Tuesday, January 21, 2014

the weekend I discovered I'm a terrible detective (and other adventures)

We had a wonderful long holiday weekend. Although I do have a question about the 'holiday' status of the weekend-- here in Georgia, observing Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is super common...definitely the norm, I'd say. I mean, banks are closed, schools are closed, most businesses (offices, not like stores/restaurants) close (and give workers the day off). However, based on my blog observations, maybe that isn't the case in the rest of the US? Years of dedicated blog-reading has led me to conclude that on holidays/days off, MOST regular bloggers don't blog. But yesterday it seems like no one (except me) observed the blog holiday...so...interesting. That said, I have a lot of reading and commenting to catch up on.

We spent the weekend traipsing around the state of North Carolina with our siblings. It was wonderful, relaxing, and tasty-- and I have NO pictures to show for it. I guess there's something to be said for enjoying the good times and not just obsessively documenting them, but...it's a little sad I didn't even get a picture with or of my nephew!! Or my beautiful sisters-in-law...I mean, one of them even put on lipstick specifically because she figured I'd be Instagramming pictures of us and she didn't want to be caught unprepared. Ha. Waste of a lipstick application, I guess! (Just kidding, wearing lipstick is never a wasted endeavor.)

Oh wait. Closer inspection of my photo roll reveals I did take pictures. Approximately three of them. And MAN are they exciting...

This was my view for the approximately one billion hours we spent in the car this weekend. There's a lot of beauty in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. And none of it is on I-85. Lamesauce.

Oh, shocking-- a selfie!! I was killing some time while everyone else got dressed and also I was super impressed with how I woke up with naturally wavy hair on Saturday. Apparently the North Carolina atmosphere agrees with my sleeping-on-wet-hair habit...it was a happy surprise!

In the interest of full disclosure (because I'm sure your life will be incomplete if you don't know EXACTLY how many pictures I took this weekend), there were two more: the milkshake board picture I posted to Instagram Friday night while we drove up, and a shot of a yummy-looking recipe in a magazine. And that's all. Whew.

We played a lot of games (apparently I've recovered from the Christmas Game Overdose of 2013). You will be thrilled to know that at the ripe old age of 31, I finally learned to pay Clue. And I consequently learned that I made a good life choice in not choosing to be a detective for a career. So that's good to know. Your world is a safer place with me not in charge of the crime-solving.

Not surprisingly, the ladies ended up spending some time at Ulta. It was one of my SIL's first time ever experiencing the magic of Ulta!! I felt so proud of her as she bravely sampled and selected a new makeup regime. Is this how parents feel when their kids go off to kindergarten? Possibly. I ended up with two new nail polishes (Ulta brand, of course!) and a new-to-me product (It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer) that so far I'm loving!

We had a blessedly uneventful (and quiiiieeeet...you'd be shocked at how many silent hours Matt and I can spend in the car together. The strange side-effects of two introverts marrying...) trip home. We did ourselves proud by heading to the gym as soon as we got home (after unpacking, of course. Did you think I was the kind of person who could leave luggage packed for more than 12 seconds after arriving home? BECAUSE I AM NOT). And then late last night I heard the happy news that one of my dearest friends got engaged and I get to be a bridesmaid!!! I am super thrilled for her (and for me, because I get to pick out any teal dress that I feel like!) and it was the perfect ending to a great weekend.

Have a great (shorter, if you're the type who got to have yesterday off) week! If you happen upon any super cute teal dresses (knee length-ish) during your internet perusal, send them my way...I'm in the market!


  1. Guaranteed- Sam and I can beat you guys in the silent car game... mostly because I sleep, but even when I'm awake, the car is dead silent most of the time. Kind of peaceful, you know?

    Glad you had a good long weekend and that you can always count on Matt to have the day off! Poor Sam had to work! : (

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! I was very jealous of your milkshake dilemma, I miss Cookout! I didn't have yesterday off but I get to work from home today so I'm okay with it!

    I'll keep my eye out for teal dresses, per your request of course :)

  3. I have found here in Texas it just depends on where you are as to if you got the day off yesterday or not. I did in fact have the day off but still blogged because I was home with extra time :) I'm glad you had a great weekend and I will be on the look out for a fabulous dress to send your way!

  4. Around here, schools, banks, and government stuff had the day off. I was working. Blah.

  5. Sounds like an awesome weekend!

  6. If I had the day off yesterday (and I didn't, because Wade didn't have the day off), then I certainly wouldn't have blogged... but alas, that was not the case.

    And really, I will never understand how people can return home from out of town and NOT unpack their luggage immediately upon arrival. Stresses me out just thinking about it.

  7. Sounds like a great weekend!

    1. Where were you in NC? My husband is from Hendersonville/Asheville!

    2. Banks were not closed here in MN... my husband disliked that fact (he works at one).

    3. I didn't used to unpack my luggage/car right away, but since getting married we *always* unpack the car and put everything away as soon as we get home. It doesn't matter if we get home at 1 am, it still happens, and I've grown to really like it.

    4. My apologies for my creeper/stalker Instagram tag on MY first Ulta trip last week - I wanted you to know because you were in the inspiration for finally going! :)

    1. (I can't find your email address, Katie, so...hope you see this here!!) 1. Charlotte and Greensboro!! Sadly, I have no concept of where those places are in relation to Asheville...but I do love Asheville!! 2. BOO! 3. I 100% agree. I unpack IMMEDIATELY! 4. That was not creepy at all-- loved it!! Glad I can inspire you to do such magnificent things in life, haha! :)

  8. Your weekend sounds great. I love NC. We were married in NC!

    Anyway, I am totally an unpack-er the SECOND you get home. I think it is genetic because my parents are the same way.

  9. Augh! You were up in my state again? One of these trips, we have got to plan a little meet up. :-) Glad you had a fun and safe trip!

  10. Don't feel too bad, I've never played Clue in my life. I've also never been to an Ulta, but that's probably because I've never worn makeup either....I kind of fail at being a girl.

  11. Yay for holiday weekend getaways! While we definitely celebrate MLK Day in FL, I'm not going to lie, I missed having a post from you yesterday :)

    On a totally unrelated note: while watching the bachelor last night all I could think about was if the 'free spirit' chick found the other half of her swimsuit for the pool party? Since, ya know, she couldn't locate some of it a few weeks ago.

  12. Clue is my favorite. I need to head to Ulta for a good moisturizer. Any recommendations?

  13. Hi!

    Just wanted to say that I have been reading your blog and it has really touched me! Thank you for sharing!



  14. Ugh yes I had to work yesterday, or else I likely wouldn't have posted anything either! Fear not, though, because the blog and I will definitely be observing Presidents' Day in a few weeks!

  15. The two places in the us I most want to visit are South Carolina and Georgia.....mostly bc I went to North Carolina once and was in love. Happy to hear you had a great long weekend.
    On another note my husband and I both work in California for world wide companies and we both had the day off for MLK.

  16. Haha! The silent car/2 introverts marrying made me laugh out loud! Me & Brad are both introverts. And yeah... sometimes it's loud & crazy but sometimes it's quiet for hours. But we are perfectly content with it! :)

    I don't think i knew you were an introvert! Most are surprised i am! Haha.


  17. I'm really impressed you went away for a long weekend and only took three pictures. I can't imagine doing that. (hmmmm... maybe I should join Cameraholics Anonymous???)

    I've never played Clue either.

    And what colour is "teal" exactly? Blue? Green? Good thing I'm not the bridesmaid!


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