Saturday, November 24, 2012


I can't believe my week of vacation is almost over. Can I just tell you how much it sucks that I've been sick for the whole thing? SO DUMB! Today I finally sucked it up and went to the doctor...where I proceeded to wait for TWO HOURS (aka the entire first half of the Georgia game) before getting called back. Ugh. Oh well. At any rate, I now have antibiotics and cough medicine with codeine, so hopefully I will stop hacking/start breathing/sleep sometime in the near future.

I've still been having a great holiday week though. Lots of lazy time with family, and a valiant Black Friday effort with the women-folk. We decided to go out at midnight, thinking it would be easier to just stay up late and head out than to go to bed and wake up at 3 or 4am. None of us really had anything we were dying to get...we just enjoy the tradition and the fun of it all. I ended up shopping til about 3:30 and got a new pair of (SUPER CUTE!! NEON!! FUN-TASTIC!!!) running shoes and some sweet shades. And absolutely zero "holiday shopping" was done. Ha. I don't have any idea what I'm getting people this year. But I'm great at buying things (or letting my MIL buy, as the case may be) for myself!

So anytime I'm with my sis-in-law Amy, you know some crafting is gonna be happening. On Wednesday, Amy bought a woodburner thingy at Michael's. And now I am a woodburning fiend! Have you ever looked at personalized woodburned ornaments on Etsy? RIDICULOUSLY expensive (in general. Now some of them have legitimate art burned on. I get that that takes talent and time. But the ones that are just words? Trust me, they're overpriced). Check out some of my amazing finished products: of those is a gift. Person with "E" initial who will receive this, if you see this first-- surprise!! Haha.

The monogram one was my first try. You know me-- go big or go home! Anyway. Now I think I want to get my own woodburning set. And maybe do a personalized ornament GIVEAWAY! What do you think about that?? (PS. This is the kind of crafting that the husbands can really get behind, because it means they get to cut down trees and make wood circles using big manly miter saws. Just a side note. But it's nice to find crafts that boys can be involved in, right?)

OK so I'm thinking about investing in a "real" custom blog design. Anyone have any recommendations for designers you've worked with or know? 

Well, I think I've rambled on pointlessly for long enough. Back to my slothing! And woodburning. Except I've totally run out of ideas of things to burn. Ha.


  1. Nice work! Also, I'm going to mooch off your feedback re: blog designers bc I need to get mine redesigned eventually since it's on my 30|30 list...let me know if you find anyone who is thebomb(dot)com!

  2. So when are you going to open up your own website on etsy so we can all purchase your goods??

  3. My initials are SMS...I'll take one please!!! lol!! So cute and you have talent!

  4. I vote that you get a whole extra week off to make up for this sicky one. And nice job on the wood-burning projects... pretty sure I would have burned the house down! Sorry I'm no help for blog design, I barely know how to post on my blog :) I think your blog looks fabulous as is!

  5. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
    Hope Squared
    Dig Deep Design

    The third one listed did my design. Hope Squared is on my sidebar for easy linking. But they are all pretty good. Not sure on prices, though. It can be sorta spendy. Like close to $100 maybe? That's a lot of money to me anyway. But it's definitely worth it because it makes yo' blog preeeeeetty.

    1. Oh and does great work too.

  6. Oh! I think I'm the "E" you speak of!! :) Love it! And I'm totally surprised!!!

    Can't wait to see you soon!

  7. Those look great!! Especially the monogram!

    I liked the people who did my blog, but they were a little on the pricey end (so now I feel like I will keep it until the end of time). You can find some super cute things on etsy that are pre-made!!

  8. I've never seen these, how creative!! They turned out great. As far as recommendations, I don't know, but I prob need one too :)

  9. I love your ornaments. You could totally sell those on Etsy. And I'm so sorry you were sick for most of your vacation. I'm with the commenter who said you should get another week off.


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