Monday, November 12, 2012

30 (days) before 30

I definitely never successfully made one of those ever-popular "30 before 30" bucket lists back when everyone was doing that a few years ago. I started to. I tried. I stressed over it. And I gave up after I could really only come up with one goal I really wanted to accomplish: becoming a mom. So it's a good thing I never actually made the list, or I would have to declare it a 100% failure.

However, it occurred to me today that I now have only 30 days left before I turn 30. Crunch time, yall. Time to wring every last bit of goodness out of my 20s before they're gone. So in true procrastinator's fashion, I'm hammering out a last-minute list of extremely (mostly) un-lofty "goals" for my last 30 days of 29-dom. Feel free to help out/shout encouragement along the way! And don't judge me if some of the "goals" are actually things I've already planned to do or just so happened to already do today. 30 goals is a lot when you're as unambitious as me!

1. Play video poker at the local gas station. [This is all Matt. He is begging me to list this. Evidently he really wants to do this, so that's why he's forcing me to put it on my list. Don't worry, I'll make him fund it!]

2. Eat a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce on it.

3. Cook/bake a new recipe.

4. Obtain clean fan blades in the master bedroom and living room. [Note that I said "obtain." This means I don't necessarily have to be the one doing this dreadful, most terrible chore. I can beg/bribe someone else and it totally counts!]

5. Eat at (from?) a food truck.

6. Shoot Matt's bow and arrow in the backyard.

7. De-lurk myself on at least 3 blogs.

8. Choose and decorate an amazing Christmas tree.

9. Roast marshmallows in the backyard.

10. Not sign this petition, so thoughtfully brought to my attention by one of my most ...umm... special... Facebook "friends." It's going to be really tough, since the thought of Georgia withdrawing from the United States to create its own new government is SUCH AN AWESOME IDEA, but I'm sure I can manage...

11. Brinner.

12. Get a haircut.

13. Take my vitamins every day.

14. Actually take the bag of "give to Goodwill" clothes to Goodwill.

15. Get to 150 followers. Come on, yall...surely 12 of you lurkers can tolerate me enough to jump on board, right? 

16. Finish watching seasons 1 & 2 of Modern Family.

17. Make a vlog. [Suggested by Amanda. Now I will need further suggestions as to what this vlog should be about. Go!]

18. Rate 150 books on Goodreads. [I've currently rated 125.]

19. Take pictures with my mom and dad.

20. Take a ridiculously long bubble bath.

21. Walk on the highest incline on the treadmill at a 3.5 pace for 5 minutes.

22. Memorize Psalm 30:1-5.

23. Make a secret Pinterest board. [I'm totally intrigued by this new capability, although I have no idea what to make a secret board about. Suggestions are welcome! ]

24. Diagram a sentence. [Random, yes. But I feel like it's a lost art. At least it's lost to me. And I'm concerned I've maybe forgotten how. So I should re-learn before I'm too old, right?]

25. Have 9 consecutive no-work days. [Hahaha, thank you Thanksgiving Break!! Done and DONE!]

26. Make a new Christmas craft.

27. Play piano for 30 minutes.

28. Make out with a tall, dark, and handsome bearded man. [My husband-whaaaat??!] [PS. Guess who suggested this one?]

29. Learn a new way to tie a scarf.

30. Beat Matt at a game of Jav. [If I've never described Jav before here, I'll be sure to do so at some point. Possibly.]

Well alrighty then! We have some very ambitious plans for the next 30 days, no? Don't worry, I won't bug you with an update every single time I complete one. Although I don't know how you can sleep at night knowing my fan blades haven't been cleaned...

Happy last 30 days of 29-dom to me!!


  1. What is #11?

    Make a vlog about Jav and you will kill two birds with one stone, if you'd put explaining Jav as one of your thirty things that is!

    Dave thinks your secret Pinterest board should be about crazy cat ladies. (I think he should help you achieve number 15 and stop reading over my shoulder!)

