Thursday, April 24, 2008

spring fever

It's a sad day when you realize that no matter how spring fever-y and "senioritis-y", you feel...there's not gonna be a break. No summer vacation, no graduation to look forward to...and retirement's a bit far off to be a very desirous goal! At any rate, I'm worn out. You get so used to years being some, have a break, work some, have a break...and now it's just work work work with no break in sight. Being a grown-up isn't all it's cracked up to be, in my opinion.

Anyway, we're doing good...just tired. The warmer weather makes me want to be outside, not in the freezing cold store. Matt and I planted our "garden" (in pots on our porch) last week. We have 2 different types of tomatos, a zucchini plant, a yellow bell pepper plant, and wildflowers. The veggies were all already plants (not seeds), so it's hard for me to tell if they've grown yet, but at least they haven't died!! The wildflowers were seeds, and I am happy to report that there are 6 tiny green shoots now!! I have a mixed track record with plants, so I triumph in any small victory!! My indoor plants tend to die pretty quickly, but I have successfully grown 2 huge tomato plants a few years back, so I'm hoping I have better luck with the outdoor stuff. I have this vision that we'll be saving tons of money by growing our own veggies, but I'm not sure that a few little plants can keep up with my taste for fresh produce! Anyway, every day I look forward to coming home so I can check on our "babies" lieu of actual human children or pets, I now have vegetables. Someone call the crazy house.

One great thing about summer is there's a lot more stuff to do, and lots of it is cheap or free. Lately we have been attending a lot of UGA baseball's free to sit on "Kudzu Hill" and it's a lot of fun, so we walk over there whenever there's a home game (and nice weather). We do a lot more walking, period. On Tuesday, like good little hippies, we walked to Earth Fare to do a little grocery shopping. We like to explore the woods and trails behind our house (and pretend we're on Lost). :) Soon enough it will be swimming time, and that will be our passtime of choice until fall!! We don't have TV, and we plan on cancelling our Netflix subscription for summer...there's too much to do outside to sit inside watching movies all the time!!

Well Matt just called to say he's on his way home, so it's time for me to go. I got distracted by writing on this thing and didn't accomplish my original goal of the afternoon: to re-read one of my research papers from college. It occured to me last night that I spent an awful lot of time and effort researching and writing stuff in college, and I need to bust that stuff out and appreciate it from time to time. I don't want my mind to waste away in my post-collegiate days.

And if you want to expand your mind, you should read this:;_ylt=ApS4o.FN207JZ56.1yLRth0DW7oF (ps, how do you make a link that doesn't look like THAT??)