Wednesday, November 14, 2012

it seriously needs to be weekend.

Although I understand conceptually that every day (and therefore week, weekend, month, etc.) is exactly the same length...daggum if it just doesn't feel that way sometimes. The good times seem to fly by (see: week at a resort). The mundane/boring times...juuuust....keeeeeep...draggggggging...byyyyyy (see: this week). I'm sure it has everything to do with the nine glorious days of freedom coming up. And having a stupid cold or whatever this is doesn't help matters. But for real. Holy crap this week needs to be done with.

So I never updated about the bachelorette party I was getting glammed up for last weekend! Although if you're friends with me on Facebook or Instagram, you might actually feel like you were there with me, so frequent and obnoxious were my updates. Oops. Sorry bout that. It's just that I so rarely engage in anything nearly this fun and photoworthy...I felt the need to thoroughly document it when I could!

My friend Elizabeth is the beautiful bride-to-be and her sister Sarah was the planner extraordinaire for the party. I've known Elizabeth and Sarah since I was in high school, although back then Sarah was one of the "little girls," as my friends and I referred to our group of five-years-younger-than-us sisters that were also all friends. Sarah was best friends with my little sister Sarah (that's not confusing is it- we just call them "the Sarahs" and are done with it), but now that we're all grown up and five years isn't such a big difference after all, I'm happy to call Sarah my friend as well. Sarah did a fantastic job planning a fun night for us all, especially considering that "us all" consisted 95% of ladies in their laaaaate 20s or early 30s. As the night progressed, we found great joy in pointing out the differences between the stereotypical bachelorette parties of 22-year-old babies recent college grads and the more seasoned 30-year-old professionals. 

We met up at Sarah's (SUPER CUTE!!!!) house first for some snacks and presents. 

22-year-old lingerie party: Model all of the new lacy, stringy gifts for your guests (on top of your regular clothes- optional).

30-year-old lingerie party: Model your fluffy new monogrammed bathrobe on top of your clothes while guests jealously comment on how comfortable and warm you look.

Then our ride showed up. Sarah got us a limo, which is seriously the most bachelorette-y thing ever. And also super fun. And also I would like to take a limo everywhere now, thanks. So our limo driver's name was Scotty, and Scotty was a realllllly special guy. The kind of guy that wears his handgun in plain sight, strapped across his chest, and constantly talks about protecting us and shooting people. And goes a little overboard with the body contact when helping the ladies in and out of the limo. Oh, were something else.

Anyway, as soon as he showed up, Scotty excitedly informed us that he picked up a "special movie" for us to watch in the limo. I'll give you three guesses, but I bet you won't need them! It's a fairly recent movie that most likely you or some women you know all got together to go see, giggling ridiculously as you anticipated the amazing dance scenes...right, uh huh. So anyway, that's what was on the 4 or so little TV screens in the limo. Some of the ladies were thrilled. Some of them were horrified. Ha-- with the 30 year old crowd, you just never can tell!
Elizabeth's thoughts about the film.

Unfortunately for Scotty, we mostly ignored the film in favor of the more-excellent 90s radio stations available for us to scream-sing along to. We also had a lot of picture-taking to do. Plus Sarah and I had to constant maintenance-work to do on our seriously bold lipstick.

We ate dinner at Eclipse di Luna, which was a delicious and fun tapas place. 

22-year-old bachelorette party alcohol choices: Jello shots

30-year-old bachelorette party alchohol choices: a couple respectable pitchers of sangria

Upon finishing dinner and finding ourselves with a substantial amount of time on our hands before our next engagement began, we decided to be honest with ourselves and admit that partying all night was not going to be possible without reinforcement. In the form of caffeine. So we told Scotty to locate us a Starbucks and step on it, which he did.

Unfortunately, what he managed to do was locate us the only Starbucks in Atlanta (and probably the world) that closed at 9pm. I mean, are you SERIOUS? I had never even heard of such a thing. But there they were, with lights dimmed and people mopping the floors. However, lucky for us, Scotty doesn't take "closed" for an answer. Not sure what kind of strings he pulled (or guns he flashed), but lo and behold-- the Starbucks employees were willing to unlock the doors and let us come in and purchase their wares!!