    I think your secret Pinterest board should be about ... and now that I've spent ten minutes trying to think of something I'll just say I have no ideas.

  2. Sheesh! That is a lot to accomplish in 30 days! I can testify that Panera's turkey cranberry panini is pretty tasty and Jason's Deli has a mighty nice looking option as well! 8,9,20, and 28 sound like about all that I will accomplish in the next 30 days, so good luck to you!

  3. Um, are you for real about that Georgia petition? I have not heard of it and I will also not be signing that. Oh my word, people kill me. Haha.

    I also have been intrigued about the Secret Pinterest boards, but I have no idea what I would do either!

  4. I cleaned 5 fans on Saturday. You can totally knock out 2 in the next month. Or you can tell Cat that it's the price of rent for the rest of her stay. Also, may I re-suggest that we do a joint vlog, a la Allison and Amanda? We can even dress alike in old Wesley t-shirts or something. And talk about how much December birthdays suck.

  5. Like Mollyanne, I also cleaned fan blades on Saturday! Felt good to accomplish. As for the vlog, I second Mollyanne's idea of a joint vlog, if not with her then with Matt!

  6. I decided since you have a de-lurking goal I could be brave and de-lurk myself. :) I can't remember how I found you, but I get great entertainment from reading your blog. And I LOVE the new secret Pinterest boards!! Best invention ever. You'll love them too, promise.

  7. Looks like you've got your work cut out for ya! And remember, "pics or it didn't happen!" As for the vlog: I'm leaning towards an 80's themed karaoke-dance party. You should know that's my go-to default party idea. And it's one thing the internet definitely needs more of. And also thanks for reminding me, I need to tell Andrew to clean the fan blades stat!

  8. Love your ambition!

    Bubble baths are the best!

    And you're not alone. I've had a bag of clothes in my room since May that I need to take to goodwill. Let me know when you drop yours off and maybe I'll be inspired to take action. : ) My husband would personally thank you.

  9. this is ingenious! I was wondering how I could hop on the '30 before 30' bandwagon before turning another decade in April and I think you've given me my answer.

    I don't watch vlogs, but I'm TOTALLY going to watch yours! I have an idea what your voice sounds like and I need to see how accurate my imagination is.

    Yes can you explain #11 and maybe what 'diagram a sentence' means... mucho thanks.

    I made an enchilada lasagna for dinner tonight - a new recipe courtesy of Pinterest - it's Mexican so of course I thought of you; however I think I messed up cause it was a little too creamy... I know what you're thinking, "too creamy? is there such a thing" and yes, apparently there is.

    Do I get a prize for being the first to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY (a month in advance)?


  10. De-lurked and am officially following you. Even though you are on my RSS feed and I never miss an 'episode' :)!

  11. Woo hoo, you go girl! I totally miss sentence diagraming, so I think that's a great idea... I also think that makes us nerds, but I'm ok with that.

    Also, hello, you can make your secret pinterest board about ways to miss work, remember?

  12. Totally loving Lainey's grammar curriculum this year. We diagram at least once a week! Tomorrow we learn how to diagram questions. (And the crowd goes wild!)

  13. So glad I came across your blog. Saw it on Amanda G's webpage. My husband got diagnosed in April 2012 with no sperm. I have my own issues myself. Did your husband like the acupuncture or did you see any difference? Nice to find other hearts after Christ while enduring the journey!!!

  14. I'll de-lurk myself in honor of your birthday goals! I have randomly ready your blog for a while now because you are hilarious. Happy Holidays!

  15. i love checklists, and this is such a fun one!

    with the fan blades...something I saw on pinterest (oh, pinterest...) was taking a pillow case and putting the pillowcase over the fan blade, and pulling it down, using that to knock off and catch dust...then take it outside to shake out and wash as normal...did that make sense at all? It's what I've been doing to clean my fans and it's easy-peasy.

    easy-peasy to do, difficult to describe.

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