Friday, December 13, 2013

christmas tour 2013

Now that my birthday's a wrap (just kidding, you all know I'll keep celebrating and using it as an excuse to do whatever I want and not do whatever I don't want to do for at least another week), it's time to focus on what's up next: CHRISTMAS. But before we can have Christmas, we have to deck the halls. And take pictures. And look at everyone else's decked halls to get more ideas. And then redecorate our own halls. And can all be quite exhausting, but it's FUN, so let's get on with it!

The annual Christmas Tour of Homes with Kelly's Korner! I look forward to this every year (is that sad to admit?)- making new friends and getting awesome ideas for crafts and purchases and styling and traditions? Love it. 

We'll start out front. To be honest, pretty much no one except the UPS guy uses the front door. But it's pretty anyway. This is my picture frame ornament art I made last year (and I made a tutorial!).

 I absolutely love having this on the door. Since our door is black, I love how the bright colors pop and stand out-- you can see it from the street! And I love that the colors are bright and fun-- totally different from the colors I use indoors, but it doesn't matter! Also- this post is by far the most 'pinned' thing from my blog. It's bizarre how many people pinned and repinned it all summer long. Summer. Seriously. Anyway...

Back to the inside. My favorite thing about decorating this year was that we just repainted and slightly redecorated the living room a few weeks prior to decorating for Christmas. So it really felt like a new space-- the walls are so much brighter...even though almost all of our Christmas decor is the same stuff we've been using for years, it felt fresh and new since the living room looked different.

The mantel stays pretty similar each year. This year I added the little (live) trees-- I found them at Trader Joe's and thought they'd be a fun accent. The stick tree was one of my first attempts at crafting a few years ago. I think it's quaint, haha. 

The mantel from another angle. Actually, the big balls (heh heh) are new this year. It's a Christmas miracle that they haven't plummeted to their deaths. The blue shelf with the nativity is temporarily being housed there. Normally it lives where the tree currently is. But this spot was perfect since we still don't have our glider, worked out nicely.

Same thing, but the view from the couch/coffee table. And also the best candle on earth. If you learn anything from me today, it is that you don't need ANY DECORATIONS, ALL YOU NEED IS THIS CANDLE and your house will feel like Christmas. Promise. Also, the day after Christmas I plan on mowing down everyone at the mall in my mad rush to score about 40 of these candles on discount. Prepare yourself for pain, Athens. (PS. The candle is from Bath and Body Works. And it is amazing.)

This really isn't the greatest shot of the other side of the room, but it's the only one I got that included our new rug. The rug isn't Christmas-y, but I realized I hadn't shown pictures of it yet and it seemed like the right thing to do. So there she is! Also...our tree, Fred Roger. And one of my (many, many, many) yarn wreaths on the back of the front door.

The piano is off to the right, on the other side of the window. Normally I do a lot of decorating on the piano. I didn't do a thing this year. No particular reason...most likely I'd just finished decorating it (with 'normal' decorations) after we redid the living room...and I didn't feel like taking all of them down and redoing it with Christmas decor. Oh well. It happens. So no pictures because it's like a hulking Grinch. Until I start playing Christmas carols! 

Just kidding, I pretty much never play Christmas carols. I play I Dreamed a Dream and Foolish Games and call it a set. Best set ever.

A final parting shot of Fred Roger before you go:

Presh, aren't we?? I haven't even pulled out my wood burning kit this year. I'm falling apart, people!!

So that's my shorter-than-usual Christmas tour. If you're dying to know what it looked like in years past (with green walls and a festive piano), check out my 2012, 2011, and 2010 Christmas House tours.

If you're new from Kelly's Korner-- thanks for stopping by!! Feel free to stick around if you are interested in any of the following: laughing at ridiculous stuff, grammar, eye makeup, infertility and/or failed adoptions (I have both!), manatees, or you hate birds. You'll fit in fine here.

Regular people: Thanks so much for the birthday love yesterday!!! Since this home tour was scheduled for today I (obviously) wasn't able to do a proper birthday recap, but I put updates and pictures throughout the day on Instagram and Facebook, so check it out there if you're just dying to know how fancy we got at work...or if I got the Tarte LipSurgence set I was lusting after (spoiler: I did!!!!). 

