Friday, November 9, 2012

blates, parties, and surgery.

Has this week felt weird and long to anyone but me? I think I will blame it on the election. I was so looking forward to it all being OVER...but then, as it turned out, the post-election social commentary was pretty much even worse than the pre-election drama...sheeeesh. That was just some unnecessary emotional trauma that the second half of my week didn't need. Luckily it looks like things are dying down now and we can get back to enjoying what is left of our short time on earth, since apparently the end is very near...or so say half the people in my Facebook newsfeed. 

Anyway. The very bright and silvery lining of my week was my "blate" (blogger date, obvs) with the fabulous Jennie. We met up Thursday evening at Clocked for a few hours of deliciously greasy food and great conversation. 

Although the media and your grandmother might have you believe that meeting people from the internet will inevitably result in becoming another notch on a serial killer's belt, I am proud to say that I have now survived (and even ENJOYED) TWO real-life meetings with blogger friends. And it's pretty fantastic. Matt wanted to know what we talked about. I was like "oh, you know, what people always talk about the first time they meet and hang out: ovulation, politics, medical ethics, sex, religion, Disney World, sperm, faith, dog breeds..." Pretty standard topics, right? Ha. I guess that being blog and novel-length-email friends first helps you skip past all the small talk! At any rate, I had a blast hanging out and am thankful that Jennie lives fairly close by (a mere 15 minutes from the RE practice that we both go to) so that we can be real life besties as well.

And lest you think my socializing is over for the week-- well, you would be wrong. Tomorrow I'm heading back to the ATL to attend the bachelorette festivities for my dear friend Elizabeth! I am super excited, as there is going to be present-opening, beverage-drinking, tapas-eating, comedy-club-attending, sky-high-red-heels-wearing, and slumber-partying involved. I am pretty excited, to say the least.

And finally, some good/bad news. Please picture those drama mask faces that have one happy mask and one sad mask, if you will. Do those things have a name? How would I even Google them to find a picture of them? But I bet you know what I'm referring to.

Anyway. Sidetracked. Ahem.

So we got Matt's surgery scheduled! Yay! (Happy mask) And it's in 2012! Yay! (Happy mask)

We don't yet have word whether insurance will cover it and/or it will cost us a million dollars. If we find out it'll be way too expensive, then I guess we'll just cancel it. But at least we got the spot reserved. (no masks. this is neutral information.)

The surgery is on Friday, December 14. Pre-op is December 12. Also known as 12/12/12. Also known as MY 30th BIRTHDAY. This means that I probably won't get to have my amazing Hunger Games birthday party I've been semi-planning for six months. Because I was either going to have it ON my birthday, or the Saturday following. can do, now. We'll be in Atlanta for pre-op late in the afternoon on the day of my birthday (and with traffic and such...too hard to try to plan something for that evening). And I can't very well schedule a party for the day after Matt's surgery because he'll be...broken. And needing his wifey to take care of him and fetch him things and not running off to throw javelins and shoot bows and arrows and eat 12 kinds of bread representing the 12 districts. :( (Sad mask)

I would try to think of another time to have it, but...have YOU ever tried to schedule a social event in December? It's all but impossible. Not to mention...parties cost money, and so do surgeries. And this'll be our second surgery in five months to fund. Yippppppeeeeee. Ugh. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to me. (Sad mask) (unless, of course, all of these surgeries actually result in a child. Then it will be HAPPY MASK all the way.)

So that's the news. Now I'm off to read and otherwise enjoy a low-key Friday night with Matt, who is currently reading a book entitled "Your Call is Important to Us: The Truth About Bullshit."  Silly boy. 

Happy weekend!


  1. I don't know that I've ever read your blog and not laughed out loud. My favorite part was "no masks. this is neutral information." And I'm very interested in Matt's book, sounds informative.

  2. Been praying and will continue to pray for Bates' babies. I hope that post surgery will bring bundles of joy your way in 2013.

  3. Can you guys do something awesome and fun in ATL for your bday? Surely some friends would meet up with you for dinner or something! I know how much you've been looking forward to this particular bday, so you've gotta do something!!

  4. Because 1) I want all your dreams to come true and 2) I hate it when ANYONE loses ANYTHING (and not knowing information is like losing it, right?) I Googled and found out what you are looking for. The masks are representations of the ancient Greek Muses, Thalia (who is the muse of comedy) and Melpomene (the muse of tragedy). Thank you Wikipedia and Google.

    And because I am super-nerdy there is also an official Neutral Mask, and there is a whole theory and method of actor training developed by Jacques Lecoq and the Italian sculptor Sartori.

    And now you want me to never read your blog again (or at least not to comment on it!) :)

    And I am so sorry about the timing of the surgery/pre-op and your birthday. If it makes you feel better we had no house to live in on my 40th birthday and were staying at my aunt's house in the midst of moving across the country chaos. But I understand if it doesn't make you feel better.

  5. I second Allison's up with friends in ATL after the appointment on your b-day! A 30th birthday on 12/12/12 NEEDS to be celebrated with friends and loved ones! The Hunger Games party can happen another year, but you should still get to celebrate this year!

  6. I would totally drive to Atl to celebrate with you somewhere fun on your birthday, and I'm sure plenty of other people would too. I also think a Hunger Games party the weekend before is totally reasonable. Dec 7/8 are a little early for many Christmas-y gatherings to interfere. That doesn't help with the budget part, but don't give up on your birthday just yet!

  7. Ditto to what Allison said (and probably others, I just didn't read their comments) - you should take advantage of the fact that you'll already be in town and live it up! And convince your friends to join you, of course.

    Also, glad I was your FIRST blate!

  8. I'm glad you had fun on your blate (totally stealing this term btw!)!!!

    I will be keeping you and Matt in my prayers...

  9. umm....I TOTALLY know how hard it is to plan a December party (ahem...James' bday.) It's impossible. No one is in town. Ever.

  10. yay for matt's surgery date. boo for it messing up your birthday. but in other news, i bought your birthday gift already :)


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