Wednesday, November 28, 2012

so...this happened.

This afternoon at school, I was sitting on the floor next to the Smartboard with a small group of kids. My legs were sticking out semi-straight in front of me, towards the kids, who were facing the Smartboard. Stick with me here, I'm painting a picture. Details matter. 

As I'm busy imparting loads of wisdom and helping the kids take turns completing a task on the Smartboard, one of my students, D, suddenly wrinkles her nose as a horrified look crosses her face.

"Someone smells like FISH!!!"

I glance over at her and give her the "what are you talking about, you crazy kid?" face as I continue teaching. The other kids were completely focused on doing backflips across the rug whatever I was teaching and didn't seem to hear her, so I just let the moment pass. A minute later, she says it again.

"But someone smells like FISH!!!", with her cute little nose all wrinkled.

And that's when I glance down and notice that my feet, with their knockoff Toms halfway falling off, are situated approximately 18 inches from D's face. Now sure, I'm wearing my shoes sock-less...and now that you mention it, they're a little sweaty in there, too,

As I'm pondering this situation, sweet L walks away from the Smartboard and back to her spot, passing between D and I on her way.

"L SMELLS LIKE FISH!!!" D proclaims.

I jerk my legs up under me, sitting on my feet. L takes her seat, looking confused. I tell D that it isn't kind to say that people smell like fish, and that L doesn't smell like fish anyway. D apologizes.

A minute later, as I'm still sitting with my feet safely tucked under my booty, D takes another sniff of the air.

"Nobody smells like fish anymore," declares D. "Now it just smells regular." was your day?

PS. Just bought my winning lottery tickets. You better believe that when I get my $550 million, tops on my list will be new Toms. The kind that don't smell like sea life.


  1. Ha! That is terrible/awesome. Way to own up to it by posting about it, too!

  2. Next on your list will be a muzzle for the loud-mouthed kid! :)

  3. Ha! Kids just say whats on their mind. Even real TOMS get stinky :)

  4. That's where we're different... I would have agreed with the mean kids and let little L take the fall. I mean kids don't smell like roses!

  5. I totally needed that...I'm sitting here with tears running down my face picturing a cute little girl focused on nothing other than the fishy smell! Bahahahaha!!! Sorry!!!

  6. oh my goodness I totally guffawed over this. I seriously love kids; the say the funniest things.

  7. You have to buy the little invisible socks that to wear w/ Toms/pseudoToms helps them last longer.

  8. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard at one of your posts as I just did reading this one. To add to the comedy, I kept smelling something fishy earlier. Just realized, it is probably my sockless feet.

  9. This made me totally lol. So just LAST NIGHT I asked Brandon to rub my feet. He says "OK" and then follows it with "um babe, your feet really stink." And he makes this awful face!! Yep - have been wearing my Toms, without socks, like everyday for the past week. And it's still like summer here in Houston. Awesome. :)

  10. Ha ha ha! I love how you didn't just blame it on the other kids! You are a bigger person than I.

  11. My sister and I both have feet that smelly like those big Christmas buckets of cheap cheesy popcorn when we wear shoes too long without socks.

  12. So I found your blog and this was seriously the first post I read when I was stalking your page. It was after reading this that I decided I had to follow you because anyone who writes a post like this needs to be my blogging buddy :)


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