Monday, November 4, 2013

still waiting


In case that's the only thing you cared about, just wanted to get it out of the way first thing. :) Obviously Ellison is not as anxious to get here as we'd like her to be...and both of her mommies (and her daddy) are none too thrilled about this! Now it's true-- her due date is still 10 days away...but she should know that to me, on-time is LATE. Early is always better. So she should fall in line. 

It was a long weekend of having my phone permanently attached to my hand. I swear. I can't wait til this is all over and I can like...leave my phone in another room for 30 seconds without having a panic attack. And sleep through the night without waking up every two hours to make sure my phone is still working. THIS WHOLE ADOPTION AND MY LIFE'S FUTURE HAPPINESS IS HINGING ON MY PHONE WORKING, APPLE. No pressure or anything. Just get it together.

Speaking of sleep-- it ain't happening. I can't even blame DST, though I'd love to (who wouldn't?)'s been like a week of sleeping like a newborn is in the house. I rest for about 2 hours...then I'm up for 2 hours...then I fall back asleep for an hour and a half...then I'm up for 2...then asleep for 3...repeat, repeat, repeat. Yesterday afternoon I found myself telling Matt "Ugh, I just need the baby to be born so I can GET SOME FRIGGIN SLEEP!!" and Matt was like "yeah, no, pretty sure that's not how it works." Oh well. At least I can lose sleep about something different? Variety is the spice of life and all that.

So despite the baby not being born, it was a pretty good weekend. We did NOT end up driving down to hang out in Random Small Town. I have started converting all money/prices into Cans of night in a hotel equals four Cans of Formula, so NO. Can't waste my poor money like that. So we stayed home, which meant we got lots of things accomplished!

I practiced using the newborn insert with the Ergo. I mean, who knew BooBoo would come in so handy all these years later? He's been a crucial part of our baby prepping and I know that Ellison will appreciate that we got all of our newbie mistakes out of the way on him and not her later. And I'm also kind of amazed that people on Instagram thought that this picture was of Ellison. Uhhhh...ha. As I said on IG-- I do anticipate her having gorgeous, creamy brown skin. I am not anticipating fur. But they say to expect the unexpected, so I'll try to keep an open mind.

We finished the bumpers!!! Wooooo!! That makes me seriously happy. No crib for them just yet, but that didn't stop me from tying them all together and standing them up, obviously.

Last night our friends had an Adoption Party for us and our other friends from church that are adopting soon! It was not a shower, since we are both trying to stick to some version of The Plan...but it was a time for everyone to get together and be excited and happy and eat and such. It was a wonderful evening!

There was chili and cornbread and yummy desserts. We were gifted some necessities like diapers, wipes, and wine...oh yeah. Obviously our church knows us well. :)

We got a Boogie kit, too. I am thankful for seasoned parents to let us in on their insider boogie-snatching knowledge from the beginning!!

They even made us diaper cakes!! Wooo!! So fun!

Matt and I made sure to take every opportunity to practice our baby holding/rocking/charming skills. I got this cutie to fall asleep immediately on my lap.

And then Matt held her for some playtime. 

We made it through like an hour of baby-holding with zero crying, so I guess you could say we are basically experts and masters at this thing. Excellent.

So in spite of Ellison's reluctance to join us this weekend, we tried to make the best of it. But seriously, baby. Now you can just come on and be born.


  1. Is it bad that I have no idea what a boogie-snatching kit is? Would you kindly explain it to me? Oh yeah, and you totally got to practice some baby-holding Friday night too. :)

  2. I'm glad you said the baby thing first because that was the first question I wanted answer when I opened your post :)

    I'm glad you had a great night with your friends and practicing baby holding!! But really, Ellison, can show her sweet face to the world anytime nowww. Your blog friends may start getting impatient :P

  3. Hang in there you guys! Sending hope and prayers!

  4. Well, it looks like you had a great weekend even though baby Ellison decided to keep cookin'!

  5. Checking for baby updates has really cut into my productivity the past few days. She should really just get here already! Although then baby picture checks will probably also happen. Oh well, who needs to be a productive adult.

  6. She's probably better off cooking in there for a little bit longer, considering she's a tiny little shrimp! Consider these days of torture (for you) an investment into her future health ;) Many good vibes your way mama!!

  7. So I just randomly clicked on your blog because this post hadn't shown up on my Blogger dashboard yet and you've been really quiet (online) today and I thought "Maybe Ellison's here???" so I'm glad you started your post with "No baby yet" because really that's all I wanted to know :) Or not!

    Although I would have completely understood if you had left town for the weekend, way to go on not using the "four cans of formula" formula (ha!) per night to do so. I need to start thinking that way. It would help my discretionary spending.

    And yes, your mind (and non-sleeping body) is just getting you ready for when Ellison arrives. Those many nights of interrupted sleep will just help you adjust better once she's here. Of course, since you guys are going to be such awesome parents, Ellison will likely sleep eight hours a night from the start and all these practice nights will be for naught.

    And what a sweet Adoption Party! I love it! And Rachel likes to try and use her nose sucker herself. It doesn't go so well. Those things take some serious skillz!

    Thinking of you as you wait for Ellison's arrival... And checking all forms of online media every ten minutes to see if there's news in the meantime... I won't pray for patience for you as you wait because I have none myself!

  8. Been thinking about you all weekend!!! Super excited for her arrival and love that God already knows the exact moment she will arrive. So sweet that you got to celebrate her life last night! What a joy!

