Thursday, November 15, 2012

awesome WHAT potential?!

A few minutes ago I found myself distracted from my book (currently reading: Perks of Being a Wallflower) by Matt loudly laughing at the computer.

"What's so funny?" I innocently inquired.

He had been browsing the MLS on a local real estate page-- a normal and regular pastime for him. We're not planning to move...he just likes seeing what's out there. 

Well, here's what's out there today. Don'tcha wanna move to Athens? Orange underlining is my contribution, of course.

I mean, how many realtors brag about the incest (ment) potential of their properties? Not many, I'd have to say. Bold move, Mr. Realtor. Way to think outside the box. 

Or maybe you should-- I dunno-- think about PROOFREADING something before you post it on the internet for all the world to see? Heck, forget proofreading. Probably a simple RE-read would have served you well, Agen. Is that your name? Agen? Or did you actually just mean "agent" but...oops?

Right, so. 

I'm going to get back to my book. And mourn the fact that my own house has no such awesome potential. Or not.

And I'm going to re-read this post 40 times before I post it, lest I commit any of the same errors I'm busy snarking on right now. HA.


  1. Sounds like an incestring opportunity!

  2. I was just thinking that I needed to re-read my own post but I'm too tired! Ha! I don't know if that ad makes me want to move to Athens or not... Oh, the decisions :)

  3. Ha, did I tell you about the time that a guy submitted a resume to our company and said that one of his skills was "implantation" (rather than implementation)? Too funny!

  4. Wonder if he incests all his clients come to the open house...sounds safe, huh?

  5. Hahaha. They would be Ally and Brad's neighbors! And by "easy access to the hospital," they really mean "constant hospital traffic and late-night ambulance sirens." Sadly, those houses sell/rent so easily and for so much money that I'm guessing the terribly unfortunate add has no negative effects whatsoever.

  6. I also like that you need to call the 'AGEN' for an appt.

    Our house is currently for sale, and thus on mls - I love my real estate agent, but she might need a few photography lessons. How is it that mls pictures always make your house look 10x's MORE horrible than it is in person??

  7. gotta love real estate agents. not!

    our realtor in south carolina went to see the lakehome. wrote up stuff about it on the mls and forgot to include that it had two bathrooms instead of one!

  8. I've seen all kinds of terrible listings here.

    But the deadroom? That took the cake!


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