Questions? (ie: How much DOES infertility really suck? or How can I get my dog to be as awesome as your dog? or How does private adoption actually work?)

Comments? (ie: I actually have a pet manatee I'd like to give you or Your hair actually looks BETTER in a ponytail, you should continue wearing it that way every day of your life.)

Compliments? (ie: Your garden is the best ever!! I wish I was your neighbor!)

I'll take 'em!

Feel free to shoot me an email [mattyerika AT gmail DOT com] or leave a comment.

Also and especially-- if you are also dealing with infertility and/or adoption and you want to commiserate/vent/ask advice...PLEASE do. Infertility and adoption can be an incredibly lonely and isolating experiences, but the network of friends I've found here in the blogosphere has been an absolute lifesaver. So definitely email me if you're looking for support in that way!