Wednesday, September 11, 2013

things i want

Yesterday I decided to mix things up. Instead of using my hour of free time before work to blog, I rebelliously perused Pinterest instead. I know. Life on the wild side. To be honest, I haven't looked at Pinterest much at all in the last 6 months or so, so I was time. A new season, right? So that means tons of new pumpkin and caramel things to pin (and never make), fall crafts to know how it is. 

I'm not sure if this slight change in my morning routine is what threw my day (or at least my mental state) off a bit or what, but I've gotta say: the rest of the day was spent thinking about THE THINGS I WANT. Pinterest does nothing for making you satisfied with what you already have, does it? It makes you want all the things you DON'T have. Bah. But strangely, the things I spent the rest of my day obsessing about weren't actually material sort of things.


A subscription to E-Meals

Maybe it was all the food pictures on Pinterest that reminded me that I never cook anymore. So when I start contemplating a recipe, or thinking about buying stuff to cook a recipe, I feel immediately overwhelmed. And then a friend of mine blogged about how much she hates meal planning, and then it hit me: they invented a solution to this problem already. E-meals. Why the heck am I not doing E-meals?? I remember researching it a few months back and thinking it sounded pretty awesome-- some of my co-workers use it and rave. So I spent the rest of the day pondering it, convincing Matt that it's totally necessary, and thinking about how awesome life will be (and how happy my wallet will be) if I can get back in the habit of cooking and not eating out 48 times a week. So I think I'll be biting the bullet here. Soon. Like maybe today. I think I want to start with the Mediterranean plan. The sample menu looked totally awesome and most similar to how we eat. Anyone a fan (or not a fan...that perspective is also welcome) of E-meals? Any idea how I can get my subscription to come with a personal chef and maid who will come and actually do the cooking and cleaning? I think that's really gonna be the key to getting me to eat at home.


A tattoo.

I know. This is very unlike me. But there it is. It's been in my mind for the last week or so. I think it got in my head while I was reading know...since I'm so Dauntless and all. I just really need a tat. Unfortunately, that's as far as I've made it. I have no idea of WHAT, or WHERE, or like...anything. So that's pretty dumb, really. I guess I like the idea of having a tattoo but I'm really lacking on the specifics. Oh also I'm sure I'm way too much of a pansy to actually let someone stab me with needles, so I'm gonna put the odds of me actually GETTING one at like...slim to none. But nevertheless-- let the record state that today, I really want one.

OH- but then I saw this on Pinterest. And it cracked me up. And quickly eliminated 'random Chinese word' from my bank of potential tat ideas. 

My favorite thing about that picture is that 'water' is in Comic Sans. HAHAHAHA. Way to pick the most stereotypically awful font in the entire world. (Note: sometimes my friend/co-worker Diana and I will change our email fonts to REALLY AWFUL fonts like Comic Sans, Curlz, or something else ridiculous when we email our other graphic designer co-worker. It's really hilarious. To us. I think it makes our designer friend cry.)

The final thing I spent my day jealously wishing was that I were going to the Mumford concert last night with everyone else in the state of Georgia. Life is so unfair. Instead, I ate Mexican food and listened to my Mumford Pandora station. I'm sure it's exactly the same as being there. Oh well. Maybe I'll go see if there are any awesome tattoos of Mumford lyrics. In Chinese. Or Comic Sans. Equally amazing, I'm sure.


  1. So before you get that tattoo I would suggest thinking long and hard about what you want and where. I have been watching way too many episodes of Tattoo Nightmares on Tv lately!!! lol. It's pretty funny. You should totally watch it!!

    I will admit I have secretly wanted a tattoo as well, although cannot handle one second of pain so the chance of that ever happening is like. . . zero!

  2. Ha, the Comic Sans bit is amusing because I JUST ordered a t-shirt for Davis last night and that's the font they used... but in my defense, I think the shirt is still cute?! Might have to send you the link to confirm... too late now anyway though!

  3. I secretly want a tattoo, too! You know what you should use to inspire you? That creepy needlepoint from my RE doc's office. I mean, surely you can find a word there that would look good in comic sans!! :) (Just kidding, of course.)

  4. omg, "WATER" in comic sans? I am dead. That made my morning.

  5. I want E-Meals!!! If you do it you have to let us know how it is!

  6. Ha! That really is cruel! Graphic designers hate pretty much all system fonts (Arial), but Curlz and Comic Sans?!?!? That's just mean! I literally had a professor in college who spent her days taking photos of actual signage that used on of those two typefaces... she'd lose her mind. : )

  7. I want a tattoo too but that's about as far as I've gotten too! And I'd probably pass out from the pain and things would just be awkward. Mumford and sons needs to come to Virginia. I'd probably pass out from excitement about that one!

  8. I was just telling Derek the other day that I kinda wanted a tattoo. But I'm with you as far as where I would ever get one and of what! I actually really like tiny, tiny, tiny wrist tattoo's. For some reason, they are a 'classier' place to get one in my mind. :) Love that pic though!

  9. I am so intrigued by this emeals thing! Never heard of it! I love grocery shopping, but I hate meal planning. I'm really eager to try to prepare enough meals for an entire month (blame overachievers on Pinterest for that one), but the thought of having to come up with enough meals to eat for a whole month when I can't even meal plan for one week...well, that's just terrifying. So instead, I'll just keep pretending that one day I might become a successful Suzy homemaker while enjoying our take-out dinners. Please let us know if you decide to use emails and what you think about it!

    (P.S., I'm so very thankful that I never got a tattoo in my young, impressionable teenage days when it was the 'cool' thing to do, but that's not to say the thought doesn't still cross my mind sometimes!)

  10. That pic is too funny!

    I actually have several tattoos. Two are large (to me) and the others are small. I personally have two rules for tattoos:

    #1 - All tattoos must be covered by regular work clothes. Always look professional!