  9. Well I found your post, but I still wish a post unfound (word? Not sure) meant baby Ellison was here! This excitement is keeping me from sleeping during the day...sympathy insomnia?!

  10. I rarely get out of feedly, but have been keeping up with you guys and am praying like crazy! I'm so excited for you and Matt and hit the refresh button multiple times a day hoping to see "she's here!" from you. You're going to love the Ergo. My son is four months old and he lives in that thing. Keep us posted...wait, what am I saying?!? I know you will!

  11. I am SOOO incredibly excited for you and I don't even know you!! Although reading your blog I feel like I know you a little :P You guys seem so fun, energetic happy people!! I can't wait for baby Ellison to complete your family and read all about your new journey as a family! Keeping you guys in my thoughts as you go threw the first 10 days.. xoxoxo Best wishes!!

  12. I know come on baby! I so thought that she would be here this weekend.

  13. Tell that baby to HURRY UP! We're all on pins and needles over here!

  14. Girl! Matt is right about the sleeping, BUT look at it as your body preparing you. It'll come in handy, I promise! I'm so on the edge of my seat waiting to hear Miss Ellison has arrived and then fervently praying she stays in your arms! Ahhhhh, (I wish I had IG....I need to get on the smartphone band wagon first though

  15. I didn't think BooBoo bear looked like a baby, nor am I implying that E will be covered in fur, just that a quick glance at a picture of you looking all smiley with a thing attached to you seemed like maybe she was here. :)

    And so funny to convert your money into cans of formula!

  16. ARGH! I read this earlier and thought I commented. The bumpers look great and I'm so happy you all had an adoption celebration, even if it's not a "shower" yet. YET! And hoping Ellison arrives soon and healthy.

  17. First, I have to say I'm disgusted by the fact that you and the birth mom and your husband have basically ignored the fact that this baby has a birth father. I get the impression that you are so desperate for a baby that you will ignore the fact that this baby has a father, a REAL father, despite what the birth mom has told you about him, you're okay with just trucking over the fact that this baby deserves a real birth parent and this father has a basic human right to his own child, all because you are too selfish to acknowledge that someone else is this baby's REAL parent.

    "Two mommies and ONE daddy"??? Ouch. Whether you've heard stories from the birth mom or not, it's not your place to decide whether a father loves HIS. OWN. DAUGHTER. or not. How DARE you. I'm disgusted. You are disgusting to me. I have family both adopted and adoptees, so I can say with certainty: YOUR attitude = disgusting.

    Can you imagine if someone decided for Matt whether he was worthy enough to be the father of your own baby based on assumptions or what other people said? Absolute. Disgusting.

    Second, because no one else here seems to be willing to say it, your crib bumpers are STRANGULATION and SUFFOCATION hazards. DUH! Doesn't every parent know this?! Even the AAP says crib bumpers are dangerous. They increase a risk of SIDS, they serve no purpose other than to look cute. See here:

    And I'll quote:
    "Bumper pads should never be used in infants’ cribs, according to new guidelines released by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). "

    " Researchers found reports from medical examiners and coroners of 27 accidental deaths of children ages 1 month to 2 years, that were attributed to suffocation when they became wedged against a padded bumper or strangulation by a bumper tie around the neck."

    "I think that it’s important that parents realize that these things are not safe for their babies."

    Crib bumpers are NOT SAFE. You don't even have a baby yet and already you're making a horrible parenting mistake. I'm thinking this baby WOULD be better off with her REAL father.

    Get a clue.

    1. Wow. You obviously don't read her blog a lot. She's talked about the father numerous times and she addresses the fact that she knows the bumpers are for looks only and won't be a practical use. I think you need to just calm down.

  18. I'm so excited for baby Ellison! And since I'm commenting after the nasty comment above from anonymous I just have to say- you are going to be the best mom and this baby will be so lucky to have you both! There is nothing disgusting about what you're doing. What you're doing is nothing less than beautiful. XOXO

  19. Um, if you'd like me to come from Texas and find Anonymous so I can break his/her legs with a crow bar, I'd be happy to do so. Shake the haters and ignore that jerk!!

    Also, love the bumpers and can't wait until they have a baby and a crib to go with them :)

  20. Hope Miss Ellison arrives soon. Looks like you are ready to go, I love the bumpers! I wish I could sew. Can't wait to see her! Hope you get some sleep. :)

  21. Maybe your body is just prepping you for what sleep is like with a newborn which MUST mean she will be here any minute!!! Cannot wait to see pics of you guys with your daughter!! In the meantime if you would like to come practice your baby whisper skills on my molar teething daughter I would greatly appreciate it!!!!!! It would be great practice, no? :)

  22. I've been obsessively checking your facebook without asking the annoying, "Are you quiet because you are bonding with your baby" question. LOL

    Oh and welcome to parenthood where you can't make everyone happy and no matter what you do and how you explain yourself there is ALWAYS someone to say you are doing something "wrong." Sigh.

  23. I'd love some boogie snatching tips. Trying to suck out Isaac's nose is like trying to tame one of those rodeo bulls. Next thing you know, something's broken, there's snot everywhere, and my tshirt is inside out and backwards.

  24. This post did show up in my bloglovin' feed!! :) I am just late on reading. Haha. I LOVE the crib bumbers! SO CUTE!!!!!! :) :) :)

    Sorry she's not here yet!! Maybe this weekend, instead?! :)

    So awesome that they had an adoption party for y'all!


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