Friday, January 10, 2014

i'm wearing a blanket & telling you about you (part 2)

It's been a pretty uneventful week over here. In a good way, I mean. I feel a lot better. We go to work. Hit up classes at the gym. Fix dinner. Read. I can't's just not lending itself to a lot of exciting blogging, that's all. Womp womp. 

You know what is exciting? That I can wear a knitted poncho and moccasins to work and call it an outfit. And even be semi-fashionable.

My feet look weird here. Not sure why. They look normal in real life, promise.
If you'd told 16-year-old me that one day I would wear a blanket and slippers to work, I would have laughed in your face. But here we are. Sometimes life doesn't turn out the way you expect it to.

So in lieu of having actual deep thoughts or funny stories to regale you with, I figured it was time to share some more of the results of last month's Reader Demographics Survey! I shared Part 1 of the results (where you live, blogging likes/dislikes) a few weeks ago. Today we'll look at a few more cut-and-dry (but still interesting!!) questions.

How old are you?

Surprisingly (or not), no one had any comments to make about this! I guess you've all accepted your ages-- congrats! I wasn't really surprised by the results here. It's good to know there are no underage kids reading, now I can be as x-rated as I've always wanted to be! Mwah ha ha...

How many blogs do you regularly read?

 I like how two people skipped that question. If I had to guess, they were people who decided to go count all the blogs in their readers and then they got distracted and overwhelmed by the sheer number and forgot to come back and answer. That would be me. I was definitely surprised by how few blogs you people read!! Most of you read only between 4-20 blogs?!??! WHAT DO YOU DO WITH ALL YOUR FREE TIME?!?! I got one additional comment on this one:

Amen, sistah. (I didn't ask for your genders, but I feel like I can safely assume it's 98% female, and the guys secretly reading probably wouldn't fill out the survey, sister it is.)

What are your favorite types/genres of blogs or blog topics, in general?

Looks like we have A/L/I blogs coming in first place, with Lifestyle and Parenting/Family coming in close behind. Humor, Food/Recipe, and Fashion/Beauty also had a strong showing. Shockingly, no one likes political blogs or posts? I mean...high five to every single one of you. I wish this trend would spill over onto my Facebook newsfeed, where apparently everyone LOVES POLITICS AND HAS ALL THE OPINIONS ABOUT EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. 

There were "six" (one of them was a duplicate, though) comments on this question:

Organizing blogs? That's a thing?!?! Whoever said that, please share the details of this amazing genre I'm missing out on. And I totally failed to include crafting/DIY/decorating in the choices. That's embarrassing. I bet a lot of you would have picked that. Who writes the surveys around here, anyway? They should get fired. 

That's all I've got for ya today. We've got an exciting weekend ahead: trying out more classes at the gym...going to Ulta (WEEEEEEEE!!!!!!)...reading books, maybe even by the fire...all happy things in my book! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I am SO disappointed that I missed this survey. I have no idea how I overlooked it; I certainly never intentionally skip your blog. Not sure if it just didn't show up in my feed, or maybe for some reason I just didn't check my blogger that day (which is practically unheard of). Either way, bah humbug.

    Happy Friday, lady! Hope y'all have a great (albeit, rainy...) weekend!

  2. I love, love the red moccasins and I think that I need a pair too!! I missed this survey too (I think). Boo!

  3. " I wish this trend would spill over onto my Facebook newsfeed, where apparently everyone LOVES POLITICS AND HAS ALL THE OPINIONS ABOUT EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME." - MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY OH MY GOSH.

  4. I have a black knit pancho that I wear to work all the time and it totally counts as a cute outfit! Rock on sistah!
    Happy Friday.

  5. Your feet look teenie, tiny! Hmmm...wearing a blanket to work sounds wonderful! I'm snuggled on the couch wearing a blanket and a nasty cold. Blah!
    I definitely fall in the 4-20 blog reading, but have many more on my feed (which is totally acting up, btw!). Lately I haven't had as much time to read, so I only read the few I really enjoy.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. How fun! A survey?! I hate I missed that! I will keep my eyes peeled for the next one.

  7. Ok surveys are fun, but getting to SEE the results and other peoples answers is also exciting. So yay you for coming up with blog material :) Internet high five*

  8. Love the blanket and slippers!

  9. You should totally wear a snuggie to work one day, but wear it like it's an actual outfit piece- maybe belt it or something? Let me know how that goes.

  10. So true that there's no way on earth that the guys reading would fill out the survey. Haha! And so funny about just marking blogs as "read." Very true.

  11. Very daring work outfit - sounds like you pulled it off. I once tried to knit a poncho, but realized it was a bad idea halfway through and gave up.

  12. Okay, you really don't know of any organizing blogs?!?!?! Even though I'm not the one who wrote that, this is the main one I know of: And I'm sure there are about a million others.

    I also love how you can take these survey results and turn them into a post with funny analysis! Way to go!!!

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