Wednesday, November 21, 2012

new 'do

Don't worry, friends. I did not let hell or high water (or a cold, as the case may be) keep me from getting my hair cut yesterday. After all, "get a haircut" is on the 30 Days Before 30 list. So obviously I had to do it.

I went to a new (to me) salon and stylist, Brian. Early on in the appointment he asked (in a kind and not horrified, as would have been appropriate, tone of voice) "so how long has it been since you got your hair cut?" and I responded with a quick "I don't want to talk about it" and he laughed and steered the conversation to safe territory: our pets. That's when I knew we could have the kind of stylist-customer relationship I was looking for.

Here's the not-exactly-fair before and after shots:

 Obviously my hair is curled in the "after" pic, so it's not really a fair comparison, but...there ya go. I'll fight for equality in a lot of arenas, and my own personal hair before-and-afters isn't one of them. Anyway. He had to take a few inches off the bottom, because it was scary at the bottom. I'm serious. Nightmare-worthy. 

I believe when Brian flipped me around to see the "new me," my first words were: Sweet. I don't look like I'm joining the Duggars anymore! So now you know how bad things were. (Note: Nothing against the Duggars. They seem like really cool people. Just not my personal style-idols.)

Anyways. In my post-haircut life (24 hours now, yall!) I've already curled it twice, which is approximately how many times I curled it in the preceding 12 months, for comparison's sake. In my other time, I've been busy popping Mucinex and making sure my nephew Timmy remains entertained and well-educated.

Like my new rust-colored cords? I found them yesterday at a consignment store! So exciting.

Happy pre-Thanksgiving!


  1. Your new haircut is really quite amazing! Love it with the curls.

    Your nephew is very cute.

    Your rust-coloured cords are awesome. Now I want some too.

  2. Adorbs...both your hair and the cords!!! xoxo
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Your hair is amazing! I'm loving the curls. Great find on the cords... a winter wardrobe staple. Good luck with your 30 before 30 list, seems like you're rocking it so far!

  4. Yay to the new haircut and the cords! I approve!

  5. Cute! My husband did a great job :) JK to any strangers that don't get the joke... my Brian only gives buzz cuts!

  6. Love it! I'm thinking of getting bangs :)

    i heart your blog!
    I'm a new GFC follower :)

  7. way-way cute!

    I always have to avoid the "just how long has it been?!?!" when I go for my bi-annual haircut.


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