 40 degrees, so I think fall is on the horizon!

    Eew...did you almost choke?! Mint must not have been way you expected. Yuck!

  2. Gross! That sounds disgusting! Ewww!

    I'm seriously impressed with your Kindle organization though. I've always known there was a system, but my one complaint about kindle is that it's not super user friendly, so I've never invested the time to figure out their system... Thus my kindle has EVERY book I've ever thought, "hmm, that might be good, and since it's free..." all together. I seriously have to open a book to see if it starts at 1% or 100% to even know if I read it! Kudos to you for investing in the system!

  3. My name is Allison, and I approve of your fall nail polish choice. And also of your Kindle organizing because that's the sort of thing I would do in my free time, and it would leave me feeling really accomplished and happy about life.

  4. Love the polish! I keep red on my toes for football season. My feet have to show their support! Okay, you have to make an exception to your nonfiction rule for Beyond Belief. It falls into your dystopian category!

  5. That last paragraph made me laugh out loud! "Disgustingly sweet mouthwash"--that's just gross. I love me a good mojito, but I think I might have to pass on this round.

    Two thumbs up on your new nail polish and Kindle organization! I had no idea you could create categories on that thing. Yay for OCD! I can't wait to get my book list organized now!! :-)

  6. Great nail color! And organizing books (whether on cases in or tablets) is NEVER a waste of time!

  7. I didn't know you could organize your kindle like that?! My OCD is giving you two thumbs up for that! I did a lot of lounging this weekend too and I have to say it was pretty great!

  8. Love your outfit, too cute! If I need to paint my nails I am lucky enough to be able to accomplish this task at work (sshh don't tell anyone...oh wait the people in my office already know this about me! HA) So I cac totally appreciate your photo there :) I have been looking for fall colors so I'll have to try this one out, it looks pretty neutral.

  9. That essie is gorgeous. And I understand and appreciate your dedication to Kindle organizing.

  10. I also really appreciate that Jack did NOT stop by my office, or was waiting to see me. I don't think my cardiovascular system could have handled that.

  11. Now I want a Kindle. And please share what books you actually have under Loooooove stories and General Fiction. Ah, go ahead and throw YA Dystopian in their as well.

    And now I need to go change my toenail polish because I am horribly out of season. Thanks for the reminder :)

  12. Another fun and satisfying activity? Cleaning up/out contacts on your phone. Especially when you realize there are married people on there whose names you haven't changed yet. You should try it some time for a really fun weekend activity!

  13. Like the nail color! Perfect for fall.

  14. If I had a Kindle, I would totally do the same thing. That's my kind of thing, that OCD organization.

  15. cute outfit and cute nails. And boo, Aldi!!! Why do fail us sometimes?

  16. I love your Friday work outfit! And I may go buy that Essie nail color :)

  17. I love your nail color! Way to meet your goals! I was really excited when I saw the name on that bottle. Then you crushed all my hopes and dreams.

  18. Fall nail polish is my fav! Love that color so I might just have to go get me some :).

  19. I need you to come organize my Kindle. And I'm about to polish my nails too... just trying to pick a color out of my out of hand collection. (See what I did there? LOLZ!)

    And at least get some Yuppie Cheap Alcohol. (Bran calls me a yuppie every time I got to Trader Joes or Whole Foods) LOL!


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