    #2 - No names, even initials. You never know what life will through your way. I learned that one the hard way...

  11. Water, hilarious! Maybe we can be Dauntless together and get our first tattoo while we have book club meeting. Book clubs and tattoos, like peanut butter and jelly. I finished Insurgent. Loved it!

  12. Yes to the tattoo! I have 2 but they are covered unless I want them seen. Tattoo numero 3 is already in the works! Do it!

  13. That picture is hilarious!!

    I also want a tattoo. And no clue what or where. And also slim to none chance I'll get one because will I want it when I'm old? Like Angelina obviously will still look amazing tatted up at age not so much.

  14. Whenever I look at fashion blogs I become incredibly discontent with my closet, so Pinterest def does the same. I really want to do eMeals, but I can't justify it with just me.

    Too bad I can't post comments in certain fonts...

    And, SERIOUSLY?? How did I miss out on the Mumford boat last night?!!?

  15. Love the comic sans Tat! Hilarious.

    However, I did have a literacy professor in grad school that claimed "comic sans" was a great font for early elementary school because the letters are formed similarly to the way the majority of people write them... for example the lower case "a"... think about it...

  16. COMIC SANS! The worst font ever. Someone in my office, who shall remane nameless, uses comic sans on their email. I don't have the heart to tell them how awful it is. And the worst part, is somewhere in the translation, when it comes through to an iPhone or blackberry, their comic sans comes across as SCRIPT. I mean, it's like they are caught in a font hell.

  17. Personally I think you should get your tattoo in Times New Roman...

  18. So I checked out the eMeals and am intrigued for sure.... but not totally loving the $$$price. I know. I know. Lametastic, but I could spend $80 on a lot of stuff that sounds way cooler than a meal plan.

    I also want a tattoo. It'll never happen, but I do find myself perusing the pinterest tattoo boards just to see if I can find something I'd like. My favorite to laugh at: The anchor tattoo with "I refuse to sink" Seriously? Anchors are made to sink. idiots.

  19. Have you considered a tattoo in the Papyrus font? Anything you write in it has a faux Asian-zen-possibly-Native-American vibe. It's a super embarrassing font. Try it on your coworker!

    I have looked into getting a free live-in maid/cook. The only solution I have found is polygamy. Having a sister wife is a trade off I'm really going to have to think about.

  20. Well hopefully you didn't have any friends that called you a month ago asking about trying to get tickets (which you couldn't because it's MUMFORD) and then sent you photos and texts from the concert saying "this is awesome!" and "I made it to the concert!" Cause I did and it wasn't cool.

    (JK, I love the girl, but SERIOUSLY)

  21. well now I have to look up E meals!!! Keep thinking long and hard about that tattoo! ;-) I have had the desire to get one lately too actually. Something to mark this crazy journey called infertility. Problem is, it is impossible to summarize in one word or phrase. And I will not be covering my back in the whole story...

  22. I've looked at that e-meals business. I really want to win a giveaway subscription before I buy it. So far, I am not a winner.

    I also really want a tattoo. I have been watching Ink Master on Spike and that gets me all kind of excited. I know I want some sort of memorial tattoo for my parents, but I am not sure on the design. Or the placement. Right now I am thinking my wrist...

    Oh and don't go comic sans bashing. I like it for my handouts for my students. I wouldn't write a professional document in it or anything, but I think it has its place.

  23. "Pinterest does nothing for making you satisfied with what you already have, does it? It makes you want all the things you DON'T have" . . . very interesting perspective . . . wow.

    Perhaps remembering to balance out the pin-board like balancing out your life. Having a section on, "What I love and use daily" or , "What I am thankful for.
    Kelly from Kelly's Korner did a great post abt comparison tdy.

    As for tattoos . . . I have one. Love it.
    a)Think abt placement and design for a long time
    b) Watch a tattoo show to learn abt what elements make up a good tattoo and what elements make up a poor one. I like "Ink Masters".
    c) Go to an amazing artiest who specializes in the style you want.
    Yes you will pay more, yes you might have to drive a ways but this piece of body art will be with you for a long time
    Haven't tried e-meals looks like a fun idea . . . if funds are tight perhaps as a Christmas gift?

  24. Tattoos are addictive... says the girl with MANY MANY more than what most people "guess" I have.. you know.. homeschooling mama of five doesn't exactly scream "tatted up!" LOL!

    For what it is worth... my tattoos hurt less than any fertility treatment I ever did. (And they were cheaper.. although I paid for a top artist (after my first!) but still. Oh and NEVER EVER pick something you see and have it tattooed the same for you. That is lame-o.

  25. First, THANK YOU for leading me to Divergent. I can't put it down. I'm also telling ALL THE TEENAGERS in my classes to read it.

    Second, Amazon Local has a deal for eMeals. I saw it and knew I had to send it your way.

  26. I don't want a tattoo but I have a nose piercing and (for a short while) I had a belly button piercing. They are way cooler than tattoos! My brother did one on himself with a needle and a pen -- I wouldn't recommend that route though :)

  27. Oh please get a horrible Chinese lettering tatttoo. It will make for such good blog reading. I NEED to hear that story from you. Someday I should tell the story of how I got a tattoo under duress. I agree about Pinterest, but I think the key to Pinterest is actually making it work for you. Last year, I didn't tell Ryan what I wanted for Christmas, I told him to go to my "Want" board and pick something. It was SO NICE. Of course, I didn't get the Clydesdale or the Manatees, but I did get an amazing necklace and a scarf from it that were on the board!!! And we have Pinterest craft days around here to make some of the things we pin. Of course, they are mostly Pinterest fails, but who cares?

  28. Ok, I love Divergent. Really excited for the 3rd book out next month!


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