About Me

I'm Erika.

Apparently I'm the kind of person who's just heartless and vain enough to crop my husband out of a picture if his eyes are closed but it's a really great picture of me and the baby...

Matt and I got married in 2007. I started this blog in 2008 because I wanted to get used to blogging before I got pregnant (which was going to be any minute, surely!) and needed to document every minuscule detail of my pregnancy(ies) and baby's adorable life.

And then that didn't happen- no pregnancy, no babies. For a long time. So I just wrote about whatever else was happening in my life, and most of the time that was just a lot of complaining about how unfair infertility was and how much I hated going to baby showers, but sometimes I touched on slightly cheerier topics like makeup and reality TV- truly, my interests are diverse and intellectual.

After five and a half years of waiting and praying, a handful of failed infertility treatments and surgeries, and a failed adoption, we finally brought home our sweet daughter Camilla in August 2014. Now I'm just nauseatingly happy all the time. I'm not even kidding.

When I'm not gushing about how unbelievably perfect and adorable and precious my daughter is, I'm probably reading, marathoning shows on Netflix, or talking to the flowers in my gardens. Oh, and I work full time. I also enjoy passing the time by looking at pictures of baby manatees, playing with makeup, listening to NPR, judging bad grammar, eating Mexican food, planning Millie's outfits, and lamenting the fact that I don't go to the gym anymore. 

I love my life right now. It isn't perfect (for instance, I haven't won the lottery), but to me- it's beautiful. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for my husband and my miracle baby and so thankful to finally be living the life I dreamed of for so long. Feel free to journey with me.