Have a happy weekend! 

PS. Matt also got me the fixins to make the Yuletide...sooooo...yeah, I'll probably have an awesome weekend ;) Feel free to drop by if you're in town!

PPS. OOOOOH also he got me a BATHTUB PILLOW!!!! My bubble baths are about to be Code Red, yall.


  1. Love your decor and the new rug! Makes me feel like I need to step up my decorating game quite a bit! Makes our 3 foot tree (not joking), stocking and one snow globe look a little pathetic!

    Glad your bday was a success :)!!

  2. Way to look festive! And I love that some of the crafts are recognizable from blog posts past… makes me feel like I've actually been in your house and am already familiar with it!

  3. You're house looks so festive! The handmade pieces make it extra special. Are we all 12 year old boys? Big balls...haha!!!!

  4. Love the decor and your rug!!!

  5. Dude...I just wrote out a comment about how I love your decor and it makes me feel anti-Christmas and why...the computer ate it. I swear it hates me. Oh well! Just know I love how you decorated and will be living vicariously through you in my mind. Hope that's not too strange. haha (Oh and your rug = LOVE!)

  6. This looks great!! I need to get that candle! And a bathtub pillow! I am going to ulta after work today to spend a gift card - wish you could come with!

  7. Looks awesome!! Like catalog awesome!

  8. Feeling a little nostalgic--I originally found your blog through a KK link-up. :-)

    1) Love the front door wreath, might have to make one myself.
    2) Your mantle looks great (are those two little trees made out of old books??)
    3) I'm fascinated by this wood burning kit you speak of...
    4) I need to know where you got both the rug and the chevron throw on the back of your couch. They would match my new kitchen PERFECTLY!

    Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  9. i love what you made for the front door. I will be making one for next year :) thanks for posting the pictures! Have a great weekend

  10. If I randomly show up at your house with a hymnal in hand, may I have a tutorial on how to make book trees?

  11. I've had fresh balsam going all week!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that smell!! :)

  12. Love the mantle, love the tree...looks amazing! Much, much nicer then our "ugly" tree!

  13. i'm glad you had a good birthday!

    i really like your mantle, it has so many pretty christmas-y things that all tie together perfectly. i tried to decorate my mantle but since it's our first year in our own place it's looking a little sparse. i will have to remember some of these ideas next year, or be one of the people that goes and pins them in july. thanks for sharing!

  14. Looks great and I like the new rug!

  15. I love all your Christmas decor. And yes, we do have the same nativity set. I love that it's interesting and simple and beautiful.

    I have your frame with ornaments pinned to make "at some point." Now I just have to figure out when "at some point" is! And unless I come to Georgia and get you to help me make it, it won't look as awesome as yours :) I'm not that crafty.

    Happy Day After Your Birthday!

  16. Mad props to your hubs. We'll swing by Saturday, say 7pm, for yuletides and non Christmas carol music.

  17. So pretty! I love your mantel :-)

  18. Your place is ridiculously gorgeous! Feel free to come decorate mine at any time!!!! I love the wreath and your mantel!

  19. Aaawa! Looks all warm and cozy.

    "Tarte" love that brand.
    When you can(CHRISTmas is coming . . . .) try out their mascara and eyeliners - brown w/ pretty gold bits


  20. I love how you decorated your mantle!! Looks great! And i am going to have to go find that candle immediately!!

  21. That candle is my life. I'm OBSESSED. Can I use it all year long? Seriously.

  22. I still love your big balls. :)

    I only added one thing to my decorations this year. I just love Christmas!

  23. You have beautiful house. It's feel like I'm visiting your house right now.

    Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!
    Bring you Good wishes of happiness.

    Sorry for greeting you earlier,, just don't want miss saying this.
    By the way, I'm Clotee. It's my first time visiting your blog. I am blogger too, and now try my best luck to open an e-shop. Nice to know you.


  24. I love your rug!! Your house is so festive!


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