Victory is ours!!

We were sure to express our appreciation for their flexibility in the form of tips, don't worry.

30-year-old bachelorette party: Requires coffee.

We then made our way to Dad's Garage for an improv comedy show. I had never been to an improv show before, but now that I have I think I can express my feelings as this: I want to be an improv comedienne. It was so funny and I almost broke a rib with my raucous laughter. AND it was fairly clean, which was greatly appreciated. I definitely foresee myself traveling up there in the future for more shows. LOVED IT.

After that it was well past midnight, which meant that despite our caffeine reinforcement, the 30-year-old partiers were...well, done. Scotty gave us one last ride home, during which we celebrated Veteran's Day by singing the Armed Forces Medley. 

30-year-old bachelorette party: Everyone's sober enough to remember the Armed Forces Medley at 1am.

Elizabeth and I went back to her condo to spend the rest of the night chatting and giggling, which isn't so different than the many nights we spent like that during high school and living together in college. It was a perfect and entertaining night and now I am SUPER excited for her wedding in a few short weeks!

And also, I'm super glad I sat down to blog about this. Because now instead of feeling blah and irritated about this super long and boring week, I feel happy and inspired by reliving the fun of last weekend! So yay for that. 

And now I'm going to go eat brinner-- oh that's right, knocking things off the 30-before-30 list like it's no one's business. Oh yeah! One friend of mine (when I begged for 30/30 suggestions on Facebook) suggested that each of my Facebook friends give me $30 to help me celebrate! Personally, I thought that was the best idea ever, and I'd like to expand that generous offer to my blog audience as well. Feel free to send it via Paypal OR snail mail-- whatever works for you!


  1. I'm a little jealous - I want a fun night out!!

  2. Glad y'all had fun- the variety that is a little easier to recover from!

  3. That does sound like a super-fun night! Loved the comparison between the 22- and 30-year-old parties, especially the coffee (and possible driver intimidation) required. Ha ha ha!

    And I have no idea what the movie was. Do I want to?!?!

    And if it helps I've been a day ahead of myself all week so it's been really long here too. Like I'm sure today is Thursday. sigh.

  4. How fun!!

    (and it's crazy how a few years can totally change how one parties!!)

  5. I tried to get on Facebook the other night to complain about my epic long week....but was instead met with all those daily thankful accounts people are doing all month. Ugh. I mean, I needed to see be reminded to be thankful. But sometimes I just want to complain, alright?? Alright. Your series of bachelorette events looked quite nice. Your limo driver was top notch.

  6. That looks like so much fun! Scotty sounds like a riot. Andrew thinks the movie you saw was Magic Mike, but neither of us have seen it so I'm not sure how he would know that. Maybe I don't want to know! And yes, this is the Longest. Week. Ever. But tomorrow through Sunday Starbucks is doing buy one get one free holiday drinks so there's that :) Just make sure you go before 9 pm!

  7. Ah, were you at the Luna place in Miami Circle? If so, you were like .5 miles from my house!! That was also the first restaurant I went to during my first visit to Atlanta back in 2006, when I came down to "visit and reinforce that I was never moving to Atlanta."

    Your weekend sounds like a blast! Parties in your 30s are still awesome, don't worry!

  8. Fun night out! Crazy how just a few years can change the bachelorette scene quite dramatically!! :)

  9. Woooo!!!! Thanks for partying hard 30 year old style! :) Love you! See you soon!!!!!

  10. I feel so famous being shouted-out in your fabulous blog! I'm so glad you were there. I had tons o' fun!

  11. Sometimes the word "Party" in your 30's just SOUNDS exhausting. If someone came up to me and said "We are going clubbing! We are going to get super drunk and party it up and grind up on random guys and then puke and do it again until 5am when the sun comes out..." I would say "That sounds like the worst time ever. I would LITERALLY rather do laundry."

  12. oh gosh. this is hilarious.

    and your red lipstick is fabulous.


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